Wednesday, April 6, 2011

In Which my Boy Craziness has Some Rather Unexpected Consequences

So Stumbleupon is basically my favorite way of procrastinating, except for last Saturday when I procrastinated by cleaning everything.  What can I say, I'm weird.  Anyway, I only follow attractive guys on Stumble Upon who are close to my age and have the same interests.  Well yesterday afternoon, while in a sea of boys totally suck despair, I decided to compliment some of these cute guys I follow on Stumbleupon, because guys never get as many compliments as girls.  And then I realized that I am the Queen of Making Things Awkward.  So now, not only does W think I'm a freak (totally not my fault and I don't care!), C is totally avoiding me, and now I unintentionally came off as a pedophile to some 16 year old in Canada.  In my defense, his profile says he's 22, so I thought he was older than me!  But upon rereading my message today, it was pretty creepy regardless of his age.  I said that I want to run my fingers through his hair, because the dude seriously has amazing hair, but why couldn't I think of putting it as "Dude, you have seriously amazing hair."  I am just unintentionally creeptastic.  And then he responds that he's 16 and I sent him a new message and apologized for my creepiness at least three times.  So there was that.  But then, a different guy, S, who unfortunately lives in Serbia, which is far away, responded favorably to my message to him and I think we might develop an internet friendship.  And then, tonight I went to two different churches.  The second was like a blacklight party.  It was insanely awesome.  And the lead guitarist is so amazingly good looking, and awesome at playing guitar, and I swear he smiled at me.  I want to meet him so badly.

In other news, I talked to two strangers today, and had another guy say "Daaaaammmmn" when I walked by him, which made me feel like I looked good despite the fact that he was kind of a creeper.  This one guy just randomly said hi, trying to be weird or something, because that's what people do on the Ave, so I said hi back to him.  Nothing earthshattering there.  And then a guy asked me if he could have 75 cents to ride the bus and I gave it to him.  He didn't even try to rob me or anything.  And then I went to Jack in the Box to change my clothes, because it was cold and I got this awesome Back to the Future shirt at Goodwill.  The women's bathroom was occupied so I went in the men's, after waiting for about five minutes for the women's, and this other girl used the men's bathroom first.  Anyway, I went in and changed super fast, and when I came out, this guy was like "Um, you know this is the men's room?" To which I replied that there was someone in the women's.  And then he was like "You aren't a dude!"  Excuse me for feeling like it was okay to use a bathroom with the exact same toilet, sink, garbage can setup as the women's when the other one was in use and this wasn't.  Seriously dude, who cares about the little people signs when it's a one-seater?  I will not change my ways because you were a jerk to me.  And I had a really delicious lunch at Mod Pizza today.  If you're in Seattle, I highly recommend it.  Also, discovered a new bookstore with a ton of Dean Koontz books for only $4 each, and managed to only buy one, since I already bought a literal stack of them last weekend.  There's like 10 or more.

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