Saturday, April 30, 2011

Here Comes the Sun, Doo Do Doo Do

It's finally beginning to look like spring weather is here to stay.  But this is Seattle, so I'll probably blink and then it will be raining again.  But at the moment, it's the sort of weather that makes me want to fill the sky with balloons and bubbles.  Unfortunately I have neither.  Instead I'm going to take a walk to Safeway to get stuff to make Nutella Mug Cake and then to Goodwill to do some bargain hunting.  I'm going to try to get some shorts that don't go all the way to my knees.  And hopefully I'm going to see the new Fast and the Furious movie soon.  Fun fact, I love those movies.  And I'm going to repaint my fingernails in happy spring colors.  I'm just full of contradictions.  For example, today I'm wearing my Back to the Future shirt over a summer dress.

Monday, April 25, 2011

And the Post I Promised Has Arrived

It's a little later than I meant for it to be, because I got distracted by this cool website, trying to solve the puzzle and find out the real name of Panama Oxridge, author of the Justin Thyme books, books which I have never read.  The website claims that the author had to hide his or her name in the website for legal reasons.  I hope they never have any legal issues, because it took me over an hour of brain-busting to figure that out.  Surprisingly enough, reporters are still speculating over the author's identity.  And they would know it if they just took the time to solve the puzzle.  Lazy reporters.

Anyway, the movie reviews I promised.  I watched two foreign films, one Korean film that translates into English as "A Tale of Two Sisters".  The other was, I think, a French film called "The Science of Sleep". 

A Tale of Two Sisters is a good movie to watch if you would like to be really confused and left with tons of questions at the end.  It's supposed to be a horror film, but it's more of a psychological, well not even thriller, just a confusing movie that makes you think a lot.  That's like a subgenre, right?  On the surface, it's the story of two sisters whose mother recently died.  They have been in a mental institution and are returning home to their father and their new stepmother, who treats them terribly.  It is the tale of the older sister trying to protect her younger sister from the insane stepmother.  But beneath the surface, it is much more.  After two days of contemplating and reading multiple forums on the film, I think I have it figured out.  There isn't much blood or violence.  There are two ghosts that would probably be disturbing for children, and a very creepy bloody sack.  I wouldn't really recommend it, unless maybe you want to read subtitles and then be left at the end wondering, what just happened?

The Science of Sleep is much better, in my opinion.  This movie could not really exist without subtitles, except for a few people who know Spanish, French, and English.  It is more of an indie film.  I really enjoyed the artsy aspects and the idea was interesting.  While parts of it had me laughing very loudly, others had me going, okay well I can tell they were trying to be funny there, but that was just stupid.  It ends with a dream sequence, and I wanted to know what ended up happening to the people afterward, but you can't always get what you want.  *singing commences* No you can't always get what you wa-ant. You get what you need. *singing ends*  There aren't a whole lot of stupid parts and if you enjoy artsiness, it is spectacular in this movie.  Oh yeah, I should tell you what it's about.  This guy has trouble distinguishing between dreams and reality, and he falls in love with the girl next door.  Hilarity, sadness, and stupidity ensue, with lots of dream sequences interspersed between them.

Sticking to the way I usually do movie reviews, they get star ratings now.  Tale of Two Sisters gets 2 stars out of 5.  Science of Sleep gets 3 and a half stars out of 5.  And it's not just because I had to read subtitles.  I am perfectly okay with reading subtitles.  These just weren't the best foreign films in the world.

Another Post Later Today, You Lucky People

But for now, I discovered this super awesome website. It's all about stretching your mind and solving crazy hard brainteasers. But the most important thing is that you can earn badges! I need to earn all the badges. All of them! And I'm stuck on this puzzle. What I've figured out so far is the song that plays is Facade from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. You can drag the box with the song and beneath it is hidden a picture with some numbers. I have figured out that the building with the numbers on it is Butler Library at Columbia University, and I think that the numbers somehow correspond to the names inscribed on the building, but I haven't quite figured out how. And I have no clue how the numbers with the song make any sense. Except they go up to 8 and there are 8 lines in this verse of the song:
"Look around you!
I have found
You cannot tell, by lookin' at the surface,
What is lurkin' there beneath it!
See that face!
Now, I'm prepared to bet you,
What you see's not what you get -
'Cause man's a master of deceit!"

