Thursday, February 2, 2012

Check This Out

As you're reading this, I am either editing video from yesterday, getting minor surgery done in my mouth, or taking the bus to or from said minor surgery.  Or if you're reading this at night, I am probably watching college basketball on TV with G.  Or if it's late at night, I'm probably asleep, hopefully not dreaming of murderous clowns.  At any rate, you are here and I am not, and for that I apologize.  And I offer you entrance to a magical world in the hope that it will make you accept my apology.  I have things to do, you guys.  I can't just blog constantly.  I am serious about the magical world.  Just click here to be transported.  If you've clicked it, you're probably saying, "Jay, you've tricked me.  This is just some guy's Youtube channel."  And technically, it is some guy's Youtube channel.  But watch the videos and you will see what I meant about being transported to a magical world.  The Youtuber here is called Kickthepj and I swear that everything he touches turns to art.  Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

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