Friday, January 21, 2011

A unique assortment of various miscellaneous randomness

I had my doctor's appointment today. I don't want to bore you with the details, but it went great.  I had the most ginormous and deliciously filling Philly cheesteak for lunch today.  It was like someone slaughtered a cow and then put half of it on my sandwich, after cooking and seasoning it. Sorry for any mental images that might have caused my non-carnivore reader-friends.  I had to remove half of the meat before I could close the sandwich. I hardly even touched the fries.

I really want to bake cookies, but of course, I can't.  Not only do I have a tendency to burn myself while baking cookies even when I can walk, but I don't have a cookie sheet or ingredients.  I think I'll compromise by getting a delicious frozen Oreo pie thing.  And that is a compromise because I said so.

I am going to work on my shirt designs today. I do realize that it is 6:00 and it's dark out, but it still today in my mind and not tonight.

There's only one week left until my birthday!

I finally got this nifty thing called a card fob that I can scan and have certain doors open for me automatically, because I'm in a wheelchair and they finally realized how hard it is for me to open doors on my own. I haven't used it yet.  One of the two elevators in our building is broken. That means waiting forever for the elevator.  I get that there are 11 floors in this building but if you live on floor 6 or lower, you should be perfectly capable of taking the stairs.  Some people are just really lazy and wait for the elevator and then they all cram in ahead of me so I don't fit and have to wait even longer. What happened to being nice to the handicapped person? They used to hold the elevator for me if I was still 50 feet away. </rant>

There were other things I planned to say but I forgot them, so bye.

I remembered one of them! I completely forgot to mention Portlandia! I watched the first episode last night and it was hilarious. I was laughing loudly the whole time. I'm pretty sure I have seen some of those people in Portland too. It's a relatively accurate portrayal + satire. A winning combination in my book. It made me want to join an adult hide and seek league, even though that would be difficult in my wheelchair, but I can imagine that really taking off on my college campus.

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