Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Stuff's About to Get Real

I don't think that I've ever actually talked about the reason I started this blog.  For one thing, I've tried writing about my feelings in journals but can never stick with it past a few days.  And the really big thing is that I suck at talking about my feelings.  I am the kind of person who just holds in all my emotions until I explode, usually in lots of tears.  I started this blog as an effort to not hold in my feelings.  My theory was that I would be able to write for longer than I ever did in a journal, if there were people reading it.  And there have been.  And my theory has proven true.  I've had this blog for over a year now.  But I tend to avoid writing about certain things, because I feel like people don't want to read them.  After discovering and reading some of Jorah's amazing blog, I have realized that I should write about whatever I want.  If you don't like it, don't read it.  If it offends you, leave.  I am a real person.  I have flaws just like you.  I have feelings too and I have issues from the past that I'm still dealing with, or rather trying not to deal with.  From now on, I write for me, and if you like it, great.  If not, oh well.  I'll still do movie reviews and share my art and stuff.  After all, I'm writing this as a record of my experiences in life.  The good times and the bad.  And for those of you who stick with me through the thick and the thin, I appreciate you.  And trust me, there's about to be some thin.


  1. Completely agree. This is your blog, write what you want to write! Your readers will always support you :)

  2. I hear you girl!

    I was having a really hard time opening up for a little while, and I started blaming it on the fact that I had readers-- like.. "What if they think I am stupid, or crazy..... or crazier.... oh my god, everyone already thinks I am crazy! I need to prove that I am not with a post about something normal!"

    ...but I recently realized it was just a "road block" within myself, and it had *nothing* to do with anyone else-- I finally started being able to tap into my emotions on a level I never could before, and I have blogging to thank! I have always been really surprised by my readers, there is so much love in this community! Anyone with anything negative to say isn't worth your time anyway!

    Have a great day!

  3. Exactly. I think some people try to cater to the readers instead of what they want to write. I've done it, too.

    On another note, just my opinion about Jorah's blog: I know it's unsolicited, and there are haters of her blog. I'm not a hater, but I think it's a completely misunderstood blog. Since she doesn't really say what she's 'dying' of, I think what it's about is she IS 'dying', but just like everyone else is 'dying'. It's a metaphor, and she's using it as a gimmick to get readers. I'm probably in the minority, and she's heard it all before, but that's my unsolicited opinion.

    And hey, write what you want. I'll read almost anything.

  4. Thanks for the support, guys. I knew you would support me. And Dad to Liberty, she actually is dying. I emailed her and inquired and she told me. She doesn't share on her blog because that's not what she wants people to focus on. But she could drop dead at any minute because of what is wrong. I'm not saying what it is here, because I feel like that's her right to disclose and nobody else's. But her blog really isn't about dying, it's about living.

  5. I'll still read! I like your stuff. Writing often helps me get my emotions out as well; I have a scrap notebook filled with rants and babbling and confused self-examination.

    Hope you feel better soon. <3

  6. There are always going to be haters, but who cares? Keep on writing! :)

  7. I had suscpicions that my readers were some of the best people out there, and now they have been confirmed. You all are seriously amazing.


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