Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Etsy Progress

Yesterday I made a legit banner for my Etsy shop and soon after I made my first sale!  It was so exciting.  It took 725 shop views, but somebody finally bought something.  It isn't really such a long time from when I opened my shop, but it feels like it to me.  And then I spent all of today (I'm writing this at 10:01 PM on Tuesday) taking apart old jewelry I no longer wear and sorting so many beads that my eyes are tired.  And I watched some How I Met Your Mother, because let's face it, it makes time pass faster.  Here's my new Etsy banner.

In case anyone else wants to download the first font I used for the main text, you can do that for free here
Just download and then right click on the font name in the downloaded file, and click "Install".

And this is the piece that I sold.

In other news, I'm saving up my money now for a really great camera so I can take better product photos.  So far I've saved $2, but every bit counts.  And at some point in the hopefully not too distant future, I'll be making my first legit design for this blog.  Everything so far has been thrown together in an hour or less.  So my life is good right now, busy but good.  And productive.  Also, I just had Hot Pockets for dinner, which I hadn't eaten since college, and I'm about to try a new limited edition ice cream flavor, coconut macaroon (Update: that ice cream is so delicious that I want to bathe in it, so everyone should definitely try it before they stop selling it, since it's limited edition.  Like my old favorite: caramel apple pie flavor: RIP.).  And I'm going to catch up on my blog reading.

And finally, a friendly reminder, Google Friend Connect will be going away March 1st, so make sure you follow my blog and all of the blogs you enjoy by some other method before then.  I really like Bloglovin', which I just joined a few days ago, and while it's sort of a hassle to find all the blogs you read and follow them one by one, it's really great after you get that all done.  You can follow me by Bloglovin' by clicking here.


  1. I love your banner! I am commenting because I love kittens, and also because I giggled when you said you had saved $2 for a camera. I'm also in the market for a nice camera, and my budget is laughing at me as well.

    Also, kudos for having a handwriting font that doesn't make my eyes bleed. Usually they're terrible, but yours is cute :)

    What do you mean, google friend connect is going away??? This concerns me.


  2. Great banner! The piece that sold is very pretty! I wish you much success over on Esty. I just love that site. I had a shop over there for several years and did pretty well. I loved it but had to stop because my poor hands and wrists couldn't take the abuse of knitting everyday. Congrats on your first sale!

  3. Thanks guys. And the handwriting font isn't actually mine. I downloaded it for free. I added in a link to it. Thanks for accidentally reminding me.

  4. Cool banner, and congrats on your sale! I like having Big Bang Theory on in the background when I'm doing busy work, definitely makes the time pass quickly :)

  5. I read that Google is only taking away Friend Connect from non-Blogger/Blogspot blogs. So those of us with Blogger are okay. No need to panic.

  6. Oh, thanks for that information Allison. The article I read didn't mention Blogger exceptions, but it is an older article. I couldn't find a newer one. I have to admit though, I like Bloglovin' better anyway.

  7. Yeah, I heard it's only the non-blogger blogs that are affected... Google's just consolidating and all that. Hopefully that's true!

  8. Great banner. I'm confused about what is actually happening with Friend Connect but we shall see. Blogluvin is a pretty good service either way. I look forward to seeing some designs on your blog :)


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