Friday, April 6, 2012

A Shop Update of Sorts Plus Behind the Scenes

I'm not sure if you remember, but my roommate took all my jewelry to SakuraCon this weekend to try to sell some of it for me.  I made a whole bunch of new stuff for it, and I'll list everything that doesn't sell in my Etsy shop afterward.  Here are some of the things that I made, which may or not be appearing in my shop soon.

I love how this one turned out when I was just trying to use up chain odds and ends.
I took forever lining the chain bits up by length.

This guy was originally attached to a pin that I got from eBay.

I love the look of the wire-wrapped coral.
I wish I had more coral, but I only have one or two pieces left.

chain on this one courtesy of G

This one started out as a pin from eBay too.

These rhinestones gave me so much trouble!

This poor little bee has a missing leg, so he's half off.

This coral is from a bag of souvenir shells and coral from the beach that
I got when I was about 12 years old.  Some of the shells may be appearing
in my jewelry soon, no promises though.

This awesome guy was going to have a coral charm attached,
but I couldn't figure out a way to do it without overpowering him

It opens!

subtly Alice in Wonderland themed; I'm getting some new charms
soon that are more overtly Alice in Wonderland-esque

And there's even more than that.  I guess that you could call this my Spring line.

Update: The octopus locket has been sold.


  1. Wow you are quite talented! The jewelry is amazing.. If I saw something, I thought the missus would like.. would it be possible to get it shipped overseas?

  2. Thanks Aaron. And yes, I could make a custom listing for you with overseas shipping available. I just like to do a lot of it, since it's hard to estimeate postage costs, since I use homemade envelopes. I guess I could put the homemade envelope in a flat-rate box for you and then I could calculate it on the website. I just don't want to do a lot of overseas shipping, because it is a little tougher and I never know what to write on customs forms. But if you see something you really like, after I finish listing new things and taking down whatever listings may have sold, let me know and I'll make a custom listing for you.


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