Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Fashion: Studded Peplum Top and Floral Jeans

top and shoes: Crossroads Trading Co., jeans:, necklace: hand-me-down from my mom

I've been looking for the perfect peplum top for about a year and I finally found it!  It was just $8 at Crossroads Trading Co.  It fits me perfectly and is the perfect balance of cute and tough.  I wore it with my awesome floral jeans, which I got for just $5!  Seriously check out (not an affiliate link).  They have some really cool stuff, all for below $10.  I have bought quite of bit of clothing from them including a pair of purple feather print jeans, a blue and black houndstooth pattern motorcycle jacket style hoodie, and some jeweled skull flats.  I have loved everything I bought from them and the sizing is very accurate.  These are my favorite jeans because every time I wear them I get a ton of compliments on them.  The day I wore this outfit, one of the girls in my house told me she wants me to redo her entire wardrobe.  Now that's a compliment!  My mom gave me this necklace ages ago because she never wore it, and I hadn't worn it yet, because I never wear gold-toned jewelry (I prefer silver-toned jewelry) but I think it went really well with this outfit.  It's so cool.  In case you can't tell it's a zipper.

Most importantly this outfit was super comfortable while looking awesome, so I felt extra confident all day.  I think I've mentioned it before but these jeans are as comfortable as pajama pants. 

What awesome outfits have you been wearing lately?  What item of clothing have you been hunting for for ages?  (I have a few.  Right now they're black-and-white striped skinny jeans, camo skinny jeans, and a black faux leather jacket.)

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