Monday, April 30, 2012

Nerdy and I Know It

You may have gathered/I may have mentioned that I am a nerd. But I am not sure that I have ever posted a list of the reasons why I am a nerd. And I figure that this blog needs more bulleted lists. So here we go!

1. Every time I read "here we go" anywhere, I read it in the voice of Mario.

1. I am a word nerd.
  • I love puns.
  • I have loved to read books ever since I learned how when I was 3. Fun fact: I got a trophy in elementary school because I read over 1,000 books. It is the only personal trophy I've ever gotten.
  • I love learning new words, and I am all about the vocabulary quiz on
  • I love alliteration too.
  • I also sort of collect fonts on my laptop, but only good ones that are also free (which are hard to find).
  • People who insult people and use "your" where they should use "you're" make me laugh at them.
  • I'm not a grammar Nazi, at least not outwardly. I keep all of my corrections to other people's grammar to myself.
  • I also enjoy solving crossword puzzles, and doing fill-in puzzles (they're like crosswords mixed with logic puzzles).
  • I read/devour webcomics. (This one will get its own post very soon.)
2. I am a logic nerd.
  • I love logic problems.
  • I also love Sudoku and its nerdier cousin Kakuro.
  • I think that cryptography (coding and decoding) is fascinating.
  • I have lots of different Rubik's cubes. I even know how to solve some of them.

Not pictured: I also have two ordinary Rubik's cubes, aka the 3x3. I know how to solve
the 3x3 as well as the weird segmented 2x2 in the upper right corner of this picture.
3. I am sort of a video game/computer game nerd.
  • I don't play a whole lot of video games anymore, mainly because I feel bad about kicking G off his own TV so I can play video games, and I'm too poor to buy my own and still be able to pay my rent.
  • I used to play lots of video games.
  • My mom had a rule when my brother and I were young that we could only play video games for 20 minutes a day, and we had to set a timer.  We weren't allowed to own video games untl I was 10 and my brother was 12. At that time my mom reluctantly bought us an original Game Boy at a yard sale for $5. We had to share it and we amassed quite a few games for it. One of these was called Bugs Bunny's Crazy Castle.  It was one of those annoying games where you can't save it but when you beat a level, it gives you a password that you can enter to continue from the last level you beat instead of having to start over from the beginning.  The first time I broke the 20 minute rule, it was with the Bugs Bunny game.  My grandparents were watching us while my mom was visiting my uncle in the hospital after his motorcycle accident. I played Bugs Bunny for at least 2 hours straight, but probably more like 4 hours.  I saw Bugs Bunnys running around in my vision for at least two hours after I stopped playing. It was slightly worrisome.  After that my mom realized that you can't accomplish a whole lot on any video game within 20 minutes, so she upped our time limit to one hour a day, and two hours during the summer, but only one hour at a time twice a day.
  • Over the years of living at home, my brother and I acquired one lime green Game Boy Color which we shared, a Game Boy Advance SP each, and a Nintendo DS each. My brother bought consoles after moving out but I didn't.  We also amassed quite an impressive collection of games.  My favorites were anything Zelda, anything Mario, and Golden Sun.  For those of you who don't know, Golden Sun is an incredibly epic RPG. I still have my Game Boy Advance SP, but I sold my Nintendo DS at the beginning of last summer to get rent money.
  • I currently know how to play music from both Zelda and Mario on both my flute and my guitar.
  • I want a Link hat and I want Mario character plushies, but I won't buy them because I don't have money for both them and rent.
  • I drew a really cool picture of Link when I was 12. I'll have to find my old sketchbook next time I go home and scan the drawings for you.
  • I used to play Runescape, when I was in middle school.
  • I learned that MMORPGs are much too addictive for me to handle, so now I steer clear of them.
  • I still love to play flash-based browser games, especially point and click games and escape the room games.
5. I am a sci fi nerd.
  • This post is already pretty long, so I'll try to keep this one short. I like sci fi shows, books, and movies.
  • Star Wars is my one true love. Sidenote: They make real life lightsabers now, and they've been advertised on my blog sometimes in my Project Wonderful ads. They're actually lasers and not intended for use as weapons. Also? I want a Chewbacca plushie. Also also? I am a Jedi.
  • I need to watch the X Files and I need to finish the 7th season of Buffy.
  • I'm not sure if supernatural shows count as sci fi, but I am counting it anyway. I love the series Supernatural and I love the series Reaper, which I discovered on Netflix and watched both seasons in 3 days.
  • Doctor Who also has a special place in my heart.
  • There is a third Men in Black movie and it involves time travel. I have not decided how I feel about this yet.
  • I took a contemporary literature class in college that was all about sci fi movies and books. It was one of the coolest classes ever.
  • I have and love a Back to the Future shirt.
  • Zombies aren't sci fi in my opinion. (It could seriously really happen!) But I'll put that I love zombie-related stuff in this category anyway.
  • Pottermore: I know that I need to read the books, but I definitely went through the first book on Pottermore in one evening. It's kind of like a point-and-click game combined with reading and I love it.
8. There's probably a ton more stuff that I'll think of later, but I think this is enough for now.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Blog is Mid-makeover

