Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Blue Is a Calming Color

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I had originally planned to write this post about my love-hate relationship with the Internet, but then my laptop decided to inspire me to write on a different topic.  Yesterday I was happily multitasking away like always, meaning eating leftover Subway while listening to Hulu in one Internet window, bidding on eBay items in another window, and reading blogs in another window, while also IMing with G on Skype.  And then this happened.

The same thing happened near the beginning of January and at that time, I restarted my laptop then ran a full scan of my laptop which turned up nothing.  This time I did the same thing but the scan discovered malware called Exploit:Java something something something.  So I removed that and now I'm hoping that my laptop will love me again.

Anyway, like I said, it inspired a different topic for today's post.  So you know how that picture up there is commonly referred to as the Blue Screen of Death?  Yeah, well according to Wikipedia, they made it blue because blue is a calming color.  Now, this may just be my wacky brain, but when I see the words "of death" in anything it sort of outweighs any other words in that sentence.  Blue Screen? Perfectly fine.  Blue Screen of Death? Oh my God, we're all going to die.  My laptop is going to explode and blood is going to rain down from the sky.  Run for your lives!  It just has that effect on me.  That picture up above, instead of making my brain go:

It actually makes my brain go:

The same thing applies to anything imaginable.  If you add "of death" to the end, I don't really care what the first part is.  Whether it's blue bird of death:

Or blue sky of death:

Or blue water of death:

So I don't care how blue it is, I will not be calmed by a screen of death.  That's like a screen of murderous clowns.  That would never calm me down, no matter how blue it was.


  1. Ahahaha this was hilarious! I love the pictures, I'm assuming you edited them all yourself? If so, great job!

  2. Thanks Ellen. Yep, I edited them myself.


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