Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Simple Photomanipulation



G likes to use galaxy pictures as his desktop wallpaper on his computers.  He wanted one that was purple and gold, but the best I could find was purple and pink, so I Photoshopped it.

Update: Since this is the most popular post of all time on my blog, I'm going to start making downloadable galaxy backgrounds.  If you would like me to make any specific color combinations, let me know in the comments.


  1. Veeeery well-done, impressive! Galaxies and space pictures do go very nicely on desktops. They're one of my go-to choices, although currently mine is a picture I drew. :]
    P.S. You can tell G I think he's cool. =P

  2. Thanks Ellen. He likes them as a reminder of how small he is compared to how massive the universe is. He's just finishing his masters in psychology, haha.

  3. NO WAY, really????? I'm in Psychology! 3 more awesome points for G! LOL.
    Does he have a twitter or blog or something I can follow/stalk in a very non-creepy way?

  4. No, he doesn't have a Twitter or a blog. He has a Facebook but he never uses it. He said to tell you he's very good at playing video games, haha.


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