I am a 20-something female living in Seattle.  This blog is a place for me to share the stuff that goes on in my life, the stuff that I like, and the stuff that makes me squeal with nerdish delight.  I'm pretty weird and proud of it!

I am an artist, jewelry maker, and geek.  I firmly believe that people are fascinating.  I love to meet people, though mostly online, because I have social anxiety.  I have been working on it a lot and have made a ton of progress in being able to interact with other humans, but it's still easiest for me to be social online.  So if you're a human (or a monster or a robot; I don't discriminate), feel free to say hi.  And if there's anything else you'd like to know, just ask.

I absolutely adore: indie games, Star Wars, monsters, robots, ice cream, webcomics, and art, among many many other things.

The name of my blog is a reference to both Alice in Wonderland and The Matrix.  Because my blog is usually weird and you'll never know what to expect.


  1. Thank you for your nice comments about our store. -Griffy at Artist & Craftsman Supply

    1. No problem, my fiancee and I both love your store! :)


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