Saturday, February 18, 2012

Working on My Bucket List: Part One

Some of you have noticed my bucket list.  It's part bucket list and part New Year's resolutions, but I always fail at things if I call them New Year's resolutions, so I refuse to call them that.  Anyway, one of the things I am working on is conquering my fear of my sewing machine.  So far, I managed to make a tee shirt into a pillow.  And that went so smoothly that I decided to kick the challenge level up a notch.  I want to try making things that I will wear on my body.  Because apparently I'm insane.  Because I anticipate probably a few failed attempts, I am not going to start out by buying fabric and trying to make it into a skirt.  I am going to start out by buying a skirt  on eBay that has already been made but is much too large for anyone to probably buy it before the auction is over.  I have picked out a few of these skirts in patterns that I would wear and have placed a maximum bid of $2 on them.  Because there is free shipping and for $2, even if I do mess it up, I'll still get plenty of fabric out of it to use in my jewelry, if nothing else.  So that's my plan: take large skirts with plenty of extra fabric in case I mess up, and turn them into skirts that actually fit me and are cute.  And of course, I'll share whether I succeed or fail.

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  1. Cool idea! I have a sewing machine that a friend lent me and once in a while I do something super-simple with it. I've been wanting to make clothing for myself too, but I haven't had the time or motivation to get started on that yet.


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