Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Fashion: Job Interview Outfit Edition

So as many of you know, I had a job interview a week ago on Monday and I got the job. You may or may not be wondering what I wore to said interview.  I don't care if you weren't wondering because I'm going to share anyway.  I wore pretty much the only business-y looking clothing I own.  My blazers are all either ill-fitting or too casual, so I opted for one that was ill-fitting.  (It's too big in the chest area.)  I hate dressing business-y but I wanted to make a good impression.  So I broke out my most hated skirt and nylons.  Sidenote: I hate nylons more than just about everything. They always enjoy getting runs in them when I try to put them on, or worse, holes.  Anyway, without further ado, here is what I wore to my job interview.

Awful photo taken in a mirror? Check.

My too-loved red flats which are sort of in sad shape,
but I still love them to death.

So as you can see, I wore a tan blazer with three-quarter length sleeves (the sleeve length which is the bane of my existence) over my ruffly tie at the neck brown silky fabric blouse (which you can't see), with a gray skirt that I despise, nylons that I did get a small run in but had to wear anyway because my skirt was long enough to hide it, and my red flats.

Sidenote: Soon I will be selling that blazer, along with a bunch of my other clothing, some of which (a lot of which actually) is men's t shirts. Don't judge me but I used to almost only wear men's t shirts, with jeans or shorts. And I will of course link you to the site, which I made on Blogger, where you can buy that stuff, as soon as I take the measurements on everything (Taking measurements is also the bane of my existence. It's a good thing that I'm not a superhero, because I would be so easily defeated, by three-quarter length sleeves and taking measurements).


  1. Despite the fact that you hated EVERYTHING (except for the shoes), I think you pulled it together nicely! I hope you get the job!

    1. Oh, and also, I did get the job. I posted about that before I posted about my outfit. I do things in weird orders sometimes. But I've been working there for two weeks now : )

  2. Thanks Stephanie. It's nice to see your little clay face over here. And I actually like the blouse that I wore too. Everything else I hated, except the shoes.


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