Monday, April 25, 2011

Another Post Later Today, You Lucky People

But for now, I discovered this super awesome website. It's all about stretching your mind and solving crazy hard brainteasers. But the most important thing is that you can earn badges! I need to earn all the badges. All of them! And I'm stuck on this puzzle. What I've figured out so far is the song that plays is Facade from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. You can drag the box with the song and beneath it is hidden a picture with some numbers. I have figured out that the building with the numbers on it is Butler Library at Columbia University, and I think that the numbers somehow correspond to the names inscribed on the building, but I haven't quite figured out how. And I have no clue how the numbers with the song make any sense. Except they go up to 8 and there are 8 lines in this verse of the song:
"Look around you!
I have found
You cannot tell, by lookin' at the surface,
What is lurkin' there beneath it!
See that face!
Now, I'm prepared to bet you,
What you see's not what you get -
'Cause man's a master of deceit!"

So if you want to help me, or want to begin your own quest to earn all the badges, or brainteasers are just your idea of a fun time, check out the site.  If you want, give me your email and I'll invite you to join without having to solve the daily puzzle first.

And later today, you'll get a second post with reviews of two foreign films.

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