Saturday, July 30, 2011

Where to Go in Seattle: Bellevue Art Fair

G took me to the Bellevue Art Fair today, and we were there for 6 hours.  We had delicious Philly cheesesteaks for lunch and shared a lemonade. The art fair was huge, with well over 300 vendors total.  I had a fantastic time and took lots of photos.  I'm only going to caption a few of them.

My reflection is soooo distorted

I love this

You can't tell in this picture, but these paintings were awesomely textured.

love love love love love

most creative recycling I've ever seen

I love this guy's art style

G bought me a print of this :)

chalk artist with mad skills

coolest fountain ever

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Really, Hollywood?

You guys may or may not know that there is a new moving coming tomorrow to a theater near you.  This movie is called Cowboys vs. Aliens.  And all I can say is: Really, Hollywood? Have you just resorted to throwing things into hats, picking two, then having them battle one another for your movies?  I mean, we've already had Vampires vs. Werewolves, which, by the way, I have still not watched.  Who could ever forget Cats vs Dogs?!  Oh, you did?  Yeah, me too.  And then there was Monsters vs. Aliens.  I see the pattern.  We've also had Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.  And if you're having someone fight the entire world, you're clearly running out of ideas.  So Hollywood, I've decided to make your job easier and contribute some of my own ideas for your new versus movies.

Ninjas vs. Dolphins
Pirates vs. Zombies (and its sequel, Zombie Pirates vs. Dolphins (since obviously the dolphins will defeat the ninjas; ninjas can't breathe underwater and their weapons will weigh them down and they'll sink and drown)
Spies vs. Amish People
Yarn vs. Kittens
Robots vs. Demon-Possessed Snowmen
Radioactive Llamas vs. Monsters
Nyan Cat vs. The Universe
Self-Aware Pizza vs. Sasquatch

I think that's enough to keep you occupied for a few years anyway.  No need to thank me Hollywood.  Well actually, a mention in the credits would be nice.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My First Guest Post

I did my first guest post ever.  It's located here.  I feel like I'm a real blogger now, since other people like me enough to have me write on their blogs : )

But fear not, dearest minions, I am not using that blog post as an excuse to not do a proper post here.  I think you guys know me better than that by now.  So you get two posts for the price of one! And of course, the price of one is free, unless you feel compelled to donate to my not-going-blind fund, she says hopefully.

I have some movies to review for you today: Super 8, Crazy/Beautiful, and She's All That.

Super 8 was a fantastic movie, action-packed enough to make it worth watching in theaters.  Although, it was not so action-packed that it made my eyes have trouble focusing and caused me confusion.  That happens sometimes, like with the new Harry Potter.  The story was fairly unique, as unique as stories can be in these times, when so many movies have already been made.  Some sort of creature has come to a small town and is making life difficult.  It is causing disappearances and a few deaths.  Soldiers are trying to cover something up.  There are some kids who end up in the wrong place at the wrong time, and they get involved with it.  Besides that, there's this young love sort of thing going on.  I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.  I give it a 9 out of 10, merely for the fact that I feel like 10 out of 10 must be saved for the best films of all time, like the original Star Wars trilogy and Fifth Element and Stardust.

That brings me to the next movie.  G told me I should watch Crazy/Beautiful and She's All That, because they're his favorite love movies, so I did.  Crazy/Beautiful is the tale of a scholarly Latino boy meeting a somewhat crazy/partying/lashing out white girl.  They fall madly in love and are both positive influences on one another.  She teaches him to lighten up and enjoy life more, and he helps her to reconnect with her father.  It is a really good movie, and I enjoyed it immensely, and I don't normally watch love movies (I think you guys know that).  I would rank it up there with A Walk to Remember, but I might like it a little better, since it's not sad.  I give it 7 out of 10 stars.  G is trying to get me to enjoy life more, therefore the recommendation.

