Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Window Shopping: Tee Shirts

I don't need any more tee shirts, and I certainly don't need to spend any more money.  So all of my shopping lately is of the window variety.  I have found a bunch of really cool shirts that I wouldn't mind having, so I wanted to share them.

for everyone who puts stuff on the internet; also it's in the store for an awesome webcomic so double win

Link has a lot  in his inventory.  This is what it would look like if he was carrying it all without a magical storage system.

This one's pretty adorable.

He's a Stormtroopa.  Get it?  This one is out of stock, but that's okay when you're window shopping.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Just Checking In

Hi everyone.  I just wanted to let you all know that I've had the flu since Monday night, so I haven't really been doing anything except drinking fluids, blowing my nose, watching Netflix, and sleeping.

But I feel bad for neglecting you guys, so here's a picture from a week or two ago.

According to Google+ I look like a 12 year-old in this picture.
I got my Star Wars shirt from ThinkGeek and it's pretty perfect.  And taking pictures of yourself while hula hooping without self-timer is difficult.

Oh, and also! the next three orders from my Etsy shop will come with a free 3 x 5 print.

This is one of my prints.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Music Videos

I never really used to watch music videos.  I had cable growing up, but no MTV, and I'm not even sure if they were still showing music videos on MTV when I was young.  Anyway I like music videos now.  It's interesting how sometimes you can love a song and then the music video is equally amazing, and sometimes you can adore a song to death and the music video is weird, but not good weird, like confusing weird.  Here are examples of both.

I love Imagine Dragons. And I love Radioactive too. And the music video for this song just happens to be one of my favorite music videos ever, which is pretty fantastic.

Then we have Black Hole Sun. This video is pretty insane but I still like it. And I love the song.

And then we have this one. I like Ms Mr a lot. I love this song. I'm a huge fan of deeper voiced singer women. But this video is just... I don't even have a word. Apparently this is what goes on in her head, because the lyrics go, "Welcome to the inner workings of my mind." Ms Mr do have pretty bizarre music videos. I love their music but their music videos are not for me. Also I saw them and a bunch of other indie/alternative bands this past weekend at Seattle's Summer Camp. And despite it being an all-day outdoor concert, I only got a teeny bit sunburned. Because I remembered my sunscreen! The concert was pretty great and New Politics were my favorite band there.  They were also the most hardcore.  Coincidence?  And they are definitely entertainers.  The lead singer breakdanced repeatedly.  This is a sample of his skills, but not from the concert I was at.

What is the best or worst music video you've ever seen for a song that you love?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Wishing For and Wished For

I've been wishing for some things lately, and allowed myself to purchase some of them.  These are a few of the things on my wish/wished list.

1. Dress-Center.com: circus style leggings 2. ThredUp: strapless dress 3. SammyDress.com: short sleeve lace dress 4. SammyDress.com: high low peplum top 5. Etsy: reversible pixel heart necklace 6. Dress-Center.com: tiered dress 7. SammyDress.com: pale green lace dress 8. Etsy: Star Wars hair bow 9. Cage City: striped skater skirt 10. Atterley Road: peplum top 11. Thinkgeek: Star Wars tee shirt 12. Cage City: polka dot dress

Some of those are affiliate links (meaning I'll get a % commission if you buy from the site through those links) but these are all really products I want.  I only share stuff that I really truly love.  I bought the Star Wars shirt, the Star Wars bow, and the reversible pixel hearts necklace, and I got them all in the mail today except the necklace, which I'm so excited for.  Since I make jewelry for a living, I never buy jewelry unless it's super amazing, and this necklace is definitely super amazing.  And that bow?  It's the fifth one I've bought from that seller on Etsy.  She's one of the best sellers I've done business with there and I will continue to turn to her for all of my cute hair bow needs.  In fact, I'm so in love with her stuff that I'm going to dedicate a whole post to her shop in the future.

Okay, let me tell you about some of the sites I'm partnering with.  You may have seen the name ThredUp on other blogs lately (I have.)  It's a pretty cool concept that's pretty much an online thrift store.  You can even sell them your own gently used clothing.  Just like any thrift store, not everything is super fashionable or on trend, but there are some super cute things for low prices, and there is new stuff added all of the time.  I really really love that strapless dress I found there.  How cute would it be under a blazer or cardigan (I'm planning ahead for fall), plus it's great for this hot Seattle weather that's been happening lately.  SammyDress.com and Dress-Center.com are both pretty great sites for cute clothing at amazing bargain prices.  I haven't purchased from either of them yet, but when I have shopped on similar sites in the past the clothing has always been high-quality and I've been astounded that I got it for such a low price.  Of the two, SammyDress.com is definitely the one with the lowest prices.  I'm super excited to share more of these brands with you and at some point I will buy things from them and let you know how I like their products and service and all that.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

