Saturday, July 2, 2011

Just Keep Swimming, Swimming, Swimming

I got all unpacked and moved in yesterday, then made myself some pasta and intended to go swimming.  There were already 5 or 6 other people in the pool so I waited an hour and went back.  I had the pool all to myself.  It turns out that that was because the pool is supposed to get locked up at 9, and not at 10 like my roommate told me.  I can't blame her for being wrong though. She doesn't know how to swim, so it's not like it's something she would need to know.  So I had done about 5 laps in the pool, not too shabby for not having gone swimming at all for 2 years.  And this random guy shows up.  And I can't really see him, since I wear glasses normally, but not in the pool.  And he goes "Have you been waiting for me?" in this totally I'm-hitting-on-you-and-not-even-trying-to-pretend-I'm-not voice.  It turns out that he's the guy who locks up the pool and he was late.  He let me know that the pool is supposed to get locked up at 9.  He also said he didn't mind if I swam a few more laps before he locked up.  I didn't swim any more laps.  I got out of the pool and wrapped my towel around myself and apologized for being there when it was supposed to get locked up and told him I had just moved in and my roommate had told me it was open until 10.  He said that it's supposed to get locked up at 9, but he's late a lot and asked where I live.  I told him it was somewhere up over the hill and I don't know the number yet.  He then proceeded to tell me about how he never learned how to swim.  He also started to talk about how he's a gamer and he plays with (15 or 12, don't remember or really care) sided dice because 20-sided are too round.  This was totally unrelated to anything I had said.  He was probably around my age, maybe a little older.  Anyway, I will not be swimming that late again.  It was kind of nice though until he showed up, since it was starting to get dark and I'm kind of self-conscious.  I was feeling pretty confident when I was shopping and got a red bikini. Not the best decision I've ever made, especially since I haven't even owned a bikini since I was 4.  But I just need to get over my self-consciousness and enjoy the water.  I still won't be purposely swimming when guys are there though.  Also, I'm pretty sure I actually hadn't been swimming since developing asthma, which was actually 4 years ago.  My lungs got pretty tired after just those 5 laps.

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