So if you want to help me, or want to begin your own quest to earn all the badges, or brainteasers are just your idea of a fun time, check out the site.  If you want, give me your email and I'll invite you to join without having to solve the daily puzzle first.

And later today, you'll get a second post with reviews of two foreign films.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

I have been getting the hiccups so much today.  I've had them at list six times.  It's getting annoying.  I got a decapitated chocolate bunny at Safeway and I named it Fred.  All of their chocolate bunnies were on sale because they were all decapitated.  It's fine with me.  I usually eat animal shaped foods head first so they won't be in pain.  You're welcome, animal crackers.  I hate it when people type Viola instead of Voila.  It's one of my pet peeves. Why does Rebecca Black have to go to the bus stop and wait for the bus when her friends are going to come pick her up anyway? </incoherence and rambling>

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Glimpse into my Brain

I just realized that I think in a British accent.  I'm not sure when this first started and I just noticed it today.  I have been reading books silently in a British accent for quite a while, so perhaps this is just a natural progression from that.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Magnets, and how they work

After that title, you're probably expecting a boring science post.  Fear not! These are metaphorical magnets.  And now to make that make sense...

So it turns out that I'm a chick magnet.  I guess there's something about me that makes lesbians think I'm a lesbian.  I even wore makeup and a skirt today! I am not a lesbian!  I like guys.  I like looking at them, talking to them, playing video games with them.  They're great.

Today I unknowingly went on a date with two lesbian girls.  That is probably the dream of many guys out there, but for me, being a straight girl and all, it was not ideal.  Now if it had been one girl asking me to join her for coffee, I might have considered the fact that she could potentially be a lesbian and that there is a slight possibility that "coffee"=date in this instance.  However there were two girls asking me to join them for coffee.  So, as aforementioned I am a straight girl, my brain thought that they were just two nice girls trying to make a new friend.  One of the girls has half of her head shaved and the other was dressed completely in black, so I felt like perhaps they didn't have many friends, so I went.  They bought me a smoothie because they had asked me to come.  My brain still didn't figure out what was going on.  See, the way I am used to couples is that they are a couple, as in two, and not three, which would not be a couple but a threesome...  So we make small talk for a bit, where are you from, the weather...  And then they decide to explain why they asked me to get coffee with them.  They are looking for a third person to join their relationship.  Whoa there, what?  So many questions going through my head at that point, mainly do I look like a lesbian? and secondly why can't I have this luck with guys, not like two gay guys wanting a girl in their relationship, but just a guy thinking I'm attractive and asking me out to coffee (or in my case, as a non-coffee connoisseur, a smoothie).  I explain to them that I like guys.  They seem a little shocked by this statement, again triggering the question in my brain, seriously do I look like a lesbian? (I have since been assured by H that I do not.)  They immediately seem more relaxed and talkative, like they were really nervous about this.  Surprisingly enough, no awkwardness whatsoever.  They had worded it very carefully, avoiding the word threesome.  So we chatted for a bit longer then went to get pho, which they paid for as well.  So I may or may not have two new friends, or it might have been pretty awkward for them and they were just really good at hiding it.  But now I have an interesting story to tell.  Plus I got a free smoothie and pho out of it.

