Thursday, April 26, 2012

Product Review: Sally Hansen Nail Strips

I don't know if you remember way back when I promised to review Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips for you, but I am finally reviewing them.  I had used two of the strips before as an accent nail but they chipped after just one day.  That's why I didn't use them for quite a while afterward, but I did promise my review and I do keep my word, so I used them again.  I used them on all 10 of my fingernails this time.  Unlike last time, I did a clear top coat this time.  The strips do say that they won't dry up as long as you keep them out of sunlight after opening.  Maybe they won't for a while, but I had them opened without using them for about 3 months, maybe more, and they did dry up.  Fortunately they come in two separate plastic/foil packs, so I did have one not opened, and I was able to use those.

They come with two packs of nail strips, a nail file, a cuticle stick, and instructions.
They cost about $10 a pack at most drug stores, and probably other stores too.

They weren't very easy for me to apply, because I don't have a lot of experience with that sort of thing.  One thing that is really great about them is that until you press them down good, they are really easy to reposition until you get them in the right spot.  So it took me the length of a Lakers game, but I finally got them done.  Yes, I do my nails while watching basketball on TV; I am a complex person like that.  And like I mentioned, I did a clear top coat this time to hopefully prevent them from chipping so quickly. 

I used the Laced Up ones, because you know how I like lace.
As you can see, they looked pretty at first.

But the next morning I woke up and they were already chipped.  I know that a lot of people swear by these nail strips, but they are not for me.  I was not compensated for this post in any way, and I purchased the nail strips with my own money.


  1. I saw the picture and was SO PUMPED because they look awesome, but then you say they chipped overnight and that's just sucky to the max.

    I might still have to try them, they might be fun to have on for an event or something when I don't want to paint mine.

  2. I've read tons of reviews from other people who say they work awesomely, so maybe my nails just hate me. I don't know, but if you do have chipping issues like me, you could definitely do them the day of an event and they should be fine at least until the event is over. You should definitely try them though, because different people have different results from them, so maybe they would work great for you.


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