Sunday, February 12, 2012

Is Anyone Interested in Trading Ad Space?

First of all, greetings to my lovely new followers, (followers number 39 and 40!) Claire and Carman.  Claire has a blog over here and she likes pretty things and zombie movies, so she's a winner in my book : )  And Carman has three blogs.  This is her profile, so you can check them out.

I know that there must be some other bloggers who are poor like me. I have been attempting to sell ad space on my blog, but nobody seems to buy it.  But it is for sale if you're interested and if you buy my ad space, I'll include you in a monthly sponsors post.   I just opened up an Etsy shop selling handmade jewelry and need to get it more exposure. Would anyone be interested in trading me ad space on their blog for putting my ad on their blog? No money involved, just an even trade.  Note: if we trade, I won't put you in a monthly sponsors post and I don't expect you to put me in one either.


  1. Thanks for the mention! Really, I only have one blog. The other one was one my friend and I started in a fit of pique and we haven't been suitably upset enough at the state of the world to do anything with, and the other one is just for a company I was hired to that then ceased to exist, so that is why both of those are dead.

    Being a poor starving artist, I cannot afford to buy your ad space, but I would be happy to add either your blog or Etsy shop to my Artist Commune links on the side of my blog. I don't have many followers, so it might not help much, but I like your work and your style of writing. Just let me know which link you'd prefer me to add.

  2. Oh, okay, thanks for clarifying. I will send you the link to my Etsy shop when I get home tomorrow, and if you would like to trade a link of your own, you can send me that. It doesn't matter to me that you don't have many followers. Any little bit helps.


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