So how does this relate to metaphorical magnets?  Well, I am a chick magnet, so all I need to do is figure out how to reverse the polarity and I'll be a, guy magnet? Is there even a term for that?  Anyway, guys will be tripping over each other trying to ask me out.  Now if only I were better at science.  How do you reverse the polarity on a magnet anyway?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Life is Good

Got my first midterm back today and I got a 4.0. Had only one class and plenty of time to hacky sack with three friends that I hadn't seen for 5 months.  Became completely absorbed in a book I'm reading for class.  Had two random girls dressed in all black tell me they saw me hacky sacking and they like my hat, and asked me to get coffee with them tomorrow.  I'm actually going to, and one of them is named Eevee, like the Pokemon.  Ran into two friends from church and they invited me over for dinner.  It was delicious and I can't spell or pronounce it.  Also, had cake.  Walked back in the dark on the Ave and didn't get shot or stabbed or propositioned for sex.  Did get called baby girl and then some undiscernible mumbling, kept walking.  And now it's studying time.  Geology of national parks midterm tomorrow, ugh.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Unhappy Camper

So since today is Tuesday and I only had one class, it was supposed to be a good day.  How wrong I was! I got mail! Wait, that should be a good thing, shouldn't it? You would think so, wouldn't you? You would be wrong.  Hospital bill for nearly $1000, from my emergency trip to the hospital a couple of weeks back.  Birthday present I ordered for my roommate. They sent the wrong thing! I ordered a bear pillow pet and got sent a cat.  To top it all off, I'm typing this one handed because somehow I managed to accidentally cut my wrist with my pocketknife while opening the package from my mum. (feeling British, deal with it) So now I have a diagonal one inch cut on my left wrist and it's bleeding like a really creepy faucet. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I got to use some more intense stuff in my first aid kit than just bandages and neosporin.  I didn't have any big enough bandages so I had to use a gauze pad and wrap it in rolled gauze.  It was actually pretty exciting, not going to lie.  It really doesn't hurt that bad either, but it has been bleeding non-stop for like 10 minutes.

P.S. Totally worth all the blood and pain, because the box was full of love and homemade cookies and money and adorable easter cards from my 4 and 5 year old cousins.

Also, I learned to only make as many nachos as I can reasonably consume, because my friends who I planned to share with were all elsewhere.  Also, fun fact, when guacamole is left out overnight, it turns blackish and gets grease droplets on top of it.  I don't think I like guacamole anymore. Wait, nope, I still do, just won't be letting it sit out.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Blue skies, done writing papers, eating delicious homemade nachos and watching Mulan.  Life is good.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


The ranty review post will be postponed until tomorrow, due to the fact that I got way too into the 500-page novel I started reading yesterday and had to finish it all today.  I could not put it down, it was so good.  If you're interested, I highly recommend it.  It's called "Life Expectancy" and it's by Dean Koontz.  However, if you are not yet afraid of clowns and do not wish to become afraid of them, don't read it.  You have been warned.  And I only got to see one of the people who I haven't seen/hacky sacked with in 5 months.  1 out of 10 is alright odds, I suppose, but I was hoping to see more of them.  After he left, I did about two hours of solo hacky sacking, and then I layed down on the grass under the cherry trees that are in bloom and read my book in the quad.

Monday, April 11, 2011

I am very Skilled at Accidentally Getting hurt

Somehow today, I managed to accidentally punch a wall.  I am not sure how this happened, since the wall wasn't even at fist height.  Anyway, I have some fun scratches on my finger now.

In better news, I got to see a friend today that I hadn't seen since June, so that was really fun.

I also had dinner and ice cream with Jessica and attempted to get her to hacky sack with me.

And I am so excited that I am hopefully getting to see a whole bunch of friends that I haven't seen for 5ish months.  We are having our first hacky sack circle since I stopped being able to walk.

That's all for today, because I have to read a crime ovel halfway by tomorrow.  But if I have time tomorrow, I am going to rant aboout how despicable people who are involved in child porn are, and write a review of the movie Smile Pretty.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring has Sprung

It's spring, and here at my university, that means that the cherry trees are in bloom and that love is in the air.  Seriously, people, the air is so full of love, you can't breathe without getting a lungful of it.  There are happy couples walking hand in hand everywhere I look.  So remember that guy whose number I got on Friday?  Well, I'm thinking that he might not have a girlfriend, because he asked me out to lunch with him today.  So I think I have a date.  Also, the guy texted me a ton last night, so I'm thinking that he might just be one of those people who puts thats he's in a relationship on Facebook to avoid all the stupid dating website ads.  I have a friend whose status says that he's engaged, and he's actually single, so it's possible right?  At the very least, I have a new friend.  Happy Easter, except it has been brought to my attention that it isn't Easter until two weeks from now, so have a happy Easter then, when it's actually Easter.

