Friday, July 8, 2011

Yesterday Did Not Go as Planned

The plan yesterday was to wake up in plenty of time to get ready for my job interview, leave at 9, get there at 11 (long bus ride is long), do the interview, come back home, and work on book covers.  How it actually happened was my alarm didn't manage to wake me for the first time ever.  My roommate woke me up much later.  I had literally five minutes to get out the door and be on the bus.  I threw on clothes, got a drink of water, and was out the door, chipping polish on my fingernails and all.  That was the main thing I didn't want to happen, to not be able to redo my nail polish before leaving, since it's pretty bad and I was trying to look professional.  Anyway, I caught the bus. (Sidenote: nearly the first time ever I have not gotten on the wrong bus or the right one going in the wrong direction.)  I rode for 30 minutes and then got pretty lost trying to find the stop I needed to be at for my transfer. (Downtown and I are not friends yet.) With a little help from random strangers, (Thanks guys, though I doubt that you read my blog.) I managed to get to the stop 2 minutes before the bus got there. Perfect timing.  I rode it for another 30 minutes and got to my job interview right on time.  I had my interview, which didn't take long at all and I think went really well. (Though now that I've put that out there for the universe, I probably won't get the job. It's sort of like saying, "At least it's not raining." Never ever say that in Seattle, by the way, works every time.) Since I had gone out the door in such a hurry, I hadn't had time for breakfast, so I headed over to the Fred Meyer across the street from Target. (My interview was at Target.)  I purchased a delicious panini and a Snapple peach iced tea and chowed down.  Then I realized that I didn't have bus fare to get back.  So I called some friends and texted my roommate to see if they could help me get unstranded.  Roommate texted back that she was going to be a while, but she had a demo there later, so she'd let me know when she was there.  I was more than content to sit in the little Fred Meyer cafe and read my novel.  Then I finished it. Then I started reading it again.  Roommate texts that she'll be another hour, sorry. No big deal. The book was worth a second read.  (One Door from Heaven, by Dean Koontz (it's sort of bizarre and sci-fi-esque))  She texts me later that she'll be finished around 7:30 with the demo in Renton. RENTON. I was in Redmond, not the same place at all.  Much further away, in fact. I text her with this information and she replies that she has another appointment in Seattle at 9:30 and can't come all the way to Redmond to get me, sorry.  She suggests telling the bus driver I'm a student and don't have fare and need to get home, so can I ride this once for free?  I figure that the worst they can say is no.  I head out. (It's 6:00 by this point. I was stranded for 6 hours.)  There is one other person at the bus stop, and I ask her if she happens to have any spare change, because I have none.  She gives me $1.50 in change, plus some nickels and dimes.  I thank her profusely and explain my situation.  She worried that that wouldn't be enough, (Adult fare is $2.25, and with a transfer, total would be $4.50) but I let her know that I can pass for 18, therefore only having to pay the reduced fare of 75 cents, so it's exactly the right amount.  2 hours later I finally made it home.  Then I went on Tinychat and made a new friend and didn't design my book covers.  So today I'm designing three book cover concepts.  I have only started one and they're due today.  It's just like school all over again.  At least I don't have to write an essay.  I like designing, just not really connecting with this book. Ah well, I need to go work my magic. Thanks for reading my tale of woe.

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