Hello  to all of my lovely readers, and all of the not-so-pretty readers too : )  As you might have noticed, my blog banner now stretches the entire width of my blog now. Huzzah!  That took me at least four hours of my life to achieve, because Blogger was being super hateful and CSS is super duper confusing. But I finally figured it out through a lot of trial and what seemes like even more error.  I also added Google Adsense again, but I only let them have one ad in my sidebar, because I hate oversaturation of ads between posts just as much or more than you do. The hardest part of this will be not clicking my own ads, because that is against the rules, but when they keep showing an ad about the new Shabby Apple Mad Hatter collection, it takes all my will power not to click on it.  But I won't go search for it on Bing (my preferred search engine), no way, too much effort.  But I must say that the Shabby Apple Mad Hatter collection is super relevant for my blog, since lately this blog has been filled with dresses, and the title is an Alice in Wonderland reference.  Oh, and also, there will be ads after every four posts if you read my blog in a feed.

I feel like this would be a good time to mention that I am always looking for sponsors and ad swappers.  Sponsor ads start at only $3 for a small ad and even the large ads cost only $7, and of course ad swaps are free as always.

Other changes you can expect around here are a switch to a two column layout and, hopefully within the next month, the unveiling of my stuff selling blogsite.  And in tremendously exciting news, I am getting a brand new camera. It is a Nikon and I found on sale and I am in love with it, especially the 16.1 megapixels and 26x zoom.  I have to convince G to take to Fred Meyer so I can buy it, because it's only on sale this week and I don't think I can wait until Saturday to get it. Plus, I would run the risk of them being sold out and not getting it for the sale price. Also, I am kind of really impressed with how quickly I saved up the money.  True, I only saved a quarter of the price since I started saving, but with my first paycheck (which was only for 8 days of 4-ish hours each), it's more than enough.  I love having a job.  Plus, my boss has told me that he's glad he hired me and that I do a good job.

And as a reward for reading all of that, here is a picture for you to rest your eyes on.

Just look at that sexy slanted Space Needle. You're welcome.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Fashion: Job Interview Outfit Edition

So as many of you know, I had a job interview a week ago on Monday and I got the job. You may or may not be wondering what I wore to said interview.  I don't care if you weren't wondering because I'm going to share anyway.  I wore pretty much the only business-y looking clothing I own.  My blazers are all either ill-fitting or too casual, so I opted for one that was ill-fitting.  (It's too big in the chest area.)  I hate dressing business-y but I wanted to make a good impression.  So I broke out my most hated skirt and nylons.  Sidenote: I hate nylons more than just about everything. They always enjoy getting runs in them when I try to put them on, or worse, holes.  Anyway, without further ado, here is what I wore to my job interview.

Awful photo taken in a mirror? Check.

