Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lovely Shop Love

I was lucky enough to win $50 shop credit to one of the loveliest online boutiques I've ever seen.  The shop is called Doubledutch Boutique.  After looking at all of the lovely items, I picked out three that I really wanted.  I just paid for shipping and my purchases arrived within a week.  Not only were the items even more adorable in person, but the packaging was just as lovely.  It inspired me to do something similar with my Etsy packaging.  Of course I snapped some pictures to share.

I love both of the necklaces so much that I am wearing the maple seed pod one right now.  And I wore the arrow necklace for the past two days straight.  I haven't had an outfit to wear the belt with yet, because it's the size of a hip belt and not a waist belt, and I don't wear hip belts as often as waist belts.

I especially adore the maple seed pod necklace because growing up, we had a maple tree in our backyard and my brother and I would throw the seed pods in the air and watch them spin like crazy to the ground.  We called them helicopters because they spun so much.

Basically, I just want to say that I would highly recommend Doubledutch Boutique to everyone.  They have so many cute things.

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  1. Those pieces are super-gorgeous! I love the nostalgia of the maple seeds as well - I called them helicopters too. ;)


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