Thursday, August 15, 2013

Music Videos

I never really used to watch music videos.  I had cable growing up, but no MTV, and I'm not even sure if they were still showing music videos on MTV when I was young.  Anyway I like music videos now.  It's interesting how sometimes you can love a song and then the music video is equally amazing, and sometimes you can adore a song to death and the music video is weird, but not good weird, like confusing weird.  Here are examples of both.

I love Imagine Dragons. And I love Radioactive too. And the music video for this song just happens to be one of my favorite music videos ever, which is pretty fantastic.

Then we have Black Hole Sun. This video is pretty insane but I still like it. And I love the song.

And then we have this one. I like Ms Mr a lot. I love this song. I'm a huge fan of deeper voiced singer women. But this video is just... I don't even have a word. Apparently this is what goes on in her head, because the lyrics go, "Welcome to the inner workings of my mind." Ms Mr do have pretty bizarre music videos. I love their music but their music videos are not for me. Also I saw them and a bunch of other indie/alternative bands this past weekend at Seattle's Summer Camp. And despite it being an all-day outdoor concert, I only got a teeny bit sunburned. Because I remembered my sunscreen! The concert was pretty great and New Politics were my favorite band there.  They were also the most hardcore.  Coincidence?  And they are definitely entertainers.  The lead singer breakdanced repeatedly.  This is a sample of his skills, but not from the concert I was at.

What is the best or worst music video you've ever seen for a song that you love?

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