My too-loved red flats which are sort of in sad shape,
but I still love them to death.

So as you can see, I wore a tan blazer with three-quarter length sleeves (the sleeve length which is the bane of my existence) over my ruffly tie at the neck brown silky fabric blouse (which you can't see), with a gray skirt that I despise, nylons that I did get a small run in but had to wear anyway because my skirt was long enough to hide it, and my red flats.

Sidenote: Soon I will be selling that blazer, along with a bunch of my other clothing, some of which (a lot of which actually) is men's t shirts. Don't judge me but I used to almost only wear men's t shirts, with jeans or shorts. And I will of course link you to the site, which I made on Blogger, where you can buy that stuff, as soon as I take the measurements on everything (Taking measurements is also the bane of my existence. It's a good thing that I'm not a superhero, because I would be so easily defeated, by three-quarter length sleeves and taking measurements).

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Product Review: Sally Hansen Nail Strips

I don't know if you remember way back when I promised to review Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips for you, but I am finally reviewing them.  I had used two of the strips before as an accent nail but they chipped after just one day.  That's why I didn't use them for quite a while afterward, but I did promise my review and I do keep my word, so I used them again.  I used them on all 10 of my fingernails this time.  Unlike last time, I did a clear top coat this time.  The strips do say that they won't dry up as long as you keep them out of sunlight after opening.  Maybe they won't for a while, but I had them opened without using them for about 3 months, maybe more, and they did dry up.  Fortunately they come in two separate plastic/foil packs, so I did have one not opened, and I was able to use those.

They come with two packs of nail strips, a nail file, a cuticle stick, and instructions.
They cost about $10 a pack at most drug stores, and probably other stores too.

They weren't very easy for me to apply, because I don't have a lot of experience with that sort of thing.  One thing that is really great about them is that until you press them down good, they are really easy to reposition until you get them in the right spot.  So it took me the length of a Lakers game, but I finally got them done.  Yes, I do my nails while watching basketball on TV; I am a complex person like that.  And like I mentioned, I did a clear top coat this time to hopefully prevent them from chipping so quickly. 

I used the Laced Up ones, because you know how I like lace.
As you can see, they looked pretty at first.

But the next morning I woke up and they were already chipped.  I know that a lot of people swear by these nail strips, but they are not for me.  I was not compensated for this post in any way, and I purchased the nail strips with my own money.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

This is a Post About Nachos

I could say that this post is an analogy for how it takes all kinds of people to make the world work, but it's not. I just like nachos. And I made some recently.  So there will be pictures.  Nachos are a great food for when you aren't starving to death.  If you think you'll be really hungry in about 20 minutes, then nachos are a perfect food to make.  The great thing is that you can put as many or as few toppings on as you would like and they still taste amazing either way.  They obviously taste amazinger with more toppings (Yeah, I know that's not a word.)  And you can put anything on them that you want, which is pretty much true of literally any food, but whatever.  Nachos are just melted cheese on chips.  That's all. Which makes them really affordable if you don't add other toppings.  But G and I like to add other toppings.  For one thing, we are meatatarians (also not a real word, so sue me, but don't really sue me please), so I browned a bunch of hamburger to sprinkle liberally on top of our nachos.  We also added some diced onions, as well as jalapenos to only G's half, because spicy food and I do not mix.  Then we stuck them in the oven at an arbitrary temperature (it may or may not have been 350, I don't remember) until both layers of cheese were nice and melty.  Then we pulled them out and piled on diced tomatoes, more onions, guacamole, and sour cream.  I couldn't even finish my whole plate before getting full.  But they were delicious indeed, so delicious that G ate all the leftovers by dinnertime the next day.  Here are some pictures, of G's plate, because I just fail at my sour cream dolloping skills.

