Monday, July 18, 2011

The Face of the Earth

All of the guys who contacted me from my Craigslist ad yesterday seemingly fell off the face of the Earth today, all except one, who I will hopefully be hanging out with tomorrow.  And I didn't get to see a movie last night, because the guy who was going to take me quit e-mailing back :(

In other news, Dan of Into Geek is shaping up to be a truly fantastic minion.  He featured my blog today, and asked me to write a guest post for him, which I did.  I'll let you know when it's posted so you can read it.

I want to see Harry Potter so badly!  And, inexplicably, I really want to see it in the theater, rather than watching a bootlegged online version, or waiting a bit for a good online version.  I think that it's a combination of not having gone to see a movie in theaters in a while, and wanting to go on a date, coupled with the fact that I am so broke, I can't afford anything, so of course now would be when I want to do things that cost money, like watching movies legally.

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