Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sick Again

Hi guys, sorry for being MIA but I have been sick again.  I couldn't keep food down for four or five days in a row, then had to go to the emergency room for dehydration.  The doctors think it's hormonal, but they want me to get an endoscopy just to make sure there's not something they're missing.  I am able to keep food down now, mainly miso soup, but I lost 7 pounds in two weeks, which is not good.  If you recall, before I was diagnosed with celiac disease I lost 15 pounds over the course of three months, so this new weight loss happened much faster.  I am not going back to work until I gain back half of the weight I lost, since I always go back too soon and then overdo it and end up being out for even longer.  So Netflix is my best friend right now.  I hope you are all doing well.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Fashion: Studded Peplum Top and Floral Jeans

top and shoes: Crossroads Trading Co., jeans:, necklace: hand-me-down from my mom

I've been looking for the perfect peplum top for about a year and I finally found it!  It was just $8 at Crossroads Trading Co.  It fits me perfectly and is the perfect balance of cute and tough.  I wore it with my awesome floral jeans, which I got for just $5!  Seriously check out (not an affiliate link).  They have some really cool stuff, all for below $10.  I have bought quite of bit of clothing from them including a pair of purple feather print jeans, a blue and black houndstooth pattern motorcycle jacket style hoodie, and some jeweled skull flats.  I have loved everything I bought from them and the sizing is very accurate.  These are my favorite jeans because every time I wear them I get a ton of compliments on them.  The day I wore this outfit, one of the girls in my house told me she wants me to redo her entire wardrobe.  Now that's a compliment!  My mom gave me this necklace ages ago because she never wore it, and I hadn't worn it yet, because I never wear gold-toned jewelry (I prefer silver-toned jewelry) but I think it went really well with this outfit.  It's so cool.  In case you can't tell it's a zipper.

Most importantly this outfit was super comfortable while looking awesome, so I felt extra confident all day.  I think I've mentioned it before but these jeans are as comfortable as pajama pants. 

What awesome outfits have you been wearing lately?  What item of clothing have you been hunting for for ages?  (I have a few.  Right now they're black-and-white striped skinny jeans, camo skinny jeans, and a black faux leather jacket.)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Printing with Signazon

This is a sponsored post, but all of the opinions expressed in it are my own.

Signazon is a website that provides printing services that are great for businesses or individuals.  There are a lot of products including (but definitely not limited to) business cards, stationery, banners, and posters.  I found the site very easy to navigate and had no trouble finding anything that I was looking for on it.

I looked at the business cards first, because that's one of the things that pretty much everyone uses.  They have some really great customizable templates and also the option to design your own.  These are some of my favorite business card templates on their site.

You can also design your own stationery on Signazon, whether it's for letterhead or personal use.  You can upload your own graphics or use theirs.  The customizer tool is very user-friendly.  You just click on each item to change it, such as the text or the picture.  There are 40 different font choices, so you'll probably find one that you like.  One thing that I really like about the customizer tool is when you pick a custom color, it shows you a palette of four other colors that look good with that color.

Signazon also offers you the option to create stylish invites for your next party.  Some of the invitation templates look great and some look fairly amateur, but it is really simple to customize any of them and make them look fantastic.

You can like or follow Signazon on Facebook and Twitter.  I haven't purchased anything from Signazon but I have read some of their customer reviews and they have over 1,000 very satisfied customers!  If you're still unsure about online-printing with, you should definitely check out their free samples, which allow you to see the quality of their products before you buy.  You can also sign up for their newsletter to receive information about exclusive offers, new merchandise, business marketing tips, and more.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Movie Reviews: Dread and Oblivion

The pictures link to the movie on IMDB.

I watched Dread on Netflix over the weekend.  I am still deciding if I liked it.  I think I did.  It's sort of a thriller that starts out very slowly and doesn't get very thrilling until about the last 30 minutes (aside from some intense flashbacks).  This movie is about college students doing a project on people's greatest fears, but then one of the students decides to make everyone face their fears and the results are horrifying.  This movie is not for young people or people who can't handle gore or squeamish people.  I think it was pretty well done and I think I liked it (although it is strange to say I liked something which left me with a bit of a disturbed and sickened feeling).  I'll give it 3 stars out of 5.

I loved Oblivion.  The scenery was breathtaking and the story was great.  When Morgan Freeman appeared I wasn't even surprised because he's in everything lately!  (even more than he was before)  Oblivion is the story of two people on a ruined Earth trying to harness energy for the rest of the population, who have left.  Things get complicated and they begin to question their orders.  It's a great sci-fi film, which kind of reminded me of Independence Day at some parts.  I highly recommend it to everyone who is a fan of post-apocalyptic settings.  I give it 4.5 stars out of 5.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Friday Fashion: Let's Pretend It's Still Friday

Lace Dress

Lace Dress by jaythejedi featuring a quilted moto jacket

I bought this lace dress from Wet Seal and I am loving it  (It's sold out now.).  It has short sleeves so it will work in any weather, and right now it's fall, which means layers!  I've been wearing it with my brown "leather" jacket and brown motorcycle boots, which are different than the ones in this collage.  I actually bought the jacket brand new from Wish and so far it's lasted me through a full year no problem, completely worth the $50 I spent for it.  I thrifted the boots from Goodwill for $15 (and later discovered they would have cost me $300 new!) and they are my go-to boots.  I want to get a satchel but I haven't yet, so I carry either my big camo skulls bag or my brown crossbody bag and wear jewelry that I made myself, such as my bee key necklace, which I originally made with the intention to sell it in my shop, but I decided to keep it for myself.  That's one of the perks of making jewelry.

Lately I've been slightly obsessed with lace dresses (like for the past year!), so I finally bought this one.  And yesterday I thrifted another one from Buffalo Exchange.  That one is a black body-con style dress that makes me feel like I look amazing (for just $15, not bad!).  And while I probably won't have any reason to wear it for a long time, I'll definitely wear it dressed down with an oversized cardigan in the meantime.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

New Work Schedule

Hey guys, I will be working from 2 to 6 Monday through Friday for the foreseeable future, because that schedule will be less stressful for me.  For me lots of stress causes seizures, and that is not good.  So hopefully I'll feel good enough to blog more and also to do some stuff for my Etsy shop.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Wall of Artsy Awesomeness

This is the wall behind my computer desk.  It is full of all of art and design that makes me feel inspired and motivated.  It is always a work in progress, and I'll be adding to it as long as there is still empty space left.  Some of my favorite parts are the business cards, the mask I made, the rose photo, and the art by Rachael: those prints can be purchased here and here.