Om nom nom

Now quit drooling all over your keyboard and go make your own.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I Went to a Party

On Sunday, it was sunny and lovely and G and I went to a party.  It was an engagement party for one of his best friends.  I didn't really know anyone there but there were a few people I had seen before at the couple's house while we were watching football.  And usually I can't stand parties. I don't often enjoy being around people who I don't know.  But I actually had a really great time.  Everyone was really nice and they played something like The Newlywed Game.  There were two other couples who played, as well as the engaged couple.  G and I didn't play, because we were hiking when they started.  But we watched most of it, and it was hilarious.  One of the guys got in trouble for answering the question "If your partner could be any animal, what do you think she would be?" with pig.  That and cow would have probably been the worst possible answers.  They were the only married couple who played.  The party was at J (the bride to be)'s parents house and they have a really big yard with woods at the back part of it.  In the woods, they have made paths and a really cool little fairy garden which is what G and I had been looking at when we were hiking.  Of course I couldn't resist taking pictures.

there were at least 50 of these little doors in stumps along the trails

this guy guarded the fairy garden
There were 8 dogs there as well, 7 small and one big.  One of the dogs decided to roll around inpoop and it had to be hosed down.  The other dogs busied themselves in stealing croquet balls in the middle of a game.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Movies Movies Movies

I review a lot of movies on here, but I don't think I've ever told you what my favorite movies are. So wonder no more. Here they are, in no particular order.  The pictures are linked to the descriptions on IMDB.

What kind of nerd would I be if I didn't like Harry Potter?!
I do have a confession to make though: I haven't read the books yet,
but I have this weird thing where I try to see movies of books before reading the books,
because the book is almost always better than the movie based on it.
My favorite Harry Potter character is Luna Lovegood.

This movie is so amazing. It's one of the ultimate sci fi films.
There's so much weirdness and action. I just love it to death.
That's all I have to say about this one.

I'm not sure if you know this, but I'm a Jedi. I was Jedi knighted by one of my awesome
cousins back when I couldn't walk. The Star Wars original trilogy will always have a special place
in my heart. My brother and I grew up watching the VHS tapes of it that we had taped off of TV.
We had to fast forward through the commercials and everything.
Also I may or may not be able to play the entire soundtrack on my flute.

The first one in the series is by far my favorite.
I love time travel stuff. (Doctor Who anyone?)
And obviously I am a huge fan of sci fi.
I even have a Back to the Future shirt, and I love it.

I love this movie so much! I can play the songs on my flute.
I have a Jack Skellington tee shirt and purse.
I've stopped carrying the purse because I am a grown up, but also because it sort of is falling apart.
And I got some supplies to make some Jack Skellington jewelry : )

One of the best movies ever, in my opinion.
It's so epic and funny and adventurous and amazing.
Sometimes guys get scared away by the title and think it's
a girly movie, but once they watch it, they love it too.
You probably won't find this surprising, but some of my favorite movies are ones with
really weird female main characters. I also like movies that are really weird and artsy.
This movie fits both of those categories really well.

This movie is so wonderful in every way.
It will always be one of my favorites.
I love Tim Burton movies, the artsy weirdness is just my thing,
with just a touch of darkness thrown in for good measure.

Another crazy wonderful sci fi film.
Are you sensing a pattern yet?

Miyazaki is a movie master.
I cut my teeth on My Neighbor Totoro (not literally, of course)
and Spirited Away is even more amazing, in my opinion.
Her parents get turned into pigs and she has to
traverse a crazy world of demons to rescue them from their fate.
And the animation is fantastic.

Wow, that actually turned out to be an even 10.  I didn't even plan it that way.  My lists never have an "ordinary" number of items on them. I just add items until I'm done.  So now you know what some of my favorite movies are.  Of course there are tons more, but this is a sampling for you.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Fashion: Should have Been a Ginormous Post Edition

Those of you who follow me on Twitter may have seen me talk about how today I will posting a ginormous fashion post. Well, it's not going to be quite so ginormous, because all the batteries in my world are dead except for one, and my camera needs two batteries in order to take pictures.  So instead of being able to take pictures of myself wearing two never-before-seen dresses and posting them, you get to see pictures of the dresses that I bought, only on mannequins, because those are the pictures on the site where I bought them.  How is that for a long sentence?  So without further ado, because I know you have all been waiting an entire week for this, these are the two dresses that I bought.

