Saturday, February 11, 2012

When People Comment: I Followed You, Follow Me Back

This is a huge pet peeve of mine. For me, anyway, I click on the name of anyone who comments to see if they might have a blog I would enjoy. And if I like their blog, I follow it. I actually am way less likely to check out someone's blog if they comment "I followed your blog, follow me back!" Especially if they don't say anything else or just comment something generic that makes me wonder if they even read what I wrote. It's not like my not following your blog means I hate you. I'm probably just not interested in the topic. It's not even that I think you're boring, but I am just not interested in tech blogs, for instance, that talk about crazy concepts I can't even begin to understand. And it also makes me a little bit angry that people who comment to follow them back because they followed me somehow feel like they have forced me into a contract to follow their blog just because they have typed 6 words.

So what does everyone else think about asking people to follow you back? Do you do leave comments like that? Do you follow people back just because they borderline order you to?


  1. I've said it many times on 20sb, I do NOT follow someone JUST because they follow me. I don't understand why people think it's cool to do that. I'll follow someone if I like their blog, not just because they want me to so they can have more 'members'.

    And I ask that people don't follow my blog unless they intend to read it. Right now I have close to 80 followers, but I'm sure only about 5 of them actually read my blog, which sucks.

  2. A prime example of why readers are and will always be better than followers. I never follow people back "just because." Also, although I'll look at my follower count for an idea of progress, I measure my true interaction by the number of *relevant* comments I get.

  3. I hate that, too! I get that a lot. It's annoying, especially when it's so obvious that they didn't read the post.

    And yes, I always check out my commenters' blogs, especially if their comments are funny and if I like their blog, I will voluntarily follow them back. Follow for follow is BS.

  4. Yeah I noticed a few people who did this recently and I find it a bit strange. I always click on people who comment to see if I am interested and then I will decide to follow. I totally agree that them writing this makes me not want to bother. Incidentally I am a new follower here - found you through "Into Geek" x

  5. So everyone agrees. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I feel like the majority of my followers actually read my posts, which is good. I don't want people following me if they aren't interested. And Claire, thanks for following me. I love your picture :)

  6. I am with you on this one. I always check out people that stop by and leave me a nice comment on my blog BUT I can't stand it when someone stops by and says the dreaded "I followed you so follow me back" line. Thanks for the great post on a pet peeve of mine too! Well said!

  7. came across this and i totally agree. If someone follows me, i get so excited, then i see a comment saying "i've followed you, now follow me back"

    So its like, do you even like my blog? or are you just adding as many blogs as possible to get followers?

    Takes the fun out of having someone subscribe to you dont you think? x


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