He took me out last night to have burgers, fries, and shakes.  We sat in his car and ate.  I introduce him to the deliciousness that is dipping your french fries in your milkshake.  It was especially perfect for those fries, since they were fairly salty.  Then, when he was driving me home, he kissed me at nearly every red light.  He's started calling me angel, which I really enjoy.  We are going to an art festival this weekend and I'm really looking forward to it.  I've never been to an art festival, and it looks like a lot of fun.  It's also pretty much 3 different art festivals all in the same vicinity, so it's pretty huge.

She's All That is the story of the most popular guy in school betting that he can turn any girl into the prom queen.  He makes a bet on it.  Enter geeky, klutzy art student girl.  He asks her out and gets rejected.  He starts borderline stalking her, showing up at her work, showing up at her house, and finally gets her to agree to hang out with him.  She becomes popular because of him, but remains the same person she was, only with a makeover.  Spoiler alert, but not like you couldn't see it coming.  She finds out about the bet and gets really mad.  Anyway, I won't give away the ending, although you can probably guess.  I give it 6 stars out of 10, mainly for being so predictable.  G insists that he didn't bet on me.  He claims that I'm really beautiful, and that I just don't realize it.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

When you Least Expect it

So I posted that ad on Craigslist not too long ago and the emails started pouring in almost instantly.  I met four of the guys.  Guy number 1, 28, M is a really great friend to have, as I said in my most recent post.  Guy number 2, 24, T did not understand strictly platonic, and I emailed him about that, and he never replied, so he's out of the picture now.  Guy number 3, 18, K is a lot like my brother, so much so that I wouldn't consider dating him.  It would be way too weird.  I've made my feelings about that very clear to him, and he has agreed to just be friends.  And that brings me to guy number 4, 26, G.  Allow me to preface this by saying that I never had any intention of dating anyone I might meet because of my Craigslist ad.

The first time we met, he took me to Starbucks and we talked, then I had him over and cooked him chicken and pasta.  We watched The Big Bang Theory and Bad Teacher and didn't touch each other at all.  I have been impulsive in the past, and I needed to think it through before I did anything.  Not touching G was very difficult, but I managed with just a hug as he left.  And then it was just me and my thoughts.  The guy is 26.  I am 19.  We're at entirely different points in our lives.  I just dropped out of school and he's a grad student.  I am searching for a job, and he has one as a counselor for a non-profit.  He has had more than 20 girlfriends in the past, and I have never had a boyfriend.  I met him on Craigslist.  What would my parents think? He's 7 years older than me. What would my parents think? He's not a Christian. What would my parents think?  He's at an age where marriage is not a ridiculous notion, and I have never had a boyfriend.  He has OCD, just like I do.  He's cute and funny and I find it easy to relate to the things he says.  He thinks that I'm beautiful/cute/hot/sexy despite (or perhaps because of) my geeky awkwardness.  He comes from a rich family, but he doesn't look down on me because I am poor.  I have a friend who likes to say that someone who gives you butterflies in your stomach is great and all, but he really wants someone who gives him eagles in his stomach.  G gives me eagles, plain and simple as that.  Big, swooping, soaring and wheeling eagles.  He lives ten minutes away from me.  He installed Skype yesterday, just for me, and we talked for a bit.  Then he drove over here at midnight so he could kiss me.  It was raining, but neither one of us cared.  The kissing was pretty magical.  I don't care if I sound cheesy, but it was.  It felt so right.  Then he walked me to my door and we kissed for a bit more.  He said something funny and we both started laughing uncontrollably.  Ever try kissing someone when you're both laughing? Not easy at all.  We managed to get it under control for one last kiss, and then he had to go, because he had work in the morning.  When he got back to his house, he told me on Skype that I am a surprisingly amazing kisser.  (Well, he didn't say surprisingly, but I know that's what he meant.)  He asked if that was really me kissing him, and then he said he would drive to anywhere just to kiss me once.  We will be seeing one another again tonight.  We live ten minutes apart, and neither one of us can resist the other, so it would be nearly impossible for us not to see each other tonight.  I can hardly wait until I see him again, and I think these stomach eagles are planning to stay for quite a while.

