Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Birthday: Day 2

My parents drove 4 hours today to take me to lunch.  We had Chinese food. It was alright, not the best Chinese food ever, but there was a lot of it.  I got barbecue pork, fried rice, fried prawns, orange glazed almond chicken, and an egg roll.  It was all pretty good except for the chicken.  It was a ginormous piece of chicken absolutely smothered in orange glaze and almonds.  The only problem with it was that when I read "orange glaze" on a menu, I expect it to mean an orange-flavored glaze.  In this case I was mistaken and it actually meant that the glaze was orange-colored.  It was flavorless and the consistency of slime, so I scraped it off. I have enough leftover food for another meal.  Oh, and my fortune cookie told me that I'll be successful in romance.  I took a picture of the restaurant ceiling because it looked really cool. Yes, there were other people in the restaurant.  No, I didn't care if they thought I was crazy for taking a picture of the ceiling.  It's cool right?

I just remembered the best story that I forgot to tell you about yesterday.  When we were at dinner, there was this very modern painting on one of the walls.  We spent a while staring at it and trying to figure out what it could be (sort of like making pictures out of clouds).  I said that it looked like it was painted by a second grader.  My friend Dylan asked how many paintings I have up in a University Teriyaki.  I replied none, but then H told me to draw something on my napkin.  I did and he hung it up on the wall with a pushpin that he borrowed from another portion of the wall. It was pretty cool.  Then we all discussed the possibility that the pushpin had been holding up the building and now it might collapse on us.  My friends are pretty ridiculous.  When we got back to my dorm, we all went to my room to get my laptop and two of the guys started jumping on the walls and trying to get their feet to stay on opposite walls.  If you think about it, you might understand what I mean.  Then they went around to different rooms and reminisced about the people who lived in them last year, since this is the floor that most of us lived on last year.  I knocked on C's door and asked him if he wanted to watch Edward Scissorhands with us.  He was still doing math so he couldn't.  Then Alex and Dylan asked who sleeps on the top bunks in his room.  He said that his two roommates do, after first saying, What?  Then they told him that they shouldn't sleep directly on the mattress because of the guy who lived there last year.  They sounded like they were insane.  The reason behind this is that the guy who lived there last year, affectionately referred to as Big D (I think his name was Devin or Derek) did not have sheets on his bed.  He slept in his underwear directly on the mattress and hardly ever showered.  I thought it best that C's roommates didn't hear about this, because neither one of them would want to sleep in their beds. Ignorance is bliss.  And I figure that they probably thoroughly clean the mattresses during the summer and they might not keep the same mattresses in the same room every year.  So anyway, my friends are kind of crazy.

Back to today: After lunch, we went to my aunt's house and had birthday cake with my aunt and two uncles.  We came back and went to Goodwill and my mom found this really awesome shirt and showed it to me then didn't let me get it since I have to save all of my money for physical therapy co-pays, lame.  Another reason that not being able to walk sucks.  My dad found this super awesome Nightmare Before Christmas wall clock, which unfortunately can't be put anywhere in my dorm room and I don't have space for it at home.  The numbers glowed in the dark and everything! And it would match my purse, since everyone knows your wall clock has to match your purse.

So after my parents got some stuff at Goodwill and I got nothing, we went back to my dorm and ate more cake. Kelly and Andrew were there so my parents met them and I invited C over too.  Then my dad made me solve my Rubik's cube which I haven't done in a very long time, so it took almost 10 minutes.  And my mom bragged about how good at math I am, since I asked C if he finished his math.  And then she started talking about how I got my reading level tested in Kindergarden.  I am not easily embarassed by my parents, but I get really embarassed when they brag about me (especially in front of a boy I like).  I try really hard not to make people think I'm ridiculously smart.  I keep my everyday speaking vocabulary to normal person words and try not to tell people random trivia.  The truth is that I am pretty smart.  I'm not trying to brag or anything. It's just something else that's weird about me and has always made me different from other kids, so I never really fit in. 

I learned how to read when I was 3 and when I was in kindergarten, which I still can't spell correctly so I'm alternating between using a g and using a d, I had my reading level tested and it was above a normal sixth grade reading level.  They weren't sure how much higher, since that was the highest test they had.  I skipped first grade because of this and because of that, I was always the youngest kid in my class.  Besides that, I was small for my age.  I was actually really popular in elementary school, since I helped everyone with their homework.  If they didn't know what a word meant, they would just ask me.  I was also really athletic. I played soccer every day at recess and when we had our gymnastics unit in P.E., I could do a headstand where you start laying flat on your stomach in a pushup position and then use your stomach muscles to push up into a headstand. 

Once middle school started, everything changed.  I became an outcast, not cool enough to hang out with the popular kids.  This was made worse by the fact that I was in band and I never went to any dances.  In high school, it got even worse, but I never really wanted to be popular.  I tried not to let what other people thought about me bother me and I just learned to be happy with who I was and not to change myself to get people to like me.  I had a few friends, other social outcasts like myself, mostly stoners, anime lovers, and metalheads.  My best friend was incredibly shy and I was the only person she would really talk to for all of middle school and freshman year of high school. After freshman year, she started dating and didn't spend so much time with me anymore.  We're pretty close now though, especially after her possessive stalker boyfriend her sophomore year.  She was socially accepted because she went to dances and football games.  I never had a boyfriend (that was not my decision, boys just weren't interested in me), I listened to metal and classic rock instead of rap or hip hop, often wore guys clothes, took lots of wood shop and PE classes, hacky sacked, and never went to dances or football games.  I didn't play any sports, but I did Knowledge Bowl.  I had a few good friends and they were true friends, not like the two-faced popular kids.  They liked me for who I was.  I went to prom my senior year.  That was the only dance I ever went to in high school and it was awful, but that's another story for another time.  I ended up being the valedictorian. 

Now that I'm in college, I'm not the smartest or the youngest.  I still wear guy clothes a lot and I used to hacky sack. My music taste is accepted and I have more of a social life than I ever have.  I still haven't had a boyfriend but that could change soon.  I didn't really stand out much until I ended up in a wheelchair.  I had done little things to try to blend in, like narrowing my vocabulary, not telling people that I do crossword puzzles and sudoku for fun, stuff like that.  I have a few good friends, but I feel like when people first see me, they don't see me, they see my wheelchair.  I had just started to pretty much fit in, but now I don't anymore.  Perhaps I never will.  I am starting to accept this fact and might embrace it soon.  Who knows?  I have learned to be myself no matter what and that it's not really that important to fit in.

Whoa, how did I even start talking about that? That was definitely not my plan before I started this post.  Well, now you have a bit of an insight into my life. Bye now.

Oh wait, don't go yet, I didn't do my movie review yet! Last night, I watched two movies: Edward Scissorhands and Kiki's Delivery Service.  Love, love, love them both! Danny Elfman and Tim Burton are such an awesome duo and they always make the best movies.  I love the hedge sculptures and Edward is awesome. The story itself fits pretty well with what I was going off on a tangent about earlier, fitting in vs. standing out.  Easily five stars.  And Kiki's Delivery Service is full of action and adventure and it is also about fitting in vs. standing out, which I didn't even think about until just now.  Gigi is super awsome.  He is hilarious and I love everything he says.  Kiki is really cool too and a very nice witch.  She reminds me of Pollyanna, because she is so nice.  The music isn't great but it is pretty much common anime type music, so it gets a 4 out of 5.  And now I am done for reals, and you can carry on with your business.

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