Saturday, February 25, 2012

Doodle Day 1

This is a new not-at-all regular blog feature.  It will be happening again, but not like every week or anything like that.  Just be pleasantly surprised when it happens but don't expect is probably what I'm trying to say.

First, some doodles from the past.

from my freshman year of college, a tee shirt design that I later abandoned

this one was the beginning sketches of a logo for an app a guy was making,
he changed the whole direction of the app and no longer needed me to make the logo
I wasn't getting paid for it anyway, so oh well
Now for the most recent doodles.

I drew this whole thig freehand, without a straight edge of any kind

I like drawing people like this little guy, he's floating in white space (pun intended),
it looks like that cloud is attacking him but I like it anyway
 And here are some drawings from the future.  Just kidding. Who do you think I am, The Doctor?  But I seriously hope there are more of these ice cream sundaes in my future.

one of the first things I ate after being told I could eat normal food, just not crunchy things,
terrible picture quality for the win!

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  1. I would totally wear a "PLUG IN, ROCK OUT" t-shirt.


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