Friday, February 17, 2012

One of Those Days

Yesterday was one of those days.  You know the ones.  The days where everything that can go wrong, will go wrong.  It started out like any other day.  I got up and planned all of the things I would get done today.  Then I started catching up on blogs I follow.  But then my laptop started what can only be described as, by me anyway, tweaking out.  The screen would go black then seconds later, portions of what I had been looking at before it went back showed up and the rest was just white.  It did this 6 times at least, in a matter of a few seconds.  Then it regained stability just long enough to pop up a notice that the display driver quit working unexpectedly but it had been recovered.  And then came Ye Ole Blue Screen O Death.  So then my computer shut down and I texted G.  He said to do a system restore.  So I set that up and went to take a nice long hot shower.  And I came back and my computer informed me that it was unable to work system repair.  So I clicked the button to send the error report and then everything seemed to be fine again.  I started a full system scan, and it's been running for an hour and 5 minutes now, and the progress bar isn't even a 20th of the way full.  In other news, I have a bladder infection, which you're probably saying, "TMI", but I don't care.  The other thing I won't tell you about, because I don't want to gross out the guys, but other things made my day worse as well.  And now my web browser seems to think it needs to open 6 browser windows when I click it only once, and then close them as soon as it opens them.  But I am trying to focus on the positive things here: I have orange juice, my nails are pretty though nowhere near perfect, and I get to hang out with G tonight.  But seriously, this day has been ridiculous.


  1. My laptop is completely out of commission right now, and I can't afford to get someone to fix it so I'll probably try fixing it myself... ahhhhh!

    If I fail, at least it might make good blog material? XD

  2. Oh no! Computer problems + bladder infections = no good!
    Hope today is better for you.

  3. My day improved exponentially from spending time with G. We watched the Washington Huskies basketball team win against Arizona State. We ate a smorgasbord of delicious food. He told me that he'll be lonely his first night in his new apartment and he asked me to stay with him for the first night, which I of course told him I would. We ate some ice cream and discovered a funny movie on Netflix. Then I fell asleep with his arm around me.


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