Surprised, aren't you?
I just love the skirt so much.
And I'm definitely removing the ruffles on both the front and back.
I'm all about ruffles and lace, but these ones are a little too much.

This one is such comfortable fabric.
Plus it has short sleeves and an awesome back cutout.
I know that a bunch of you thought I bought the red one.  Well, you guys do know me pretty well. The red one was my favorite, and I would have definitely bought it if it hadn't been the most expensive one, at $10 more than the next most expensive.  You also know how I like to get bargains.

And then here are some pictures of mannequins wearing my two other new dresses.  You know, the dresses that I bought the evening before I went to the thrift stores?  The two dresses that somehow I completely forgot about buying until the following Monday when I received an email confirmation.  Yeah, those two dresses.  The good news is that they were only 6 dollars each on this website, where everything is 6 dollars or less.  I'm just making this up, but it makes sense to me: I think that that website probably buys the stuff that the big brands don't end up selling and then sell it for cheap.

Ladies fashion round neck racer back short ruffled dress - id.20985b
This one is all lace, which also means that it's completely see-through and I'll have to wear
something under it so I don't flash everyone my lady bits. But I love it, especially the light orange
(not peach) color of the top part. It's also pretty casual, like a racerback tanktop plus a skirt.

Ladies fashion sleeveless spaghetti strap square neck short bubble dress - id.20939
This dress doesn't have the most flattering top portion but it also makes
me not have to be extra careful if I have to bend over to pick something up.
And I really like the look of the exposed zipper and the gathering.

I also bought this one from eBay, but I remembered buying it.
It's super duper casual and really unique, which is a big win in my book.
I'm still waiting for it to come in the mail.
So now I'm not allowed to buy any more clothing for a very long time, other than orange Converse, which I count as clothing because I'm weird.  I'm also going to be selling most of my guy clothing, so I can't wear it, but keeping my favorites, like the super soft fabric Back to the Future shirt, obviously.  I also have amassed quite a bit of clothing that I will never ever wear, but it was given to me and I thought that I would wear it someday.  So in the future you can look forward to a site where I sell my stuff for unbelievably low prices, sometimes with free shipping.  It's a super secret project I've been working on for a while now.  And it's almost done, except for measuring things.  I don't know why measuring is such a daunting task, but it is.  And then I also have to photograph the rest of the clothing, which there is quite a bit of, once my batteries finish charging.  My literal batteries.  My metaphorical batteries are all charged.  And with that, I will bid you all good weekend, and I will see you back here on Monday, hopefully.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Google Art Project

Today's post will be short because tomorrow's post will be long. Related: I have my first day off tomorrow, because B has to go buy a new dryer.

If you enjoy art like a do, you owe it to yourself to check out Google Art Project.  You need to install a thing called Google Chrome Frame after you click that link, but believe me, it is worth it.  Museums from all over the world have digitized portions of their collections and some of them even have a feature similar to Google Street view where you can take a virtual tour of the museums. So cool! B showed it to me yesterday at work and we spetn over an hour and a half looking at art. (I get paid for this! : ) ) I highly recommend checking out the Palace of Versailles. It is amazing!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Off to Work we Go

Yesterday was my second day of work.  I updated the decal inventory on the computer after being taught how to use the inventory system.  While I was doing that, B left for about 10 minutes to go run some errands. Apparently I seem trustworthy, which is good because I am trustworthy.  Then I cleaned the bathroom and vacuumed the floor.  I learned the super secret combination to the lock on the dumpster outside.  The other half of my time at work yesterday was spent looking at amazing pictures of France, while B recounted one of his many vacations there, and told me about the game/sport of petaunque, which is a French game that is basically across between horshoes and bocce ball.  I only worked from 1 to 3:30 today because B leaves early on Tuesdays, but it was cool that most of it was spent looking at really cool pictures of France.

