Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring has Sprung

It's spring, and here at my university, that means that the cherry trees are in bloom and that love is in the air.  Seriously, people, the air is so full of love, you can't breathe without getting a lungful of it.  There are happy couples walking hand in hand everywhere I look.  So remember that guy whose number I got on Friday?  Well, I'm thinking that he might not have a girlfriend, because he asked me out to lunch with him today.  So I think I have a date.  Also, the guy texted me a ton last night, so I'm thinking that he might just be one of those people who puts thats he's in a relationship on Facebook to avoid all the stupid dating website ads.  I have a friend whose status says that he's engaged, and he's actually single, so it's possible right?  At the very least, I have a new friend.  Happy Easter, except it has been brought to my attention that it isn't Easter until two weeks from now, so have a happy Easter then, when it's actually Easter.

Update: It was not a date, turns out he does have a girlfriend and it was just two friends having lunch together.  So I have a new friend now.  And we ate at Jimmy John's and it was so delicious.

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