So this has all been a big ad for Craigslist.  Just kidding, but Craigslist has worked for me so far.  I found an apartment, I found two friends, and now I found the guy who will most likely be my first boyfriend.  And honestly, I have never been more excited in my entire life.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Good Friend to Have

I hung out with M the 28 year old again last night. We were going to get Satay, but the place was closed. So we got some mediocre burgers and fries and went to the park. The view is amazing, and you can see all of Seattle. Then we just sat and ate our food and talked. It's really nice to have a friend to hang out with. And it's also nice that he understands what just friends means.

Today, I walked 40 blocks and went to a bead supply store and got stuff to make feather earrings and pendants. Note to self: red flats are not good walking shoes.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

This is my Life Right Now

Except minus the sphinx and plus a bunch of random guys, who you will hear more about very soon.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Adventures in Joblessness

I got my food handler's card yesterday, so now I can expand my search to food place related jobs.  It shouldn't be too hard to get a job as a waitress.  I also got hired to do some web design by a guy at my church, and also by a guy in Morocco.  Another guy at my church hired me to create some  artwork for his new office.  And my mom sent me some grocery money.  She's awesome, don't know what I'd do without her.  I actually managed to talk to a person when I called about food stamps today (It only took me 10 tries) and they were supposed to call back and do the phone interview in 2 or 3 hours from then.  It's been 6 hours.  I am meeting another Craigslist guy tonight.  This one is named T and he is 24, and he is taking me to see Super 8.

I found out the good part about not having a job is all of the creative suggestions people will have for you on how to make money.  I rode the bus into the University District yesterday to get some printer ink, and then go to church.  When I first got on the bus, only one other person was on it besides myself and the driver.  I saat up front, because that's what I do.  The bus driver asked me how my summer was going and I replied that it was good, but it would be better if I could get a job.  Then he began to list all sorts of creative ways I could make money.

1. Dress up in a crazy costume and have people pay money to take a picture with you in front of the Space Needle.

2. Provide tours around Pike Place Market for tourists eager to throw away their cash on absolutely nothing.

3. Sell lemonade. (I replied that I think I would have to be about 10 years old in order for that to work) He said that I should borrow a kid and have them sell lemonade for me.  Then he realized that it isn't a good idea to use chldren for personal gain.

Those are the ideas that I can remember but he had a whole lot more.  He talked to me for the entire half hour it took for me to reach my stop.  It was entertaining.

After I bought my ink, I was walking up the Ave and I passed a fairly attractive homeless guy around my age.  He told me a couple of jokes and was really funny.  I told him that I would give him some money if I could, but I'm completely broke. (I used my last dollar on bus fare to get to the U District)  He said don't worry about it and he just likes making people smile.  After the bus driver and the homeless guy, my day was significantly brighter.  I even quit worrying about not having a job for a little bit.  And then during/after church, I ended up having three people hire me to do work for them.  Proof that God will provide.  I knew he would, but I get impatient sometimes, so I'm glad he didn't make me wait any longer.

Tomorrow, I am hanging out with another Craigslist guy, K.  He is 18, and taking a ferry to get here and hang out with me.  We've Skyped and really hit it off.  We're going to go to the park and then watch some movies.  It should be really fun. I'm looking forward to it.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It was not a Date

Yesterday I met the first one of my Craigslist-ad-for-friendship responders.  He was a 28-year old guy who I will call M.  The age difference wasn't really an issue, since I'm just looking for friends.  We planned to go to the park in the afternoon, but then he got called into work.  So I went to the park by myself for a few hours and hacky sacked/attempted to juggle my soccer ball.  After getting my shoes thoroughly soaked, I went back home.  Then M called and said it's sort of childish, but he really wants to see the new Harry Potter.  Not childish at all, M.  So we went to see Harry Potter.  He didn't try putting the moves on me or anything.  After the movie, he drove me back home and waited for me to get inside safely before driving off, like a true gentleman.  It was fun.  He offered to take me out for a bite after, but I feel bad letting people spend money on me like that, so I declined.  We will definitely be hanging out again some time in the future.  The title of the post is because one of my friends keeps insisting it was a date, but it wasn't.