After that, I walked the 1 and half blocks to the bus stop in the rain.  I waited for the bus under the covered area.  At one point, a different bus came and a creeper looking guy got off of it and tried to say hi to me twice but I pretended not to hear him and he walked away.  Then when my bus finally arrived, I saw another girl use the same technique on a guy who was talking to her, except at first she was actually talking to him. And then she just pretended to go deaf. And then the guy got off at the same stop as her. Some people just can't take a hint.  And if you're ever in a situation where you really don't want to talk to someone, this video has another  technique you can use.

And if that fails, try these techniques.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Got the Job!!!

I had a job interview yesterday because somebody saw my resume after I posted it on Craigslist again.  At least I thought it would be an interview. But it was more like the guy explaining what the job entailed, then asking if I would be capable of doing those things and if I still wanted the job. I said yes to both and then he hired me : ) He had me start work right then, and even counted the time for the "interview" as part of the time I worked yesterday.  The job pays minimum wage, which is fine for me for now.  I work from 1 to 5 Monday through Friday, which means I still have my mornings free for beading, blogging, reading blogs, watching Hulu, or sometimes just sleeping in.  The best part is that the dress code is casual.  I can wear jeans and a t-shirt to work every day, and it's perfectly fine.  This means that I don't have to go buy any work clothes, which is great.

I am working at a model train shop that went out of business.  It was the biggest model train shop north of Los Angeles and west of Denver.  My boss, B, owned it for 16 years, but he had to close it down because there was too much shoplifting.  It was a heartbreaking decision. He bought the shop after figuring out that retirement was too boring for him.  He is a really nice guy, like a kind grandpa.  He has had four heart attacks in the past and open heart surgery.  He also has diabetes and his hands get really shakey.  Sometimes he struggles to remember certain words.  What I will be doing is helping him inventory all of the leftover products he has.  Yesterday I inventoried all of the decals and today he's going to show me how to input the data into the computer database.  My other duties will include photographing products and listing them on eBay, then packing and shipping them when they sell.  And the only other duty is ordinary shop maintenance, cleaning the tiny bathroom and vacuuming every so often as well as taking out the trash and recycling, which will be fairly easy since the room is so small with not much floor uncovered by products.  Also, it is only an 11 minute bus ride from my house, which is fantastic.

He even ran one of his model train engines yesterday that he had never run before to show me how they work.  There's so much detail in each little train piece, and there's even a little light on the front.  They run so smoothly, even though some of them are pretty old.  It's a pretty cool job.  It will only last about 6 to 9 months, until we end up of the inventory either sold or donated to Value Village.  So I'm still looking for another job for in the future, but this is good for me for now.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Etsy Love: Talk2theTrees

Rachael is one of my newest blogger friends. She is a lovely girl in both her appearance and her actions. She recently lost her job for no reason, but I would pick her shops for my Etsy Love post even if she wasn't out of work.  Because her creations are wonderful and they need to be shared.  She has two Etsy shops.  One sells cute knit hats and other knitted goods.

Pixie Hat - Red Pixie Hat - Pixie Hood - With Buttons - Elf Hat - Costume
This is one of my favorites. She calls it a red pixie hat, but I call it the Little Red Riding Hood hat.

Panda Hat - Panda Bear Hat - Animal - Costume - Hood - Black And White - Bear Hat
Who doesn't need a panda hat!?

Her other shop is where she sells her beautiful art. I would love to have any one of these pieces to hang on my wall, but here are two of my favorites.

Mini Painting -  Mixed Media - Flower Painting - Small art - Collage - Red - Desktop
This mini painting is so cute and comes with an adjustable mini-easel.
There is also free shipping for this one.

Big Eye Art - Mixed Media - Happy - Painting - Square - Original Painting - Girl - Quote
This is one of her larger paintings at 12 x 12.
It is so colorful and also a good reminder.

