Thursday, July 21, 2011

Adventures in Joblessness

I got my food handler's card yesterday, so now I can expand my search to food place related jobs.  It shouldn't be too hard to get a job as a waitress.  I also got hired to do some web design by a guy at my church, and also by a guy in Morocco.  Another guy at my church hired me to create some  artwork for his new office.  And my mom sent me some grocery money.  She's awesome, don't know what I'd do without her.  I actually managed to talk to a person when I called about food stamps today (It only took me 10 tries) and they were supposed to call back and do the phone interview in 2 or 3 hours from then.  It's been 6 hours.  I am meeting another Craigslist guy tonight.  This one is named T and he is 24, and he is taking me to see Super 8.

I found out the good part about not having a job is all of the creative suggestions people will have for you on how to make money.  I rode the bus into the University District yesterday to get some printer ink, and then go to church.  When I first got on the bus, only one other person was on it besides myself and the driver.  I saat up front, because that's what I do.  The bus driver asked me how my summer was going and I replied that it was good, but it would be better if I could get a job.  Then he began to list all sorts of creative ways I could make money.

1. Dress up in a crazy costume and have people pay money to take a picture with you in front of the Space Needle.

2. Provide tours around Pike Place Market for tourists eager to throw away their cash on absolutely nothing.

3. Sell lemonade. (I replied that I think I would have to be about 10 years old in order for that to work) He said that I should borrow a kid and have them sell lemonade for me.  Then he realized that it isn't a good idea to use chldren for personal gain.

Those are the ideas that I can remember but he had a whole lot more.  He talked to me for the entire half hour it took for me to reach my stop.  It was entertaining.

After I bought my ink, I was walking up the Ave and I passed a fairly attractive homeless guy around my age.  He told me a couple of jokes and was really funny.  I told him that I would give him some money if I could, but I'm completely broke. (I used my last dollar on bus fare to get to the U District)  He said don't worry about it and he just likes making people smile.  After the bus driver and the homeless guy, my day was significantly brighter.  I even quit worrying about not having a job for a little bit.  And then during/after church, I ended up having three people hire me to do work for them.  Proof that God will provide.  I knew he would, but I get impatient sometimes, so I'm glad he didn't make me wait any longer.

Tomorrow, I am hanging out with another Craigslist guy, K.  He is 18, and taking a ferry to get here and hang out with me.  We've Skyped and really hit it off.  We're going to go to the park and then watch some movies.  It should be really fun. I'm looking forward to it.


  1. Those money-making ideas actually sound pretty dece! Especially the costume one.

    I've been to Seattle once before, and I really enjoyed Pike Place market... but my favourite destination was easily the Experience Music Project. =)

  2. Yeah, if I had a costume, nothing would stop me from doing the costume one. I haven't been to the EMP yet, but I want to go really badly.


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