Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Fashion: Should have Been a Ginormous Post Edition

Those of you who follow me on Twitter may have seen me talk about how today I will posting a ginormous fashion post. Well, it's not going to be quite so ginormous, because all the batteries in my world are dead except for one, and my camera needs two batteries in order to take pictures.  So instead of being able to take pictures of myself wearing two never-before-seen dresses and posting them, you get to see pictures of the dresses that I bought, only on mannequins, because those are the pictures on the site where I bought them.  How is that for a long sentence?  So without further ado, because I know you have all been waiting an entire week for this, these are the two dresses that I bought.

Surprised, aren't you?
I just love the skirt so much.
And I'm definitely removing the ruffles on both the front and back.
I'm all about ruffles and lace, but these ones are a little too much.

This one is such comfortable fabric.
Plus it has short sleeves and an awesome back cutout.
I know that a bunch of you thought I bought the red one.  Well, you guys do know me pretty well. The red one was my favorite, and I would have definitely bought it if it hadn't been the most expensive one, at $10 more than the next most expensive.  You also know how I like to get bargains.

And then here are some pictures of mannequins wearing my two other new dresses.  You know, the dresses that I bought the evening before I went to the thrift stores?  The two dresses that somehow I completely forgot about buying until the following Monday when I received an email confirmation.  Yeah, those two dresses.  The good news is that they were only 6 dollars each on this website, where everything is 6 dollars or less.  I'm just making this up, but it makes sense to me: I think that that website probably buys the stuff that the big brands don't end up selling and then sell it for cheap.

Ladies fashion round neck racer back short ruffled dress - id.20985b
This one is all lace, which also means that it's completely see-through and I'll have to wear
something under it so I don't flash everyone my lady bits. But I love it, especially the light orange
(not peach) color of the top part. It's also pretty casual, like a racerback tanktop plus a skirt.

Ladies fashion sleeveless spaghetti strap square neck short bubble dress - id.20939
This dress doesn't have the most flattering top portion but it also makes
me not have to be extra careful if I have to bend over to pick something up.
And I really like the look of the exposed zipper and the gathering.

I also bought this one from eBay, but I remembered buying it.
It's super duper casual and really unique, which is a big win in my book.
I'm still waiting for it to come in the mail.
So now I'm not allowed to buy any more clothing for a very long time, other than orange Converse, which I count as clothing because I'm weird.  I'm also going to be selling most of my guy clothing, so I can't wear it, but keeping my favorites, like the super soft fabric Back to the Future shirt, obviously.  I also have amassed quite a bit of clothing that I will never ever wear, but it was given to me and I thought that I would wear it someday.  So in the future you can look forward to a site where I sell my stuff for unbelievably low prices, sometimes with free shipping.  It's a super secret project I've been working on for a while now.  And it's almost done, except for measuring things.  I don't know why measuring is such a daunting task, but it is.  And then I also have to photograph the rest of the clothing, which there is quite a bit of, once my batteries finish charging.  My literal batteries.  My metaphorical batteries are all charged.  And with that, I will bid you all good weekend, and I will see you back here on Monday, hopefully.


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