Thursday, April 21, 2011

Life is Good

Got my first midterm back today and I got a 4.0. Had only one class and plenty of time to hacky sack with three friends that I hadn't seen for 5 months.  Became completely absorbed in a book I'm reading for class.  Had two random girls dressed in all black tell me they saw me hacky sacking and they like my hat, and asked me to get coffee with them tomorrow.  I'm actually going to, and one of them is named Eevee, like the Pokemon.  Ran into two friends from church and they invited me over for dinner.  It was delicious and I can't spell or pronounce it.  Also, had cake.  Walked back in the dark on the Ave and didn't get shot or stabbed or propositioned for sex.  Did get called baby girl and then some undiscernible mumbling, kept walking.  And now it's studying time.  Geology of national parks midterm tomorrow, ugh.

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