Sunday, February 26, 2012

Etsy Love: Owl Edition

I love owls. With their big eyes and their round bodies, they're just begging to be loved.  So here are some handmade and vintage owls and owl items for you to love.  Click the picture to go to the item on Etsy.

vintage cute big belly owl Necklace, with pink flower, the tail can moveable
this adorable necklace is a steal at just $10, including shipping

On sales now Pretty retro copper colorful blue eyes owl necklace pendant vintage style
I own this one. He's only $2, not including shipping.

Owl Messenger Bag
This one is cute and useful.

Gray Tree Owls Pullover Hoody
I love owls, and I love hoodies, so that makes loving this a no-brainer.
This hoodie looks pretty comfy too.

Bright Owls set of two quilted potholders
These adorable bight-colored owls look like the ones on my planner.

I think that's enough owl love for today.  Stay tuned for Etsy Love: Fleur De Lis Edition


  1. I love owls too, I snagged this really awesome sponge holder that I use for my pens on my desk at one of my gmas garage sales.. It makes me so happy ;) I love that bag too!

  2. That first necklace is so adorable. I wish I had more money!!


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