Friday, August 2, 2013

Qwertee is an Amazing Company!

Get ready to scroll because there are some pictures on this post.

I discovered Qwertee a few months ago.  It's a pretty cool online shirt seller.  They have a design each day and it's available for purchase for the next 24 hours.  Each shirt costs just $12 and they're all super cool and nerdy.  But I didn't buy one until I found the absolute perfect one, because $12 is not much for a tee shirt, but I didn't actually need any more shirts and also I shop at thrift stores so my shirts usually cost 50 cents to 5 dollars.  But this shirt was too amazing not to pass up.  I watch Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.  I'm not ashamed.  It's a great show.  And you should know by now that I love every single thing Tim Burton makes (aside from Sweeney Todd).  So I bought this shirt because it's amazing, they still had it in my size, and because it's black and white, which goes with just about everything ever.  By the way, I bought this shirt with my own money and was in no way compensated for blogging about the company.  I just adore them and want everyone to know how awesome they are.  I got my shirt in the mail way sooner than I thought I would, especially since I paid standard shipping and it came all the way from Ireland.   I was super surprised when I opened my package and found not only my shirt but some candy that I could actually eat!  I have celiac disease and thus cannot eat anything with gluten in it.  This candy was gluten free, dairy free, and I think soy free, so pretty much anyone who is not diabetic can eat it.  Also there was a robot picture on the package, which I immediately cut out and attached to my ever-expanding wall o' art, which I'll share soon.  It's worth the wait.

The shirt fit me perfectly.  It's true to size.  It's also very comfortable quality fabric.  The printing is done well.  The only thing that would make me love this shirt more is if it was glow-in-the-dark.  But seriously, I have worn this shirt at least four times in the two weeks I've had it.  Pictured above are two of those times, the day I received it in the mail and yesterday.

I didn't even realize until I was editing these photos that I wore it with my combat boots both times.  I love those boots.  So in the first set of photos, I am wearing the Qwertee shirt plus my free hat, a dress from my favorite thrift store (which I think cost me just $2), jeans from Crossroads Trading Co., studded combat boots from Crossroads Trading Co., and a bracelet that I made.  I was going for a layered look because Seattle has been cooler (temperature-wise) in the mornings and then heat-wavey in the afternoons.

In the second set of photos, I am wearing the Qwertee shirt plus the combat boots, amazing floral pants (I won't tell you where I got them from yet because I'm saving that for another post, but I will tell you that they cost just $5 brand new!), and a thrifted Topshop belt.  People seemed to like this look a lot more than the first one.  My boss told me she liked my outfit, and she rarely gives compliments, some random frat-looking guy said my pants were cool, and a guy around my age tried to sell me a single old beat-up shoe for $1 and then sang "You're Beautiful" to me as I walked away, so obviously this outfit is pretty great.  I think it's a really good mix of girly and punk (or hippie punk as G calls it).  Most importantly this outfit just feels like me.

So you guys should all definitely check out Qwertee if you're into cool nerdy tee shirts for low prices.  +Qwertee also gives away a lot of free shirts to people who follow them on social media and/or sign up for their weekly newsletter.  All of the information about that is in the right sidebar on their site.

Have a fun weekend and be sure to join me again next week to read the tale of how I once commanded an army of goose minions.

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