And now I'm sure you're all dying to know how the movie was.  In my opinion, the other Harry Potter movies were much better than this one.  Sure it was action-packed and all, but it seemed rushed somehow.  There was almost too much action.  Also, there was considerably more gore than in any of the other ones, so if any of you are planning to take your kids to see it, you should be aware of that.  The Harry Potter movies get darker with each and every one, and this one was no exception.  It was the darkest one yet.  I'm not opposed to dark, I count Let Me In as one of my top movies, and I loved Ginger Snaps (all three of them).  I'm not really sure what I was expecting from Harry Potter.  Looking back on it, I should have been expecting exactly what happened.  What the movie did well was special effects as always, as well as showing how every key character ended up (except Luna Lovegood and she's my favorite), throw in enough humorous things to keep from being pitch black with darkness, and tie everything up in a neat little bow.  If you have seen all the others, you can't not see this one.  Lots of people I have talked to disagree with me and they loved it.  For some, it was their favorite one.  I wouldn't want to see it again though.  You should watch it once though and make up your own mind about it.  I give it a 3 out of 5.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

An Open Letter

To the cheese I bought a few days ago,
What is wrong with you? You are so awful.  You look weird and you don't even taste good.  Why are you so shiny?  Have you been looking at jewelry and just assumed that people like shiny things?  Because cheese is not meant to be shiny.  You think you're so clever with your all-over printed wrapper hiding your real contents from view.  Quit trying to be something you're not.  I honestly am not even sure that you are really cheese.  You claim you are, but can I really trust you? You don't taste like cheese.  You don't even melt when I place you on a hamburger that's cooking in sizzling grease.  I'm pretty sure that you're so overprocessed that if I left you alone for an entire year, you would still look exactly the same.  You might claim it's an anti-aging breakthrough, but you're really just pumped so full of chemicals, you don't even know what's going on anymore.  So cheese, here's some advice, quit trying to be something you're not and just be cheese already!  Rest assured, I will not buy you again.  I'll actually spend the extra dollar it takes to get some real cheese.  Take your stuff and get out, cheese.  We're through.
With no love or kind regards or warm wishes,

P.S. I just wanted a cheeseburger, but you couldn't even make that happen!

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Face of the Earth

All of the guys who contacted me from my Craigslist ad yesterday seemingly fell off the face of the Earth today, all except one, who I will hopefully be hanging out with tomorrow.  And I didn't get to see a movie last night, because the guy who was going to take me quit e-mailing back :(

In other news, Dan of Into Geek is shaping up to be a truly fantastic minion.  He featured my blog today, and asked me to write a guest post for him, which I did.  I'll let you know when it's posted so you can read it.

I want to see Harry Potter so badly!  And, inexplicably, I really want to see it in the theater, rather than watching a bootlegged online version, or waiting a bit for a good online version.  I think that it's a combination of not having gone to see a movie in theaters in a while, and wanting to go on a date, coupled with the fact that I am so broke, I can't afford anything, so of course now would be when I want to do things that cost money, like watching movies legally.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Adventures in Craigslist

I posted an ad on Craigslist in the platonic section that I'm bored and wondered if any other people live around here and want to go to the park or something.  I received 5 replies in an hour.  I may be going to a movie tonight, and another guy has a frisbee and a basketball, so I will almost definitely be hanging out with him at some point.  Stories to follow, hopefully not too interesting ones.  I really hope these guys aren't creepers, because that seems to be all I meet.  Then again, this is Craigslist we're talking about, so my expectations are very low.  Don't worry about me, I know karate and will meet them in public places.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Hate Having to Ask for Help

You may have noticed my new donation button.  As much as I hate to ask for help, I really need it.  It's either ask for help or go blind, which would seriously jeopardize my graphic design career.  I don't even have money for the consultation.  Best case scenario, I can get put on pills that will slow the deterioration of my eye tissue.  Pills that I don't have money for.  Worst case scenario, I'll need to have expensive surgery.  I hate to admit it, but I'm actually kind of scared.