Update: It was not a date, turns out he does have a girlfriend and it was just two friends having lunch together.  So I have a new friend now.  And we ate at Jimmy John's and it was so delicious.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

How Does that Work Anyway?

So you know what I've been wondering for a while? How do bow ties work? So I investigated and now I know.
You do it like this

You learn something new every day.

Friday, April 8, 2011


If sandstone is made out of sand and siltstone is made out of silt, why isn't limestone made of limes?  They would give it a lovely green color.

I blew the heads off some zombies today and got a guy's number.  My Facebook stalking of him shows that he has a girlfriend, but I need someone to hang out with and be my friend, since C is avoiding me and my awkwardness.  Oh, and the sun was shining brightly today and the skies were blue, which was exciting.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

In Which my Boy Craziness has Some Rather Unexpected Consequences

So Stumbleupon is basically my favorite way of procrastinating, except for last Saturday when I procrastinated by cleaning everything.  What can I say, I'm weird.  Anyway, I only follow attractive guys on Stumble Upon who are close to my age and have the same interests.  Well yesterday afternoon, while in a sea of boys totally suck despair, I decided to compliment some of these cute guys I follow on Stumbleupon, because guys never get as many compliments as girls.  And then I realized that I am the Queen of Making Things Awkward.  So now, not only does W think I'm a freak (totally not my fault and I don't care!), C is totally avoiding me, and now I unintentionally came off as a pedophile to some 16 year old in Canada.  In my defense, his profile says he's 22, so I thought he was older than me!  But upon rereading my message today, it was pretty creepy regardless of his age.  I said that I want to run my fingers through his hair, because the dude seriously has amazing hair, but why couldn't I think of putting it as "Dude, you have seriously amazing hair."  I am just unintentionally creeptastic.  And then he responds that he's 16 and I sent him a new message and apologized for my creepiness at least three times.  So there was that.  But then, a different guy, S, who unfortunately lives in Serbia, which is far away, responded favorably to my message to him and I think we might develop an internet friendship.  And then, tonight I went to two different churches.  The second was like a blacklight party.  It was insanely awesome.  And the lead guitarist is so amazingly good looking, and awesome at playing guitar, and I swear he smiled at me.  I want to meet him so badly.

In other news, I talked to two strangers today, and had another guy say "Daaaaammmmn" when I walked by him, which made me feel like I looked good despite the fact that he was kind of a creeper.  This one guy just randomly said hi, trying to be weird or something, because that's what people do on the Ave, so I said hi back to him.  Nothing earthshattering there.  And then a guy asked me if he could have 75 cents to ride the bus and I gave it to him.  He didn't even try to rob me or anything.  And then I went to Jack in the Box to change my clothes, because it was cold and I got this awesome Back to the Future shirt at Goodwill.  The women's bathroom was occupied so I went in the men's, after waiting for about five minutes for the women's, and this other girl used the men's bathroom first.  Anyway, I went in and changed super fast, and when I came out, this guy was like "Um, you know this is the men's room?" To which I replied that there was someone in the women's.  And then he was like "You aren't a dude!"  Excuse me for feeling like it was okay to use a bathroom with the exact same toilet, sink, garbage can setup as the women's when the other one was in use and this wasn't.  Seriously dude, who cares about the little people signs when it's a one-seater?  I will not change my ways because you were a jerk to me.  And I had a really delicious lunch at Mod Pizza today.  If you're in Seattle, I highly recommend it.  Also, discovered a new bookstore with a ton of Dean Koontz books for only $4 each, and managed to only buy one, since I already bought a literal stack of them last weekend.  There's like 10 or more.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Things I Hate

