Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Brief Recap and Miscellany

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! I'm back and not dead. So remember the minor freakout where I thought I was having appendicitis for a second time? I later decided that is was probably a gall bladder attack after Googling my symptoms, which is never a good idea. I told myself that if the pain increased I would go to the hospital. I drank a Sprite and it helped a lot. My conclusion was that I was severely dehydrated. So now I'm back and only slightly worse for the wear, as in I quite probably have a broken rib.  But I'll get to that later.

The word of the day is belladonna. The Italian words bella donna translate to fair lady, but belladonna is the name for a poisonous plant also known as deadly nightshade.  I think it's interesting for something so dangerous to have such a pleasant sounding name.  It's sort of a misnomer, meaning false name. Thanks Lemony Snicket for allowing me to have a two for one special on words. Belladonna also fits in well with my taste in movies. Hard Candy, Ginger Snaps, and Let Me In all share this element of what appears to be innocent and vulnerable actually being dangerous and deadly.  And as a sidenote, if you know of any more movies with this belladonna element, please recommend them to me in the comments. Thanks.

Okay, so this is where the actual post starts, well the part that I was planning to share in this post anyway. Here is the recap of my break, please hold all questions until the end. New wheelchair, lots of rubik's cube-ish Christmas presents, some snow, lots of staying inside, temporary fear of Apples to Apples caused by my being hospitalized and not able to read, write, or talk for about half a day, bad fall leading to probable broken rib, learning to be left handed because said probable broken rib is on my right side, learning to knit, having a picnic in Hawaii with my 4 and 5 year old cousins, almost having H ride back up to school with me (He did say that he would ride with me sometime in the future with either his parents or mine driving. He also found me an online version of a Tim Burton poem anthology that I really wanted.)

I also took some pictures of random stuff. Here they are.

 my super cool wireless mouse

the three newest additions to my Rubik's cubes, don't know how to solve the 4x4 yet

And now, what I consider the most exciting news of all, I know what tattoo I want! It is more like a conglomeration of three and costs a lot more than I can afford, but hopefully sometime in the distant future I can get it. I don't have a picture except in my head. I want to have a really cool phoenix on my back with two dragons, one red one blue, behind it breathing fire over my shoulders that turn into hot rod style flames going down my arms.  I want to get the phoenix to remind me to rise from the ashes and not let anything stop me or make me quit, the dragons as symbols of adversity, and the hot rod flames to accept the fact that I may be in a wheelchair for a long time, but I am still me and nothing can change that.

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