She also has a line of necklaces in her art shop featuring her original artwork. And if you can't afford the original of a painting, she also sells prints of most of them which are much more budget-friendly.  Even if you don't have money to buy anything, you should check out her blog.  It is always full of pretty things, and I am almost always in a happier mood after reading it.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Fashion: Guess the Dress Edition

I told you I would do this post today, so I am. Two posts in one day for you. I haven't been this generous in a while.  Yesterday, and by yesterday, I of course mean Wednesday, I went to thrift stores on The Ave and tried on some clothes. And I took pictures of everything, because most of it was really cute and it was so hard to choose and I was curious what you guys would think that I got.  Okay, so I will tell you that I got the jeans.  They're so awesome, how could I not?!  And I also got two dresses.  But which ones do you think I bought?  I'm just curious to see what you think I would get based on my style that I've shared on here in the past.  So without further ado, here are the pictures.  (And I'll tell you which ones I bought next Friday, after you've had plenty of time to guess.)

Dress number one has an elastic waist which you might
remember is a thing that I am not particularly fond of.

But the back has a cut-out and is quite unique
with the top of the back being fluttery.

And just look at this adorable owl print!

Dress 2 is a high-low dress which is something I'm still making my mind up about.
It is light blue with a hot pink zigzag pattern.
It's kind of see-through but would be fine if I wore something under it.
It's kind of shapeless, but would look fine with a belted waist.

Dress 3 has a really cute sweetheart cut top.
It also has a really twirly skirt in a flower print.

Dress 4 has ruffles and polka dots, is a
bright color, and has pockets.
Not only are there pockets, but they're really cool pockets.
It also has a very twirly skirt.

Dress 5 has a purple, pink, and white bird print on a black background.
It also has a very twirly skirt.

close up of the bird print

Dress 6 has more of an old-fashioned print with lots of ruffles and lace.
However the skirt is fantastically twirly and the neckline is higher
so I wouldn't have to worry that people could see down my top when I bend over.

Dress 7 also has a lot of great ruffles.
It also has a lower neckline than I'm used to.
And it's mostly black.

Dress 8 definitely had the most comfortable fabric,
sort of a lightweight sweatshirt material.
It has a pattern of blue and pink splotches,
which kind of reminds me of watercolors.

The back has two straps across, which made it confusing to put on.
It is also the only one that isn't sleeveless.

So which dresses do you think I bought? Tell me in the comments below.  I bought two dresses, and I was looking for more dresses that I could wear for everyday.  That is your clue.  There is one more clue in yesterday's blog post, if you can find it.

And here are the pants I bought.  I love them a ton.  I showed them to G when I Skyped with him yesterday and he thought the pattern was weird, but he liked the tightness and the thigh cuts, which is exactly what I expected.  They're brand new Hot Topic brand and I got a great deal on them at Buffalo Exchange.  They still had the original tags and the size sticker on the leg.

forgot to turn off the flash but whatever, I do what I want

Taking pictures of my new pants is higher priority than making the bed.
I really like how they look with my green scribble shirt, as well as how they look with the red zebra print shirt.  But they would also look good with lots of my other shirts.  So there you have it.  Make sure to guess the dresses, and I'll tell you which ones I bought next Friday.

Friday (the 13th) Fashion: Fashion that Makes me Say Why?

I know that this post will probably prove to be controversial.  I'm sure that some of you love flatforms.  Well, I don't.  Maybe I would like them if I was short, I don't know.  I could get behind any of the shoes on here without the platform part, but to me flatforms just say "I'm short and I don't know how to walk in heels." I'm not judging you.  I am pretty bad at walking in heels.  But I don't broadcast that fact from my feet.  There's a reason that elevator shoes are no longer in, and that's all I'll say about that.  The part that I hope we can all agree on is that gorilla arms are ridiculous.  For a long time, I have believed that fashion designers just like to make models walk the catwalk wearing the most ridiculous thing possible, and gorilla arms strongly support my theory.  I'm sure they're warm, but, just no.