Monday, April 25, 2011

And the Post I Promised Has Arrived

It's a little later than I meant for it to be, because I got distracted by this cool website, trying to solve the puzzle and find out the real name of Panama Oxridge, author of the Justin Thyme books, books which I have never read.  The website claims that the author had to hide his or her name in the website for legal reasons.  I hope they never have any legal issues, because it took me over an hour of brain-busting to figure that out.  Surprisingly enough, reporters are still speculating over the author's identity.  And they would know it if they just took the time to solve the puzzle.  Lazy reporters.

Anyway, the movie reviews I promised.  I watched two foreign films, one Korean film that translates into English as "A Tale of Two Sisters".  The other was, I think, a French film called "The Science of Sleep". 

A Tale of Two Sisters is a good movie to watch if you would like to be really confused and left with tons of questions at the end.  It's supposed to be a horror film, but it's more of a psychological, well not even thriller, just a confusing movie that makes you think a lot.  That's like a subgenre, right?  On the surface, it's the story of two sisters whose mother recently died.  They have been in a mental institution and are returning home to their father and their new stepmother, who treats them terribly.  It is the tale of the older sister trying to protect her younger sister from the insane stepmother.  But beneath the surface, it is much more.  After two days of contemplating and reading multiple forums on the film, I think I have it figured out.  There isn't much blood or violence.  There are two ghosts that would probably be disturbing for children, and a very creepy bloody sack.  I wouldn't really recommend it, unless maybe you want to read subtitles and then be left at the end wondering, what just happened?

The Science of Sleep is much better, in my opinion.  This movie could not really exist without subtitles, except for a few people who know Spanish, French, and English.  It is more of an indie film.  I really enjoyed the artsy aspects and the idea was interesting.  While parts of it had me laughing very loudly, others had me going, okay well I can tell they were trying to be funny there, but that was just stupid.  It ends with a dream sequence, and I wanted to know what ended up happening to the people afterward, but you can't always get what you want.  *singing commences* No you can't always get what you wa-ant. You get what you need. *singing ends*  There aren't a whole lot of stupid parts and if you enjoy artsiness, it is spectacular in this movie.  Oh yeah, I should tell you what it's about.  This guy has trouble distinguishing between dreams and reality, and he falls in love with the girl next door.  Hilarity, sadness, and stupidity ensue, with lots of dream sequences interspersed between them.

Sticking to the way I usually do movie reviews, they get star ratings now.  Tale of Two Sisters gets 2 stars out of 5.  Science of Sleep gets 3 and a half stars out of 5.  And it's not just because I had to read subtitles.  I am perfectly okay with reading subtitles.  These just weren't the best foreign films in the world.

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