Friday, February 3, 2012

Thrift Store Pen Pal VLOG

Yep, that's right, I made a vlog and it's long, but you're going to watch the whole thing because you love me, right? Right. Good, I'm glad we had this talk.

So yesterday, while you guys were all happily at home not having a skin graft done inside your mouth, I was doing the exact opposite.  I was at the dentist getting needles full of numbness inducing potions stabbed into my gum and the roof of my mouth, which was no picnic.  Then the doctor cut a chunk out of the roof of my mouth and stitched it onto my gum to replace where it receded.  Then he stitched the roof of my mouth back together, gave me a retainer and a bag of goodies including medicated mouthwash and sent me on my merry way.  By which I mean across the street to pick up a prescription of vicodin.  And guys, I am in so much pain that the vicodin doesn't even feel like it's helping at all!  My boyfriend semi-seriously suggested snorting it instead to get it to my bloodstream faster, but I did not try that.  And the problem wasn't that it was just taking a million years to kick in, it was just so much pain that I didn't even feel any effect from it.  And then I woke up this morning and there was no pain.  Five minutes later, it came back.  So I guess my pain got worn out from its long day and had to sleep a few more minutes than I did.  Oh yeah, and the other part of the story is that I was waiting for the bus to go back home at a super sketchy bus stop and the bus drove right past me without stopping!  At that point, I wanted to either cry or punch something but instead I behaved like the adult I am and went to the AM PM and bought ice cream to try to numb my mouth a little bit.  It didn't help, because food doesn't go against the back of your gums by itself.  You have to rub it on with your tongue, something I am only semi-willing to do in the privacy of my own home.  Plus rubbing it could make some stitches come out.  And I already had some come out last night from LICKING A YOGURT LID! This is madness.  But I called the doc at 11 at night when I noticed and left him a voicemail.  He called back this morning and told me not to worry about it as long as the gum isn't hanging off and just not to mess with it.  Oh, by the way, if you have a queasy stomach, you may have not wanted to read that. Oops.  So anyway, I am going to go make a smoothie and then make some bangle bracelets for my shop out of recycled water bottles.  So I hope your days are all going better than mine.  Oh yeah, and I have to wear a retainer for a week.  And G is being the sweetest person in the world about this.  And we got to watch our college basketball team of choice claim the top spot in the Pac 12 after being in a 6-way tie, so that was pretty fantastic.  Anyway, I'm off now.  And I think I have some sort of numbing gel for tooth pain around here somwhere that I will try.


  1. That was a pretty bittersweet post! On one hand, I got entertained by a Thrift Store Pen Pal post. On the other, you are in horrible pain :( Although I had my wisdom teeth taken out recently and the medicated mouthwash is delicious. Along with all the drugs...

    Anyway, nice Thrift Store Pen Pal review! :) What's that awesome music you had during the fast-motion parts? It made me laugh - it's very elevator-music-esque. It sucks that it was of such poor quality, but what do you expect from a thrift store bow and arrow? You did, however, look like a true Native American, what with that leather jacket and all!

    My favorite part was when you said that I sent you something "kind of cool and... kind of racist" Haha. Great review, but I expected you to skin a coyote with that knife. :)

  2. And just like that, Woody wins the Best Comment Ever award! I haven't experienced the medicated mouthwash yet, because I am not allowed to spit for 24 hours after surgery, so that's something to look forward to. (sarcasm) The awesome music is by Andrew Rohlk and it's actually free to download. I just used a bit of the intro on one of the songs, called We Will be Okay. It is located here: I was actually really surprised that the bow and arrow fired, to be completely honest. It's just ridiculously difficult to aim. I may do some arrow modification with my pocketknife if I get too bored, and cut slots in the backs of the arrow for them to stay on the string before firing. And I don't even think that knife is capable of skinning a coyote made out of paper, that's how round and unsharp the blade is, making it a child-safe toy. Thanks for the entertainment and frustration though. I really appreciate it. And for the record, I shot that video the day before my surgery.

  3. And I guess the award for Longest Comment Ever goes to me.

  4. LOL that was entertaining. You have a nice voice, by the way. :)


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