Friday, April 22, 2011

Magnets, and how they work

After that title, you're probably expecting a boring science post.  Fear not! These are metaphorical magnets.  And now to make that make sense...

So it turns out that I'm a chick magnet.  I guess there's something about me that makes lesbians think I'm a lesbian.  I even wore makeup and a skirt today! I am not a lesbian!  I like guys.  I like looking at them, talking to them, playing video games with them.  They're great.

Today I unknowingly went on a date with two lesbian girls.  That is probably the dream of many guys out there, but for me, being a straight girl and all, it was not ideal.  Now if it had been one girl asking me to join her for coffee, I might have considered the fact that she could potentially be a lesbian and that there is a slight possibility that "coffee"=date in this instance.  However there were two girls asking me to join them for coffee.  So, as aforementioned I am a straight girl, my brain thought that they were just two nice girls trying to make a new friend.  One of the girls has half of her head shaved and the other was dressed completely in black, so I felt like perhaps they didn't have many friends, so I went.  They bought me a smoothie because they had asked me to come.  My brain still didn't figure out what was going on.  See, the way I am used to couples is that they are a couple, as in two, and not three, which would not be a couple but a threesome...  So we make small talk for a bit, where are you from, the weather...  And then they decide to explain why they asked me to get coffee with them.  They are looking for a third person to join their relationship.  Whoa there, what?  So many questions going through my head at that point, mainly do I look like a lesbian? and secondly why can't I have this luck with guys, not like two gay guys wanting a girl in their relationship, but just a guy thinking I'm attractive and asking me out to coffee (or in my case, as a non-coffee connoisseur, a smoothie).  I explain to them that I like guys.  They seem a little shocked by this statement, again triggering the question in my brain, seriously do I look like a lesbian? (I have since been assured by H that I do not.)  They immediately seem more relaxed and talkative, like they were really nervous about this.  Surprisingly enough, no awkwardness whatsoever.  They had worded it very carefully, avoiding the word threesome.  So we chatted for a bit longer then went to get pho, which they paid for as well.  So I may or may not have two new friends, or it might have been pretty awkward for them and they were just really good at hiding it.  But now I have an interesting story to tell.  Plus I got a free smoothie and pho out of it.

So how does this relate to metaphorical magnets?  Well, I am a chick magnet, so all I need to do is figure out how to reverse the polarity and I'll be a, guy magnet? Is there even a term for that?  Anyway, guys will be tripping over each other trying to ask me out.  Now if only I were better at science.  How do you reverse the polarity on a magnet anyway?

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