Monday, April 30, 2012

Nerdy and I Know It

You may have gathered/I may have mentioned that I am a nerd. But I am not sure that I have ever posted a list of the reasons why I am a nerd. And I figure that this blog needs more bulleted lists. So here we go!

1. Every time I read "here we go" anywhere, I read it in the voice of Mario.

1. I am a word nerd.
  • I love puns.
  • I have loved to read books ever since I learned how when I was 3. Fun fact: I got a trophy in elementary school because I read over 1,000 books. It is the only personal trophy I've ever gotten.
  • I love learning new words, and I am all about the vocabulary quiz on
  • I love alliteration too.
  • I also sort of collect fonts on my laptop, but only good ones that are also free (which are hard to find).
  • People who insult people and use "your" where they should use "you're" make me laugh at them.
  • I'm not a grammar Nazi, at least not outwardly. I keep all of my corrections to other people's grammar to myself.
  • I also enjoy solving crossword puzzles, and doing fill-in puzzles (they're like crosswords mixed with logic puzzles).
  • I read/devour webcomics. (This one will get its own post very soon.)
2. I am a logic nerd.
  • I love logic problems.
  • I also love Sudoku and its nerdier cousin Kakuro.
  • I think that cryptography (coding and decoding) is fascinating.
  • I have lots of different Rubik's cubes. I even know how to solve some of them.

Not pictured: I also have two ordinary Rubik's cubes, aka the 3x3. I know how to solve
the 3x3 as well as the weird segmented 2x2 in the upper right corner of this picture.
3. I am sort of a video game/computer game nerd.
  • I don't play a whole lot of video games anymore, mainly because I feel bad about kicking G off his own TV so I can play video games, and I'm too poor to buy my own and still be able to pay my rent.
  • I used to play lots of video games.
  • My mom had a rule when my brother and I were young that we could only play video games for 20 minutes a day, and we had to set a timer.  We weren't allowed to own video games untl I was 10 and my brother was 12. At that time my mom reluctantly bought us an original Game Boy at a yard sale for $5. We had to share it and we amassed quite a few games for it. One of these was called Bugs Bunny's Crazy Castle.  It was one of those annoying games where you can't save it but when you beat a level, it gives you a password that you can enter to continue from the last level you beat instead of having to start over from the beginning.  The first time I broke the 20 minute rule, it was with the Bugs Bunny game.  My grandparents were watching us while my mom was visiting my uncle in the hospital after his motorcycle accident. I played Bugs Bunny for at least 2 hours straight, but probably more like 4 hours.  I saw Bugs Bunnys running around in my vision for at least two hours after I stopped playing. It was slightly worrisome.  After that my mom realized that you can't accomplish a whole lot on any video game within 20 minutes, so she upped our time limit to one hour a day, and two hours during the summer, but only one hour at a time twice a day.
  • Over the years of living at home, my brother and I acquired one lime green Game Boy Color which we shared, a Game Boy Advance SP each, and a Nintendo DS each. My brother bought consoles after moving out but I didn't.  We also amassed quite an impressive collection of games.  My favorites were anything Zelda, anything Mario, and Golden Sun.  For those of you who don't know, Golden Sun is an incredibly epic RPG. I still have my Game Boy Advance SP, but I sold my Nintendo DS at the beginning of last summer to get rent money.
  • I currently know how to play music from both Zelda and Mario on both my flute and my guitar.
  • I want a Link hat and I want Mario character plushies, but I won't buy them because I don't have money for both them and rent.
  • I drew a really cool picture of Link when I was 12. I'll have to find my old sketchbook next time I go home and scan the drawings for you.
  • I used to play Runescape, when I was in middle school.
  • I learned that MMORPGs are much too addictive for me to handle, so now I steer clear of them.
  • I still love to play flash-based browser games, especially point and click games and escape the room games.
5. I am a sci fi nerd.
  • This post is already pretty long, so I'll try to keep this one short. I like sci fi shows, books, and movies.
  • Star Wars is my one true love. Sidenote: They make real life lightsabers now, and they've been advertised on my blog sometimes in my Project Wonderful ads. They're actually lasers and not intended for use as weapons. Also? I want a Chewbacca plushie. Also also? I am a Jedi.
  • I need to watch the X Files and I need to finish the 7th season of Buffy.
  • I'm not sure if supernatural shows count as sci fi, but I am counting it anyway. I love the series Supernatural and I love the series Reaper, which I discovered on Netflix and watched both seasons in 3 days.
  • Doctor Who also has a special place in my heart.
  • There is a third Men in Black movie and it involves time travel. I have not decided how I feel about this yet.
  • I took a contemporary literature class in college that was all about sci fi movies and books. It was one of the coolest classes ever.
  • I have and love a Back to the Future shirt.
  • Zombies aren't sci fi in my opinion. (It could seriously really happen!) But I'll put that I love zombie-related stuff in this category anyway.
  • Pottermore: I know that I need to read the books, but I definitely went through the first book on Pottermore in one evening. It's kind of like a point-and-click game combined with reading and I love it.
8. There's probably a ton more stuff that I'll think of later, but I think this is enough for now.


  1. For the most part, I share your nerdy qualities. I'm not as much into the sci fi scene as you are, but I do enjoy a good sci fi movie or book.

  2. Fun fact: I'm a nerd and love to use the Mario voice. When I'm trying to get myself and Ben out of the house I say, in my Italian plumber accent, "Let's a-go!"

  3. Replies
    1. I just followed your blog, so let's be Internet friends :) Plus your blog reminded me to put Pottermore into my nerd list.

  4. I very much like this list. I think I might do a similar one in the next few days as it's a great idea.

    1. I'm glad you like it. And I think it's a great idea for you to do something similar. I love to hear about other people's geeky interests : )

  5. My nerd score is 83 :D What's yours?

    Also... do you play Minecraft? *twitches* I have a severe addiction.

    1. Whoa nerd score! Excuse me for a moment while I found out mine. Got it, 79. I do not play Minecraft, since I tend to get addicted to games that other people don't even find addictive. If I start playing addictive games, I will never accomplish anything again for the rest of my life.

    2. OH MY GOSH. 96% D: And nerdy enough to point out that their rankings are illogical - they specifically state that 96% scored lower, 1% the same, and 3% higher... which clearly puts me in the 97th percentile of nerdery. Why use 96? o.O

      I was expecting a much more moderate score, but who am I to shun a ranking of (mwahahaha...) "SUPREME NERD GOD!?" lol. =)

    3. Ellen, you are the Ultimate Nerd. I would have scored higher if their questions weren't primarily based on being a math/science nerd. And you're totally right about the percentile thing; I didn't even notice that.


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