Thursday, April 12, 2012

I Think I Got My Luck Back

I have been seriously struggling lately.  I have tried not to show it much on here just because I didn't want to bum myself out more.  Basically, I need to get a job before five months from now, because that's when my savings account runs out.  My jewelry hadn't been selling. Well I sold one piece, but that was it.  One of my roommates left to Japan and we have to find a new one to rent her room.  We haven't found one yet, so my roommate and I had to go halves on the rent this month, but we cannot do that again.  I have posted numerous ads about the room on Craigslist and tons of girls acted very interested, but then they all seemingly dropped off the face of the earth.  I hadn't received an email back from the latest girl claiming to be very interested for a week.  So I thought I would have to resume the search again, for the third time.  And as we all know I was struggling to find a job.  Hundreds of applications, only three interviews, and no call-backs.  That is all the stuff that has been bogging me down as of late.

Today I took a break from stress.  I went to the Ave and had a delicious crepe with my friend Melanie, who I hadn't seen since a year ago.  It was really fun and she even bought three pairs of earrings from me, which was so unexpected and really cool.  Then she had to go to class and I went to thrift stores.  While I did not find any elusive orange Converse in my size, or any orange Converse at all, I did find two dresses that I love, one of which reminds me of this blogger's style.  I also found what I think are the coolest pair of pants ever, which remind me of this Youtuber's style.  I got two big scarves to attempt to make this shirt.  I had a coupon off at the thrift store, because I am a nice person and lent them my pen last time I was there.  I talked to a homeless man who tried to sell me jewelry.  I told him that I actually make jewelry myself, but I can't afford to buy anything because I'm unemployed. (Don't think that I'm hypocritical. Other than orange Converse and work clothes if I eventually need them, I'm not allowing myself to buy anything for a long time. Other than toiletries. And cleaning supplies.)  He was a really nice man and his jewelry was really pretty.  He appreciated me taking the time out of my day to talk to him (It was raining) so much that he gave me a free wire wrapped bead charm.  I also filled out a job application today at Crossroads Trading Company.  After that I finished reading my book, which was so good until the end, which was a bit anticlimatic. (And it was by Dean Koontz, whose books I LOVE SO MUCH, but it was one of his earlier novels, so I'll let it slide.)  After that I went back to G's where I am housesitting.  I opened a package I got in the mail when I stopped at my house earlier and it's a pretty ring that I got for a dollar on eBay.  I intend to make some really cool jewelry once I get enough rings.

And here's the really good news. When I got back from the U District, which is where the Ave is located, I checked my email. The latest very interested girl can't be our roommate, but at least she had the courtesy to let us know. And then I heard back from the British girl. She is still interested and the money is on its way, so yay for that : ) And I got a job offer!!!!!!! I'm not celebrating yet, but it's just great to get an offer.  It's being an assistant at a model train shop that recently went out of business.  Not the kind of job I had in mind at all, but I'll take what I can get.  It would be 20 hours a week, for about 6 to 8 months, helping sell the remaining inventory.  The shop had been in business for the past 65 years, but they've been losing about $6,000 a year for the past few years because of shoplifting. Of course, I will update you all when I know more about this job.  And I got to Skype with G tonight, so today has just been an amazingly fantastic wonderful day.  I hope all of you had a great day as well.  Excuse me while I go turn about a million cartwheels.  And stay tuned tomorrow for Friday fashion: trying on clothing in thrift stores edition.  I'll have to work on the title.  But there were a lot of cute dresses. If I had money, I would have come away with 6 of them instead of just 2.  But at least I have pictures of the prettiness. And memories that will last a lifetime, or something along those lines.

Update: The universe made me spill all of my beads on the floor, just to keep itself from imploding from all my good luck.  That's okay, Universe, I still like you anyway.


  1. Aw thats brilliant news that things are starting to look up for you :)
    Good luck with the job, it sounds like it could be quite interesting, at least until you find one that you are more focused on :)

  2. That's wonderful! I know that horrible sinking feeling from experience... I was in a similar situation a few months ago, where I basically had 3 months to either find a suitable part-time job or... I didn't want to think about the alternatives lol. I found a job in the nick of time, and I'm so happy for you that you've found one too!

    P.S. Your last paragraph made me laugh. =)


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