Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Wishing For and Wished For

I've been wishing for some things lately, and allowed myself to purchase some of them.  These are a few of the things on my wish/wished list.

1. Dress-Center.com: circus style leggings 2. ThredUp: strapless dress 3. SammyDress.com: short sleeve lace dress 4. SammyDress.com: high low peplum top 5. Etsy: reversible pixel heart necklace 6. Dress-Center.com: tiered dress 7. SammyDress.com: pale green lace dress 8. Etsy: Star Wars hair bow 9. Cage City: striped skater skirt 10. Atterley Road: peplum top 11. Thinkgeek: Star Wars tee shirt 12. Cage City: polka dot dress

Some of those are affiliate links (meaning I'll get a % commission if you buy from the site through those links) but these are all really products I want.  I only share stuff that I really truly love.  I bought the Star Wars shirt, the Star Wars bow, and the reversible pixel hearts necklace, and I got them all in the mail today except the necklace, which I'm so excited for.  Since I make jewelry for a living, I never buy jewelry unless it's super amazing, and this necklace is definitely super amazing.  And that bow?  It's the fifth one I've bought from that seller on Etsy.  She's one of the best sellers I've done business with there and I will continue to turn to her for all of my cute hair bow needs.  In fact, I'm so in love with her stuff that I'm going to dedicate a whole post to her shop in the future.

Okay, let me tell you about some of the sites I'm partnering with.  You may have seen the name ThredUp on other blogs lately (I have.)  It's a pretty cool concept that's pretty much an online thrift store.  You can even sell them your own gently used clothing.  Just like any thrift store, not everything is super fashionable or on trend, but there are some super cute things for low prices, and there is new stuff added all of the time.  I really really love that strapless dress I found there.  How cute would it be under a blazer or cardigan (I'm planning ahead for fall), plus it's great for this hot Seattle weather that's been happening lately.  SammyDress.com and Dress-Center.com are both pretty great sites for cute clothing at amazing bargain prices.  I haven't purchased from either of them yet, but when I have shopped on similar sites in the past the clothing has always been high-quality and I've been astounded that I got it for such a low price.  Of the two, SammyDress.com is definitely the one with the lowest prices.  I'm super excited to share more of these brands with you and at some point I will buy things from them and let you know how I like their products and service and all that.


  1. I LOVE that heart necklace and the Star Wars shirt, eeee! Star Wars FTW. ♥ I desperately want a Sith Warrior shirt (I role-play one on SW:TOR). ^_^ I also must check ThredUp! I love thrifting... LOVE. I am so glad I found your blog. <3 I immediately felt a connection with you after a: reading that you're a fellow geek girl and b: that you have social anxiety. My wife Jen has severe social anxiety, even going shopping for groceries is super hard for here, so I feel a connection to those who are like us. ♥ Have a beautiful day!

  2. Thanks so much for your sweet comment. ThredUp looks pretty cool but the downside to it being online is not being able to try clothes on and see how they fit. They do let you return clothing, but you have to pay for return shipping. It still looks pretty cool though. I also love thrifting. Seriously, search "thrifting" on my blog and you'll see how much I love it. It's like a treasure hunt! My social anxiety has been okay for awhile. I haven't even called into work "sick" because I couldn't bring myself to go in, which is more than I can say about my previous job. But this past week I have not hung out with my friends at all. I don't want to leave the house aside from going to work and coming back home, even to go to the comic shop and play Magic and roleplay. There are definitely ups and downs. But right now it's not even that I'm anxious about hanging out with people, it's just that I don't want to and prefer my own company. I have been doing quite a bit of online socializing though. I love having and making new online friends.


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