Sunday, July 10, 2011

Discombobulated Post

Yesterday I went to Chinatown for the first time ever. There was this street fair called Dragon Fest that I attended with my roommate and her friend.  But first I had to go to the bank and get some money.  The bank teller is nearly always the same guy and he's really nice.  He asked if I dyed my hair since I saw him last, and said it looks good.  Then I had to wait forever for the bus, because they're doing road maintenance on The Ave, so it was delayed.  When I was waiting, I saw this guy on a skateboard who had grabbed a handle on the back of a different bus and was letting it pull him up the hill. He kind of grinned sheepishly and then let go.  It was pretty funny.  An old, probably homeless guy tried to talk to me on the bus but I just answered his question about what I was reading and went back to reading and he left me alone.

I got an email this morning that I did not get the job at Target.  Meh, it would have been a long commute.  Maybe I'll still find something within walking distance.  I went to a huge bookstore in Chinatown and they had lightsaber chopsticks! They were pretty cool.  If I knew how to use chopsticks, I would have bought them with no hesitation.  There were also awesome Totoro plushies that cost more than any sane person would ever pay for them.

When we got home from the street fair, we went to Safeway and got ice cream. Then my roommates baked some cookies and we watched Despicable Me.  It was a really good movie, funny and the ending was super cute.  Megamind is also hilarious.  I thought it wouldn't be that great, but I ending up laughing my head off.  The Brother's Grimm, however is a waste of time, in my opinion.  As much as I love Star Wars is how much I hate The Brother's Grimm, which, in case you didn't know, is a lot.

I need to shower and then I have church today.  The weather is pretty hot once again. Summer is here for reals this time.  After church, I'm going to go to Goodwill and get some more summer clothes. Two pairs of shorts is not enough.  I actually have more shorts than that, but they go to or past my knees and don't help at all in the cooling off department.  Lunch with friends is also a possibility.  And I plan to go to the park I discovered and do some hacky sacking.

Stay classy, folks. (I'm trying that out as my new way of saying goodbye.)

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