Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Blog is Mid-makeover

Hello  to all of my lovely readers, and all of the not-so-pretty readers too : )  As you might have noticed, my blog banner now stretches the entire width of my blog now. Huzzah!  That took me at least four hours of my life to achieve, because Blogger was being super hateful and CSS is super duper confusing. But I finally figured it out through a lot of trial and what seemes like even more error.  I also added Google Adsense again, but I only let them have one ad in my sidebar, because I hate oversaturation of ads between posts just as much or more than you do. The hardest part of this will be not clicking my own ads, because that is against the rules, but when they keep showing an ad about the new Shabby Apple Mad Hatter collection, it takes all my will power not to click on it.  But I won't go search for it on Bing (my preferred search engine), no way, too much effort.  But I must say that the Shabby Apple Mad Hatter collection is super relevant for my blog, since lately this blog has been filled with dresses, and the title is an Alice in Wonderland reference.  Oh, and also, there will be ads after every four posts if you read my blog in a feed.

I feel like this would be a good time to mention that I am always looking for sponsors and ad swappers.  Sponsor ads start at only $3 for a small ad and even the large ads cost only $7, and of course ad swaps are free as always.

Other changes you can expect around here are a switch to a two column layout and, hopefully within the next month, the unveiling of my stuff selling blogsite.  And in tremendously exciting news, I am getting a brand new camera. It is a Nikon and I found on sale and I am in love with it, especially the 16.1 megapixels and 26x zoom.  I have to convince G to take to Fred Meyer so I can buy it, because it's only on sale this week and I don't think I can wait until Saturday to get it. Plus, I would run the risk of them being sold out and not getting it for the sale price. Also, I am kind of really impressed with how quickly I saved up the money.  True, I only saved a quarter of the price since I started saving, but with my first paycheck (which was only for 8 days of 4-ish hours each), it's more than enough.  I love having a job.  Plus, my boss has told me that he's glad he hired me and that I do a good job.

And as a reward for reading all of that, here is a picture for you to rest your eyes on.

Just look at that sexy slanted Space Needle. You're welcome.


  1. "Sexy slanted space needle" is now my saying of the week. I haven't laughed so hard all month!

    Er, wait... *May 1* um you get the idea. :P


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