I hate that the second guy to call me pretty in 19 years who wasn't related to me turned out to be a total creep.  I hate that he thought I was a loser for having morals.  I hate that the first guy to tell me I was beautiful and hold my hand and sit in a cherry tree just talking for hours moved to California a week after I met him.  I hate that I can get up the courage to tell a guy I like him and get put in the friend zone.  I mean, I get it that they don't feel the same way, but if you say you just see me as a friend, then why don't you act like my friend instead of avoiding me?! I mean C of course, H is a great friend who gives me awesome advice.  Dude, that's exactly the reason I didn't want to tell him in the first place, so things wouldn't be awkward.  I hate that I can let the entire male population in general make me feel so no good and worthless.  I hate that I care so much about not having a boyfriend.  I try to act like I could care less what people think about me, and most of the time, for most things that's true, but every once in a while, you just feel like life totally sucks, you know?  It's times like these that I get some Oreos and ice cream and try to drown my emotions in an unhealthy diet.  I hate that I'm not normal, medically (I couldn't care less about being considered normal, just that I was healthy).  I hate that I have nobody to talk to about this stuff in person.  I hate being told that it's my fault when I can't talk or walk.  I hate getting in fights with people.  I seriously hate that I hung up on my dad, but I just couldn't listen to that, and it's going to be a while before I'll talk to him again.  I hate having doctors promise me they'll find out what's wrong with me when they can't keep that promise.  I hate being told that I have mental problems, because seriously, that's just a nice way for doctors to say that they think I'm crazy, and I don't think I am crazy.  I have problems sure, but I'm not insane.  I hate that I had so many awesome guys to hang out with in high school, and now my entire group of friends consists of one guy and one girl, most of the time.  I hate that everyone else is so busy and I have so much time on my hands, like I'm never doing anything worthwhile.  I hate that I feel like everyone else is growing up and I'm just being left in their dust.  I hate that I might not get into the design program and then these first two years of college will just have been a waste of time and money.  And I really hate that I've been considering dropping out of school if I don't make it into the program.  But seriously, what's the point? I'm going to college to become a graphic designer and if I can't get into the program, then I shouldn't be wasting my time.  If I do end up dropping out, then I'll just be wasting my time anyway.  I hate feeling like there's nowhere I belong.  I hate that people would be just as fine without me as they are with me.  I just hate being in this mood and I hate having nobody to help me out of it.  There is nothing I want more right now than someone to sit with me and hold my hand and tell me that everything's going to be okay, and actually be able to convince me of that.  Because seriously, right now life just sucks.

Some People Are Disgusting

This was the most amazing room in the world.  The pictures don't do it justice.  There are all these super old and really beautiful books.

really awesome art

The Latin means something about setting free and books, not sure exactly

A Swedish author was speaking there and I just stuck around to take pictures after everyone else left.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


So Casey and I are just friends, mystery solved.  Which is probably for the best, because I'm honestly kind of boy crazy.  And one of the cashiers in the convenience store downstairs has been flirting with me, so obviously that I can even tell.  So yeah, that's it.  Except, wait! I went to church today and I walked all the way there and back and went to Safeway and got some strawberries and marionberry muffins and awful Safeway Chinese food, which I've been craving. And now I'm going bookstore browsing, which I absolutely adore doing.  I love books, and great deals on books are even better.  And one of the bookstores is having a 70% off sale today.  5 books for $5. I am a happy camper.  Also, I got strawberries, Cadbury Creme Eggs, marionberry muffins, a new ring, and some Safeway Chinese food. It's a good day.  Watched Monsters Inc. and now I'm watching Yes Man.  Have I mentioned how much I love Zooey Deschanel? Because it's a lot.

my happy face

Friday, April 1, 2011

Sorry for the Delay

I promised you a story yesterday and then I neglected you, and I apologize for that.  But to make it up to you in today's post I will: share the story, review two movies, and proudly let my nerd flag fly, or maybe it's a geek flag; I never did figure out the difference.

