Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Fashion: Guess the Dress Edition

I told you I would do this post today, so I am. Two posts in one day for you. I haven't been this generous in a while.  Yesterday, and by yesterday, I of course mean Wednesday, I went to thrift stores on The Ave and tried on some clothes. And I took pictures of everything, because most of it was really cute and it was so hard to choose and I was curious what you guys would think that I got.  Okay, so I will tell you that I got the jeans.  They're so awesome, how could I not?!  And I also got two dresses.  But which ones do you think I bought?  I'm just curious to see what you think I would get based on my style that I've shared on here in the past.  So without further ado, here are the pictures.  (And I'll tell you which ones I bought next Friday, after you've had plenty of time to guess.)

Dress number one has an elastic waist which you might
remember is a thing that I am not particularly fond of.

But the back has a cut-out and is quite unique
with the top of the back being fluttery.

And just look at this adorable owl print!

Dress 2 is a high-low dress which is something I'm still making my mind up about.
It is light blue with a hot pink zigzag pattern.
It's kind of see-through but would be fine if I wore something under it.
It's kind of shapeless, but would look fine with a belted waist.

Dress 3 has a really cute sweetheart cut top.
It also has a really twirly skirt in a flower print.

Dress 4 has ruffles and polka dots, is a
bright color, and has pockets.
Not only are there pockets, but they're really cool pockets.
It also has a very twirly skirt.

Dress 5 has a purple, pink, and white bird print on a black background.
It also has a very twirly skirt.

close up of the bird print

Dress 6 has more of an old-fashioned print with lots of ruffles and lace.
However the skirt is fantastically twirly and the neckline is higher
so I wouldn't have to worry that people could see down my top when I bend over.

Dress 7 also has a lot of great ruffles.
It also has a lower neckline than I'm used to.
And it's mostly black.

Dress 8 definitely had the most comfortable fabric,
sort of a lightweight sweatshirt material.
It has a pattern of blue and pink splotches,
which kind of reminds me of watercolors.

The back has two straps across, which made it confusing to put on.
It is also the only one that isn't sleeveless.

So which dresses do you think I bought? Tell me in the comments below.  I bought two dresses, and I was looking for more dresses that I could wear for everyday.  That is your clue.  There is one more clue in yesterday's blog post, if you can find it.

And here are the pants I bought.  I love them a ton.  I showed them to G when I Skyped with him yesterday and he thought the pattern was weird, but he liked the tightness and the thigh cuts, which is exactly what I expected.  They're brand new Hot Topic brand and I got a great deal on them at Buffalo Exchange.  They still had the original tags and the size sticker on the leg.

forgot to turn off the flash but whatever, I do what I want

Taking pictures of my new pants is higher priority than making the bed.
I really like how they look with my green scribble shirt, as well as how they look with the red zebra print shirt.  But they would also look good with lots of my other shirts.  So there you have it.  Make sure to guess the dresses, and I'll tell you which ones I bought next Friday.


  1. The first one and the red one - those are my guesses.

  2. I want to guess the first one also... nice finds!

  3. 4 is awesome, and then maybe 5 or 8? I'm taking three guesses.

    Also, I love the jeans.

  4. I guess 5 and 8!

  5. Those were some NICE! Dresses :) I think the Red one was the best

  6. Whoa, a guy commented on one of my fashion posts instead of being scared away by it.

  7. Fun! I'm just going to guess the ones that I might have bought, if I were you. :) So I'm going with 3 (beautiful!) and 8. If not 8, then 1.

    P.S. you look so happy in your pictures! ^^

  8. those are some pretty dresses. i would have wanted them all lol! i even like the idea of putting them with your converse which are next to you in the changing room for a playful casual style! :) Hope you love whichever you bought! xx

  9. @rach_t I did want them all, haha. I love wearing dresses with converse. Startling revelation: those shoes in the picture aren't real Converse! They're Wet Seal brand but I got them with tags still on at a thrift store for like 5 bucks or something.


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