Monday, October 27, 2014

Achievement Unlocked: I Carved My First Pumpkin Ever!

About two weeks ago I was going to hang out with my friend, but she and another friend were about to watch the first episode of the new season of American Horror Story.  Although I love American Horror Story, I'm having to skip this season because it's full of clowns.  You might recall that I am completely terrified of clowns.  So I headed out to the porch because I heard voices out there and to my surprise some of my housemates were carving pumpkins!  And even better they had an extra one they let me carve!  It was already cleaned out so I didn't get to experience the joys of pumpkin guts.  I went for a simple wonky pumpkin face and it was easier than I thought it would be to carve.  I am super happy with how it turned out.  Of course, since we carved them so far before Halloween they already rotted/got smashed, but that's fine.  One of the new guys in my house loves Halloween and he carved five new ones this week.  He also got papers to get our whole street shut down for Halloween so we can have a block party.  I don't have a Halloween costume, but I'll probably stop by the party anyway, for at least a little while, before holing up alone in my room and watching Netflix while eating ice cream.

What are your Halloween plans?  What are you going to be for Halloween?  What's your favorite Halloween candy?  Talk to me in the comments.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Tough Post: Telling the Whole Story

The only reason I'm posting this is I hope it will help even one person to have the courage to do what I didn't.  In May of 2012 I quit a job because of sexual harassment.  And I shared most of the story, but not all of it.  The thing that I didn't share is that I didn't have the courage to tell him no or to say stop.  I was able to get up and walk to a different part of the room but I couldn't say anything.

And apparently it took me over two years to admit that.  I lied to my mom when I told her what happened to me, and I never lie.  I told her that I told him to stop, but I didn't.  I wanted to, but I couldn't.  Because as my boss, he was in a position of power and he knew it.  He knew how badly I needed a job and how long I had to search before he hired me (two years).  I was small and timid and did as I was told.  I didn't want to lose my only source of income over what (at first I convinced myself) was just me misinterpreting the situation.

I didn't say no or stop but I did do something very difficult and very important.  I told somebody what was happening.  I wasn't strong enough to get myself out of the situation, but with G's help I did.

I felt like I needed to write this post because this afternoon I stumbled upon Youtube videos about Sam Pepper and others.  Serious accusations have been made against them recently.  And regardless of whether or not these crimes actually happened (I am not saying whether I think they did or not), people in power do take advantage of people they have power over.  Whether it's a celebrity and a fan, a boss and an employee, or some other powerful person doesn't matter.  The truth is that it happens.  Just because someone is in a position of power over you doesn't mean they're better than you.  It can be really hard to say no.  Maybe you don't want to hurt their feelings or appear rude.  Maybe you don't want to end a relationship.  But you are worth it.  You deserve to be happy and you don't deserve to feel uncomfortable. Whether you believe it or not.  Because I may not know you, but I do know that you're amazing.  And you're fascinating.  And I want you to have a happy life.

I wish I had the courage to say no.  But I didn't.  I hope that you do.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Fashion: Fall Outfit Ideas

It's no secret that I love Fall.  One of my favorite things about Fall is the fashion.  These outfits embody all of my favorite parts of Fall fashion: layering, boots, hats, olive green, dark red, and cozy knits.  I would love to wear all of the following outfits!  For now I'll just be happy with the awesome studded ankle boots I got for $5 a few days ago.

Aren't they amazing?!

Can you not get enough of Fall fashion either? (That sentence doesn't sound right now matter how I phrase it.  Oh well.)  Well, stay tuned for Part 2 coming next week!  And if you don't want to wait until then, stop by my Falling for Fashion treasury on Etsy.  It's full of amazing handmade fashion by super talented makers.

And if you're looking for some one of a kind jewelry to complete your Fall outfits, check out the new listings in my Etsy shop.