In other news, I am going in to meet with DSHS about getting food stamps tomorrow.  I really need a job, and I can't seem to get one.  Life is really tough for me at the moment.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


It's been a while since I did a post about going to the Ave, and I went there yesterday, so I'm doing a post about it.  First, I had to wait for the bus.  I snapped these two photos at the bus stop.

Some little kid painted this as her part of the bus stop mural.
I think that it's hilarious, personally.

Stop sign graffiti

After we got to the Ave, we had lunch at University Teriyaki, my favorite restaurant in the entire world.  Then we went to this Japanese imports store and did a lot of window shopping.  Then we went to a used movies/video games/music store and I snapped this picture.

Those are some beautiful guitars. 
The most expensive one was only $119!

After that, we went to the bookstore, where I found this.

This book is hilarious. I would have bought it if it cost less.

Then we went to Goodwill, which was the whole point of the trip.  I needed more summer clothes.  I got a pair of shorts, two(?) dresses (one was short enough I'll probably wear it as a long shirt), and three shirts.  All in all, it was a successful trip.

Then today, I went swimming twice, went on a long walk, then went to the park and tried to learn how to juggle a soccer ball.  I got alright at it, but now I have this ginormous bruise on my knee.  Then I hacky sacked and did some cartwheels.  And now I have ice cream ^.^  So it was a good day, other than the bruise.

Monday, July 11, 2011


So yesterday I ended up missing the bus to church, and I hate getting places late, so I didn't end up going.  Instead, I went swimming with my roommate's friend for a few hours and got super sunburned.  I don't even think that I own any sunscreen. I would show you a picture, but today it isn't nearly as bright red.  It still hurts really badly though.  I want to go swimming again today, but I'll just wear a t-shirt over my suit to prevent further burning.  After swimming, I ate a sandwich and then we all went to the park and hacky sacked.  Today, I'm going to go hacky sack in the other park that I discovered, because there are two different ones 10 blocks apart.  After that, we went to Safeway and got some aloe vera gel.  It felt so good.  Then we came home and made pizza and salad for dinner and watched "She's the Man".  It's a fairly old movie, but really good.  My favorite line: "Is it just me or does this soccer game have more nudity than usual?"  I didn't end up going to Goodwill yesterday, but I'll probably go today.

Au revoir, folks.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Discombobulated Post

Yesterday I went to Chinatown for the first time ever. There was this street fair called Dragon Fest that I attended with my roommate and her friend.  But first I had to go to the bank and get some money.  The bank teller is nearly always the same guy and he's really nice.  He asked if I dyed my hair since I saw him last, and said it looks good.  Then I had to wait forever for the bus, because they're doing road maintenance on The Ave, so it was delayed.  When I was waiting, I saw this guy on a skateboard who had grabbed a handle on the back of a different bus and was letting it pull him up the hill. He kind of grinned sheepishly and then let go.  It was pretty funny.  An old, probably homeless guy tried to talk to me on the bus but I just answered his question about what I was reading and went back to reading and he left me alone.

I got an email this morning that I did not get the job at Target.  Meh, it would have been a long commute.  Maybe I'll still find something within walking distance.  I went to a huge bookstore in Chinatown and they had lightsaber chopsticks! They were pretty cool.  If I knew how to use chopsticks, I would have bought them with no hesitation.  There were also awesome Totoro plushies that cost more than any sane person would ever pay for them.