Okay, let's all hop in the time machine and take a trip back to Wednesday.  Buckle your seatbelts. Ready the flux capacitator. Approaching 88 mph. Okay, we're there, or rather here.  We are then? But we are also now? In other words, we have safely arrived at Wednesday.  Okay, so the morning started out normally.  I took too long in the shower, grabbed a Pop Tart to eat on the go, and nearly missed my ride.  Completely normal.  I had my first class of the day, Scandinavian Crime Fiction, which is as awesome as it sounds, and then I had 3 hours to kill before my next class, so I went to read a book and get some lunch in a cafe on campus.  I had finished my lunch and was just sitting and reading my book when some random guy came and sat down at the table.  I didn't look up, because I am an intense reader and I was near the end of the book.  He sat there eating for about 5 minutes and then he said, "Hi, I think you're cute and I wonder if you would talk to me."  Imagine my surprise when it's the same guy who had said those exact words to me last year, W, when I was reading a book in a different part of the same cafe.  He hadn't recognized me, but I reminded him.  After we met last year, we never really talked at all.  This time, we talked for about an hour and I found out that he has OCD just like me.  We also love watching movies and we both play guitar.  We ended up exchanging numbers and he asked if I'm around on weekends.  I said that I am and then he asked if I'd like to go out to dinner with him sometime.  I said sure.  Guys, you do not understand how much this never ever happens to me.  It never ever happens.  Nobody ever asks me out to dinner, ever, literally it has never happened.  After that, he walked me to class.

Later that day, I went to basic photography with the hope that I might be able to get an add code and join the class.  I had emailed the professor asking for an add code, but she hadn't emailed me back, and I figure that nothing says I-want-to-be-in-your-class more than, you know, being in their class.  So I attempted that and at the end of the lecture the professor informed me and about 15 other students that she already gave out all the add codes.  Lame sauce.  So after that, it was raining really hard and I sat inside reading my book and hoping that the rain would let up a bit so I could walk over to my friend's dorm and hang out for a little bit before walking to church.  This was a church that I had never been to, and at this point, I thought that it started at 6:30.  Later, I would find out that it started at 6.  Oops.  So I ended up finding the church relatively easily and when I went in I could tell that I was late.  Actually, I could tell that I was late as soon as I read the banner outside that said worship and dinner for students Wednesdays at 6.  So I went in and found my friend.  I soon realized that this was a Lutheran church.  It was pretty different than the other churches I have been to.  We had to recite these things off of a piece of paper and stuff.  Then we had communion.  We all got a piece of bread and dipped it into a cup of what I think must have been wine, and I feel like the bread was sourdough, so it did not taste good, but I thought if I was actually eating Jesus' flesh and blood, it wouldn't taste good either.  Then they were done.  So I had missed the message or sermon or whatever it is that Lutherans call it.  Then we all had coconut soup.  It was Thai and it was really good, and there were yummy cookies too.  After that, my wonderful friend Jessica walked me back to my dorm.  I had to use my crutches, because my right leg was protesting my cruelty of making it walk around all day by being really painful.  It was at least a mile back to my dorm and probably took about an hour.  When I got back, I was the most exhausted that I have ever been in my entire life.  My left leg decided to protest my cruelty to it by giving out when I got into my room.  There was no way I could even stand at that point and I would definitely not be able to get myself into bed, since under normal conditions I have to jump to reach it; it's at least 4 feet off the ground.  While my friend Jessica is the most amazing person in the entire world, she is smaller than me and does not have super-strength, so I called C to see if he could help me get in bed.  He didn't answer so I sent Jessica to knock on his door and see if either of his roommates were there and willing to help me.  C was there and he came to help me.  Unfortunately, while there are many things I admire about C, his huge muscles are not one of them.  This is because he does not have huge muscles.  But between him lifting from under my arms and Jessica lifting my feet, they managed to get me in bed.  Then Jessica left and I gave her advice on not getting attacked by murderers and what to do if she is attacked, since it was dark and she was walking back by herself.  Then C stayed and talked to me about random stuff for about an hour.  We discussed my new rule that I will never go to a hospital unless I am actually dying because of the fact that doctors totally suck.  Then somehow, we came to the conclusion that all "d" words suck except for dinosaurs.  We came up with 5 different "d" words that suck: doctors, dentists, death, doing work, and dehydration.  Then we started talking about sign language and martial arts and injuries we have had in the past.  Then he left and tried to lock my door for me so I wouldn't have to get out of bed to lock it, and then not be able to get back in bed.  He was worried about me falling asleep with it unlocked and getting robbed or something.  That's a legitimate concern.  We have had hobos sleep in our floor lounge before.  I told him that my roommate would be back later and she would lock it, since you can only lock it from the outside with the key or from the inside by pushing the button.  He reluctantly left.  So I feel like he likes me.  He definitely cares about my safety and well-being anyway.  I am going to see if he wants to play ping pong with me tonight in the rec room. Update: He said yes :)