That Time I Commanded an Army of Goose Minions

four of my goose minions
Last month one of the guys from the house and I went and got dinner in Fremont.  There's this gluten-free burger place there that I had been wanting to try, plus the whole neighborhood is really cool.  Also Fremont is right next to the water and there are nice walking paths.  So we went and got dinner at Blue Moon Burgers.  They have some really delicious burgers.  And I'm not just saying that because it's the first time I had a proper burger and not just the contents of a burger, minus a bun, since before October.  They actually have really really good burgers.  And they make perfect sweet potato fries, not greasy at all.  So I ate my burger and then we walked around Fremont while I ate my sweet potato fries.  We walked along the water and there were some geese swimming there, and they were eying my fries.  (Is that seriously how you spell eying?  It looks so weird.)  And I love animals.  I eat animals but I also love animals.  I'm  a complex person like that.  So I broke apart a sweet potato fry and threw it to the geese.  One of the geese ate all of the pieces and the other little geese-ys didn't get any, so I threw them some where the piggy goose couldn't eat them first.  And before long there were at least thirty geese over there begging for my fries.  And I'm not sure if you've ever seen a goose beg, but it is so adorable!  I learned that they have tongues almost as long as their beaks, and they were all sitting there with their mouths hanging open waiting for me to give them more fries.  I tried to get a picture of it, but the timing was off.  I did get some pretty great golden hour photos though.  (I'll upload more of them at some point in the future.)  So I had all of these geese sitting there waiting for me to feed them and then I realized that with enough sweet potato fries I could command a large goose army and have them do my bidding.  So Blue Moon Burgers are loved by both humans and geese.  Probably other species too, but I didn't feed them to any other species because I ate the rest myself.  Then the geese kind of sat there waiting for a little while and then swam away all sad, like I hadn't already fed them half of my fries.  Geese are greedy but adorable.

If you could command an army of any animal to do your bidding, what would it be and how would you do it?

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Shop and Blog of the Month: Darling Paracord

My blog of the month is Darling Stewie.  Like most of my Blog of the Months (no, not Blogs of the Month; I make the rules here!), I just discovered her blog recently and I love it.  Darling Stewie is an awesome geek girl and you should read her blog.

See, her awesomeness basically speaks for itself.  Just look at those Death;y Hallows earrings.

My shop of the month is Legion's Paracord.  It is a jewelry shop that sells cool jewelry for men and women.  I like the fact that he makes such original stuff, and so do his customers.  He just barely squeaked in under the under 50 sales mark.  He makes a lot of paracord bracelets and also lots of cool women's fashion jewelry.  Plus  since I last checked out the shop, he's started making jeweled tarantulas, which are pretty cool looking.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Watching, Playing, Reading #1

Welcome to my new post series.  It should be pretty self-explanatory.  I'll be sharing what I'm watching, playing, and reading lately, and what I think about those things.


Monk (on Netflix): It's a show about an OCD detective and I love it.  It's funny sometimes and sad sometimes, but always good.

So many movies.  Some of my favorites are: Identity Thief (from Redbox; I love Melissa McCarthy in everything ever and this movie does not disappoint), Cabin in the Woods (on Netflix; It's a movie written by Joss Whedon and it is not your typical teens in a cabin get murdered story; I loved it to death (and there are zombies in it!)), House at the End of the Street (on Netflix; This movie seemed really predictable but I was actually completely wrong and it kept me guessing until the end.)


Magic the Gathering (the card game)  I've been playing for almost a month now.  I played against a person at my happy place, the comic book shop which I'll be sharing in its own post at some point, for 2 hours.  A single game took two hours!  We were both playing with life gain decks and the way the game works is that whoever loses all 20 life first loses.  So it took FOREVER (to be read the way it is said in The Sandlot, and if you haven't seen that movie stop reading this and go watch it right this instant!) despite the fact that I was using a 20-card beginner deck and my opponent was using a full 60-card deck.  I think I would have won if they had actually used a 20 card deck, but I did hang in there for awhile.

Linger in Shadows: (downloaded from Playstation Store) This game is like nothing you've ever played before.  The game is essentially a 6-minute movie that keeps stopping and rewinding.  Gameplay is very interesting.  You have to move the controller in different ways to progress to the next part of the movie.  Sometimes you have to shake it from side to side.  Other times you have to turn the controller in circles.  It's a very interesting system of controls that would not work in a fast-paced game, but is pretty perfect here.  The first time I played through, I just finished the movie.  The second time I played through, I accidentally stumbled upon a secret and then found out that there are a whole bunch of secrets that give you trophies when you find them.  So the third time I played through I was all about finding the trophies.  I still missed three though.  This game is very replayable and well worth the, I believe, $2.99 that it cost.  Plus the movie itself is pretty cool.

Free Realms: (Downloaded from Playstation Store) This game is an RPG.  The free version, which I have, will provide hours upon hours of entertainment.  The environments in this game are incredible.  There's a snowy environment with a North Pole feel to it, a beach environment, and even a fairy tale land environment, just to name a few.  You go around exploring places and completing quests.  You can earn coins to use to purchase stuff to either make your character better at their skills or just look really cool.  This game allows you to try lots of different jobs.  So far I have played as an adventurer, archer, a miner, a brawler, and a chef (I'm not very good at that one).  Some of the other jobs are postman, race car driver, sorcerer (that might not be what they call it) and fisherman.  It's a really fun game.  My favorite jobs so far are adventurer and brawler.  I like being an adventurer because it's basically just exploring the environments as much as possible and trying to find every single secret or hidden place that exists.  You find explorer coins which go in your collection.  You can also collect lots of other things, like wildflowers, insects, and seashells.