When we got home from the street fair, we went to Safeway and got ice cream. Then my roommates baked some cookies and we watched Despicable Me.  It was a really good movie, funny and the ending was super cute.  Megamind is also hilarious.  I thought it wouldn't be that great, but I ending up laughing my head off.  The Brother's Grimm, however is a waste of time, in my opinion.  As much as I love Star Wars is how much I hate The Brother's Grimm, which, in case you didn't know, is a lot.

I need to shower and then I have church today.  The weather is pretty hot once again. Summer is here for reals this time.  After church, I'm going to go to Goodwill and get some more summer clothes. Two pairs of shorts is not enough.  I actually have more shorts than that, but they go to or past my knees and don't help at all in the cooling off department.  Lunch with friends is also a possibility.  And I plan to go to the park I discovered and do some hacky sacking.

Stay classy, folks. (I'm trying that out as my new way of saying goodbye.)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Yesterday Did Not Go as Planned

The plan yesterday was to wake up in plenty of time to get ready for my job interview, leave at 9, get there at 11 (long bus ride is long), do the interview, come back home, and work on book covers.  How it actually happened was my alarm didn't manage to wake me for the first time ever.  My roommate woke me up much later.  I had literally five minutes to get out the door and be on the bus.  I threw on clothes, got a drink of water, and was out the door, chipping polish on my fingernails and all.  That was the main thing I didn't want to happen, to not be able to redo my nail polish before leaving, since it's pretty bad and I was trying to look professional.  Anyway, I caught the bus. (Sidenote: nearly the first time ever I have not gotten on the wrong bus or the right one going in the wrong direction.)  I rode for 30 minutes and then got pretty lost trying to find the stop I needed to be at for my transfer. (Downtown and I are not friends yet.) With a little help from random strangers, (Thanks guys, though I doubt that you read my blog.) I managed to get to the stop 2 minutes before the bus got there. Perfect timing.  I rode it for another 30 minutes and got to my job interview right on time.  I had my interview, which didn't take long at all and I think went really well. (Though now that I've put that out there for the universe, I probably won't get the job. It's sort of like saying, "At least it's not raining." Never ever say that in Seattle, by the way, works every time.) Since I had gone out the door in such a hurry, I hadn't had time for breakfast, so I headed over to the Fred Meyer across the street from Target. (My interview was at Target.)  I purchased a delicious panini and a Snapple peach iced tea and chowed down.  Then I realized that I didn't have bus fare to get back.  So I called some friends and texted my roommate to see if they could help me get unstranded.  Roommate texted back that she was going to be a while, but she had a demo there later, so she'd let me know when she was there.  I was more than content to sit in the little Fred Meyer cafe and read my novel.  Then I finished it. Then I started reading it again.  Roommate texts that she'll be another hour, sorry. No big deal. The book was worth a second read.  (One Door from Heaven, by Dean Koontz (it's sort of bizarre and sci-fi-esque))  She texts me later that she'll be finished around 7:30 with the demo in Renton. RENTON. I was in Redmond, not the same place at all.  Much further away, in fact. I text her with this information and she replies that she has another appointment in Seattle at 9:30 and can't come all the way to Redmond to get me, sorry.  She suggests telling the bus driver I'm a student and don't have fare and need to get home, so can I ride this once for free?  I figure that the worst they can say is no.  I head out. (It's 6:00 by this point. I was stranded for 6 hours.)  There is one other person at the bus stop, and I ask her if she happens to have any spare change, because I have none.  She gives me $1.50 in change, plus some nickels and dimes.  I thank her profusely and explain my situation.  She worried that that wouldn't be enough, (Adult fare is $2.25, and with a transfer, total would be $4.50) but I let her know that I can pass for 18, therefore only having to pay the reduced fare of 75 cents, so it's exactly the right amount.  2 hours later I finally made it home.  Then I went on Tinychat and made a new friend and didn't design my book covers.  So today I'm designing three book cover concepts.  I have only started one and they're due today.  It's just like school all over again.  At least I don't have to write an essay.  I like designing, just not really connecting with this book. Ah well, I need to go work my magic. Thanks for reading my tale of woe.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It's Too Hot!