Now we are travelling forward in time to yesterday.  Blah blah blah classes blah blah blah.  Then, my friend K picked me up and she took me to the bookstore so I could sell back some old books and purchase the rest of my textbooks.  I found three books by my favorite author, Dean Koontz, for $4.00 each! That's a really great deal, and then I found another for $8.00.  I also got all of my textbooks.  Then K and I discovered the humor section.  I had the pleasure of reading aloud "All My Friends Are Dead".  This one guy overheard me read only on sentence and looked at me really weird.  In the book, there was a picture of a clown with the words, "I've already made two children cry today."  There were also a lot of zombie books, including The Zombie Pirate Code: A Guide to Becoming the Undead Master of the High Seas and So You're a Zombie, which is full of helpful information about how to recognize humans pretending to be zombies and various zombie karate techniques.  I managed to get pictures of a few of these books.  One of my favorites was Zombie Haiku.  Unfortunately, my camera died so I couldn't get a picture of it.  Fortunately, I memorized one of the haikus for your reading pleasure:
You are so lucky
that I cannot remember
how to use doorknobs.

And now, some pictures of books!

After the bookstore, we rented a couple movies and went to K's boyfriend's to make dinner and watch the movies. K cooked a delicious meal of green beans with mushrooms in them and chicken parmesan something or other. It was a lot of fun even though I didn't like the movies. We watched Rosemary's Baby, which her boyfriend commented should be named Rosemary's pregnancy. It's funny because it's true.  We also watched Dreamcatchers, which is based on a Stephen King book.  I have no idea what he was on when he wrote the book but it must have been powerful, because this movie is seriously weird.  Aliens that burst out of people's colons and possess other people.  They also talk in British accents for some reason.  The only good part of this movie was the part where the guy uses something other than a phone as a phone.  I'm not giving it away just in case you watch this movie anyway, so you will at least be able to get a tiny bit of enjoyment out of it.  But in my opinion, these movies are not worth watching.  They each get a half star out of 5, and that's being generous.

And now, it's the part of the post where I wave my nerd-geek flag in the air like I just don't care, because honestly, I don't.  So have you all watched Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back?  If not, go watch it right now, and don't come back until you're finished.  Okay, so remember the part where Luke is riding his taun taun on Hoth and then he ends up having to slice it open and climb into its warm steaming guts to keep from freezing to death?  Have you ever wondered why he would do that? Well, you'll be happy to know that I know the answer.  (And by know, I mean I completely made something up.)  Luke Skywalker forgot his Snuggie.  I know what you're thinking: Who in their right mind would travel the icy plains of Hoth without a Snuggie? Well, give Luke Skywalker a break.  For one thing, Snuggies weren't even invented yet.  But can you imagine that scene if he had a Snuggie? He would have just continued to ride his happy taun taun instead of having to crawl into its guts.  This scene particularly upset APETTT (Aliens and People for the Ethical Treatment of Taun Tauns).  You can't set foot on Hoth nowadays without being bombarded by APETTT advocates with clipboards asking you to donate just 15 galactic credits a day.  For an additional 15 galactic credits, they will supply one scared and lonely taun taun with its very own Snuggie.