Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I Went to a Party

On Sunday, it was sunny and lovely and G and I went to a party.  It was an engagement party for one of his best friends.  I didn't really know anyone there but there were a few people I had seen before at the couple's house while we were watching football.  And usually I can't stand parties. I don't often enjoy being around people who I don't know.  But I actually had a really great time.  Everyone was really nice and they played something like The Newlywed Game.  There were two other couples who played, as well as the engaged couple.  G and I didn't play, because we were hiking when they started.  But we watched most of it, and it was hilarious.  One of the guys got in trouble for answering the question "If your partner could be any animal, what do you think she would be?" with pig.  That and cow would have probably been the worst possible answers.  They were the only married couple who played.  The party was at J (the bride to be)'s parents house and they have a really big yard with woods at the back part of it.  In the woods, they have made paths and a really cool little fairy garden which is what G and I had been looking at when we were hiking.  Of course I couldn't resist taking pictures.

there were at least 50 of these little doors in stumps along the trails

this guy guarded the fairy garden
There were 8 dogs there as well, 7 small and one big.  One of the dogs decided to roll around inpoop and it had to be hosed down.  The other dogs busied themselves in stealing croquet balls in the middle of a game.

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