Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Fashion: A Quick DIY Fix for Broken Zipper Handles

This morning I was running late for work and when I put on my boots the zipper handle broke on one of them!  I didn't have any time to do anything about it, so I just zipped it up as far as I could and went to work.  When I was at work I got an idea.  I have some earrings that I bought a few years ago and can't wear because my ears are allergic to them.  I thought they would be big enough to make great zipper handles and they match my boots.  Then when I got home I tried it out and they work great.  It's pretty easy to do this.  It is very important that you have sharp wire cutters to cut off the zipper handles (or whatever is left of them).  You also need pliers, charms or earrings to use as zipper handles, and two jump rings.

First you need to cut off the remaining zipper handles and throw them away.  Then take your earrings or charms and attach them to the zipper, where the handle was, with the jump rings.  Make sure you open and close the jump rings correctly, using this method.  If you are using earrings you need to remove the earring hooks before you can attach them to your boots.  You can either cut off the hooks at the loop at the bottom or twist open the same loop and remove the hooks that way.

This will work for any item with a zipper, not just boots.  I have used this technique to replace a zipper handle on a purse too.  It's helpful if you don't know how to sew on a new zipper, or just don't want to.  And this way you can keep using those items instead of having to throw them away and buy new ones.  You can also use this technique to customize items with zippers, even if the zippers didn't break.  Just cut off the zipper and then attach your own earring or charm in its place.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Dream Art: Crystals at the Lake

I had a dream recently that I went to a lake near my hometown and discovered all of these amazing crystal formations growing along the edge of it against some sort of concrete wall.  I was in this tiny raft, so small I could barely fit in it while kneeling, and going along the edge of the wall picking up jars full of the crystals to use in my jewelry.  There was this huge piece of titanium quartz that I thought would be an amazing photo prop.  And then as I went back the raft started sinking and I barely made it to shore before it sank.  Then I woke up and I was pretty disappointed that I didn’t just find this amazing supply of free crystals, but the dream was so nice that I tried to capture the feel of it with Photoshop.

I'm pretty sure I had this dream as a result of browsing Etsy for supplies and then Pinterest for jewelry ideas for about two hours right before going to bed.  I usually have really bizarre dreams or bad dreams so I could definitely use a nice pretty dream like this every once in a while.  And once I was fully awake I found it kind of great that this is like Camp Crystal Lake but in a literal sense and without any murdering.

I've always been able to remember the majority of my dreams really vividly.  Lately this has reached a whole new level where I'll be dreaming and then remember something that had "happened" related to what was happening in the dream at that point.  And then when I wake up the things I remember are always things that happened in previous dreams and my brain is trying to connect them somehow.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

T Rex at Work

Yesterday work was super dead.  Not a single person entered the store during the first 3 hours of my shift, so I took silly pictures with a T Rex and put them on Instagram.  Because what else would I do?!

T Rex trying to ride a bike

T Rex trying to be a lap dog

T Rex trying to swim

T Rex trying to take a selfie
I was inspired by the book T Rex Trying, which I don't actually own...yet.

This awesome T Rex is a Fair Trade Federation certified product from Acacia Creations.  They only sell wholesale but they make really cool stuff!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday Fashion: Vintage Vibes

Vintage Vibes

I'm currently wearing pajamas and wishing for this outfit I made on Polyvore.  The top and the cardigan are my favorite pieces, besides the hat.  I am seriously in love with cloche hats.  They just add that perfect vintage touch to any outfit.  I only own one right now but that will probably change before too long.  I just made a Pinterest board of hats and it's mostly cloches.  I'm smitten.

Do you like vintage fashion?  What's your favorite kind of vintage item?