My Singing Monsters: I downloaded this app for free on G's phone because I don't have a smartphone but I love monsters.  You get to buy, breed and hatch different monsters.  The different monsters play different sounds that mingle together to sound pretty cool.  You can feed the monsters baked goods to level them up and put them next to their favorite things to make them produce coins faster.  It's a really fun game and I play it for a little bit every time I hang out with G.


I just finished reading The Good Thief by Hannah Tinti.  I don't remember exactly where I got it, probably a thrift store or yard sale.  It was really good.  Hannah Tinti has been called the Robert Louis Stevenson of the modern age and she lives up to that title.  Her words paint vivid pictures of ghost towns filled with vagrants and wrongdoers.  This book focuses on an orphan boy and his adventures with a man who takes him from the orphanage, claiming to be his brother.  This man turns out to be quite a con artist and puts the boy, Ren, in all sorts of dangerous situations.  It's a really good book that I highly recommend.

Now I'm reading Watchers by Dean Koontz.  So far it's about a depressed man discovering an extremely intelligent dog and realizing that life is worth living after all and there are still wondrous things to discover.  There are also two side stories, which I'm sure will all converge later.  One involves a hit man being hired to kill doctors, and the other involves a woman who is basically a hermit because of her aunt teaching her that most of the people in the outside world are harmful and dangerous.  This book is very good so far and has made me laugh out loud at quite a few of the dog parts.

I'm also reading webcomics and real comic books which I'll share in two separate posts.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Qwertee is an Amazing Company!

Get ready to scroll because there are some pictures on this post.

I discovered Qwertee a few months ago.  It's a pretty cool online shirt seller.  They have a design each day and it's available for purchase for the next 24 hours.  Each shirt costs just $12 and they're all super cool and nerdy.  But I didn't buy one until I found the absolute perfect one, because $12 is not much for a tee shirt, but I didn't actually need any more shirts and also I shop at thrift stores so my shirts usually cost 50 cents to 5 dollars.  But this shirt was too amazing not to pass up.  I watch Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.  I'm not ashamed.  It's a great show.  And you should know by now that I love every single thing Tim Burton makes (aside from Sweeney Todd).  So I bought this shirt because it's amazing, they still had it in my size, and because it's black and white, which goes with just about everything ever.  By the way, I bought this shirt with my own money and was in no way compensated for blogging about the company.  I just adore them and want everyone to know how awesome they are.  I got my shirt in the mail way sooner than I thought I would, especially since I paid standard shipping and it came all the way from Ireland.   I was super surprised when I opened my package and found not only my shirt but some candy that I could actually eat!  I have celiac disease and thus cannot eat anything with gluten in it.  This candy was gluten free, dairy free, and I think soy free, so pretty much anyone who is not diabetic can eat it.  Also there was a robot picture on the package, which I immediately cut out and attached to my ever-expanding wall o' art, which I'll share soon.  It's worth the wait.

The shirt fit me perfectly.  It's true to size.  It's also very comfortable quality fabric.  The printing is done well.  The only thing that would make me love this shirt more is if it was glow-in-the-dark.  But seriously, I have worn this shirt at least four times in the two weeks I've had it.  Pictured above are two of those times, the day I received it in the mail and yesterday.

I didn't even realize until I was editing these photos that I wore it with my combat boots both times.  I love those boots.  So in the first set of photos, I am wearing the Qwertee shirt plus my free hat, a dress from my favorite thrift store (which I think cost me just $2), jeans from Crossroads Trading Co., studded combat boots from Crossroads Trading Co., and a bracelet that I made.  I was going for a layered look because Seattle has been cooler (temperature-wise) in the mornings and then heat-wavey in the afternoons.

In the second set of photos, I am wearing the Qwertee shirt plus the combat boots, amazing floral pants (I won't tell you where I got them from yet because I'm saving that for another post, but I will tell you that they cost just $5 brand new!), and a thrifted Topshop belt.  People seemed to like this look a lot more than the first one.  My boss told me she liked my outfit, and she rarely gives compliments, some random frat-looking guy said my pants were cool, and a guy around my age tried to sell me a single old beat-up shoe for $1 and then sang "You're Beautiful" to me as I walked away, so obviously this outfit is pretty great.  I think it's a really good mix of girly and punk (or hippie punk as G calls it).  Most importantly this outfit just feels like me.

So you guys should all definitely check out Qwertee if you're into cool nerdy tee shirts for low prices.  +Qwertee also gives away a lot of free shirts to people who follow them on social media and/or sign up for their weekly newsletter.  All of the information about that is in the right sidebar on their site.

Have a fun weekend and be sure to join me again next week to read the tale of how I once commanded an army of goose minions.