I got my 17th follower. Welcome Dan from Into Geek.  Thanks for following me. I really enjoy your blog, being a geek myself.

I was supposed to go to the beach today, but my friend's car got totalled. She got sideswiped by an elderly woman, but she's fine.  So I spent today trying not to burn to death with the windows open in the house.  This is the sort of weather where I need ice cream, but I don't have money for it.  If all goes well at my job interview Thursday, I'll be making money soon though.

Monday, July 4, 2011


It's so hot today. I'm going to attempt to make a Youtube video without sound issues.  I have nothing to do for Fourth of July, so I'm sitting home alone eating a sandwich. I think I'll make baked apples.  I really really want a cheeseburger, but I don't have money.  Maybe I'll crash a barbecue.  It occurs to me I never posted a photo of my new glasses. Bam.

I'm really not quite that pale. Lighting is off.

Well, Happy Fourth of July, everyone.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Just Keep Swimming, Swimming, Swimming

I got all unpacked and moved in yesterday, then made myself some pasta and intended to go swimming.  There were already 5 or 6 other people in the pool so I waited an hour and went back.  I had the pool all to myself.  It turns out that that was because the pool is supposed to get locked up at 9, and not at 10 like my roommate told me.  I can't blame her for being wrong though. She doesn't know how to swim, so it's not like it's something she would need to know.  So I had done about 5 laps in the pool, not too shabby for not having gone swimming at all for 2 years.  And this random guy shows up.  And I can't really see him, since I wear glasses normally, but not in the pool.  And he goes "Have you been waiting for me?" in this totally I'm-hitting-on-you-and-not-even-trying-to-pretend-I'm-not voice.  It turns out that he's the guy who locks up the pool and he was late.  He let me know that the pool is supposed to get locked up at 9.  He also said he didn't mind if I swam a few more laps before he locked up.  I didn't swim any more laps.  I got out of the pool and wrapped my towel around myself and apologized for being there when it was supposed to get locked up and told him I had just moved in and my roommate had told me it was open until 10.  He said that it's supposed to get locked up at 9, but he's late a lot and asked where I live.  I told him it was somewhere up over the hill and I don't know the number yet.  He then proceeded to tell me about how he never learned how to swim.  He also started to talk about how he's a gamer and he plays with (15 or 12, don't remember or really care) sided dice because 20-sided are too round.  This was totally unrelated to anything I had said.  He was probably around my age, maybe a little older.  Anyway, I will not be swimming that late again.  It was kind of nice though until he showed up, since it was starting to get dark and I'm kind of self-conscious.  I was feeling pretty confident when I was shopping and got a red bikini. Not the best decision I've ever made, especially since I haven't even owned a bikini since I was 4.  But I just need to get over my self-consciousness and enjoy the water.  I still won't be purposely swimming when guys are there though.  Also, I'm pretty sure I actually hadn't been swimming since developing asthma, which was actually 4 years ago.  My lungs got pretty tired after just those 5 laps.

Friday, July 1, 2011

The Doing of Important Things

That's my goal today.  I am attempting to schedule a job interview. Target called back while I was sleeping and left me a voicemail, and then we I called to schedule the interview, they took my name and number and I'm waiting for them to call me back, which seems overly complicated to me, but what do I know?  I'm all moved into my new place.  Moved in, not unpacked.  But I am going to unpack today, and after that I will go swimming in the pool because it is a lovely day and I intend to enjoy it, but I can't until I get called back.  Or I can just continue this fabulous game of phone tag we're playing.  That's probably what's going to happen.  My allergies are really bad today too.  My left eye is super itchy and my right eye is ridiculously watery.  Well, I'm going to go unpack now. Au revoir, amigos. (That is a new language combo I would like to name Spanich, because it sounds like Spinach. I'm so clever :P)