Tuesday, January 31, 2017

How I Spent My Christmas

Jordan and I had a nice little relaxed Christmas.  I had been sick and in bed with a cold for the previous two weeks and my parents' house had tons of snow so we didn't travel.  We didn't really do anything for Christmas other than opening presents.  We didn't have a tree either but did hang the few ornaments we had on our coat rack.  I got some amazing Christmas presents from my parents and from Jordan's parents.  Jordan and I exchanged gifts way before Christmas because we just can't wait when it comes to giving each other presents.  He got me season 1-6 of Adventure Time and I got him some chapsticks, including pizza flavor which he adores.  They're from Etsy and the scents on these are seriously so spot on, it's amazing!  Check out all of their chapsticks in their shop.  The peanut butter and marshmallow fluff and the strawberries and champagne are also amazing scents.  Besides that I only had enough money to get my little cousins handmade blanket scarves and none of the adults in my family presents, because I am forever broke.

I got a lot of presents and only photographed a few but here they are:

the cutest fleece lined leggings from my mom, love them so much!

an aragonite crystal for my collection from Jordan's mom, so pretty!

These adorable buttons from Etsy; they didn't open and close properly but after some fiddling with my jewelry pliers they do.  They are honestly so cute and maybe this was just a bad batch but I'm not going to link to the shop because of that fact.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

My 25th Birthday and Etsy Sale

Yesterday I turned 25.  For my birthday I got dressed up and did my hair and makeup and then I stayed home and relaxed.  I was going to watch Tim Burton movies because that's pretty much my birthday tradition/favorite special day activity but Jordan and I got about halfway through Ed Wood, which we had never seen, and then fell asleep.  I just wasn't feeling movies a whole lot yesterday.  After our nap I watched a whole bunch of 2 Broke Girls and finished season 1.

My mom sent me a bag full of Christmas (haha, I mean birthday) presents and I opened them all yesterday morning.  She got me some jewelry supplies, 2 king size Pay Day candy bars, and an amazing adult coloring book (by this great artist lady, it's the Lost Ocean coloring book) with a pack of twist up colored pencils.  Jordan got me the new Dropkick Murphy's CD for my birthday but I got it the day it came out as a great surprise from him, because he pre-ordered it for me.

I intended to have pork chops and dairy free gluten free Daiya mac and cheese for dinner, but the pork chops hadn't thawed so I'll cook them today instead.  I had mac and cheese for dinner and treated myself to a Toblerone bar.

All in all, it was a pretty laid back birthday but it was great and exactly the sort of birthday I like to have.  Here are my pictures from the day:

I had Jordan take photos of my hair since this hairpin is a new item I'm making to list in my shop.
The thing that I was most excited about my birthday for is my annual birthday sale in my Etsy shop.  Every year I have a sale for the percent off of the age I'm turning, so this year for five more days everything in my Etsy shop is 25% off.  Here are some of the things on sale, all handmade by myself: