Thursday, February 16, 2012

What We Did for Valentine's Day

G and I went to Safeway to get some ingredients.  Then we went back to his place and made a thing called chicken pillows.  They were super easy to make and turned out absolutely delicious.  G told me he had a bottle of tabasco sauce out just in case, but he didn't need it : )  We used vegetable flavored cream cheese and also roasted and chopped up some green peppers in the filling.   If you decide to make them yourself, I would recommend only making half of the filling and of the sauce, because we have half of each left over.  But the filling is pretty much awesome chicken salad with cream cheese instead of mayo, so if you do end up with extra, you can use it for sandwiches the next day or put it on crackers for a snack.  And the sauce is basically just a really creamy and rich soup, so you can eat that with your chicken salad sandwich for lunch, which is what I'm doing today (February 15th; this is a scheduled post).  I baked G a dozen banana chocolate chip muffins earlier in the day and made him a Legend of Zelda valentine.  He ate one of the muffins for breakfast this morning and said that they're perfect, and G tells it like it is, trust me, so that made me happy.  And he really loved the Valentine, especially after he had a pretty bad day at work.  He bought me some Scratch tickets for my Valentine's gift and I won $3.  We both agreed not to spend a lot of money on each other and our Valentine's Day was really great anyway.  Also, it was my first Valentine's Day ever not single, and I couldn't have asked for a better one.  And also my mom sent me a huge package, which contained chocolates and some jewelry she made for me to sell in my Etsy shop, among other things.

I went all out on my makeup and my outfit even though we weren't going out. I even did eyeliner, which if you don't know, is a thing that I will readily admit I am terrible at. I even ordered a plastic guide off eBay to help me. But I can't even use it because it makes my eyelid twitch even more!   Here are some pictures of what I wore.

the makeup

the outfit, all thrifted/ebay except the skirt,
which was on sale at a real store,
and the jewelry; bangle is DIY from a water bottle!

the lovely necklace which I bought after I won a giveaway to Doubledutch Boutique
I haven't taken it off since I got it; I love it that much


  1. Cute outfit!! I kinda want to make those chicken pillows, they sound really yummy :)

  2. Thanks, and you should definitely make them. They are super simple to make and also super delicious. The part that took the longest was cooking the chicken, but you can use leftover already-cooked chicken and it would really speed up the process.

  3. Sounds like a lovely V-day. It's tricky to avoid commercialism, but the day is more meaningful without it. Love has nothing to do with how much money you spend.

  4. I agree, the chicken pillows sound great. Also, you should post the Zelda Valentine! It sounds miraculous.


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